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17 Aug 2007
Genealogy / Want to find a person in Poland [679]

1st case:

HOW OLD IS Beata Pulka EXACTLY? Tell me the city (even if You're not sure).

2nd case:

There's "Joanna Petlicka" working about 40 kms from Lublin.

Here's her e-mail address: prodzw AT

Does it match?

3rd case:

Diana, send me a Private Message with her info.

4th request:

I'm sorry, but is impossible to find Jenny "the nanny" ;)
9 Aug 2007
Language / Too many English words in the Polish language! [709]

Wait, wait, wait.

What's Your problem?

What's wrong with "hotdog"? Or "casting"? Or "laptop"?

I'm Polish native, pretty young but I still don't understand what do You mean? I something wrong with that or what?

Maybe "gorący pies" or "bułka z parówką" sounds better than "hotdog"? Or "przenośny komputer" instead of "laptop", "ruchańskowy film" instead of "film prno"? Are You kidding me?

Why not latin? Do You guys know how many words in Polish or English are from Latin? So what? Many langauges base on Latin. Isn't that wrong? :>

Poleng is really stupid thing and nobody in Poland talks like that, trust me, maybe some people aboard but after xx years in another country they have right to do that (but it's stupid anyway).
9 Aug 2007
Life / Do you think that Polish people are rude? [951]

That's the funniest thing in Americans for Poles. Asking "How are You?". That's REALLY hard to understand for most of us.

When I've been to Tenerife there was a guy (about 30 years old) who travelled once with our group. He came and said "How are You?". OK, it was OK, maybe he's looking for friends or something. Of course all answered "okey/fine/" etc.

But this guy was doing it all the time! He heard English people and of course he started with "How are You?!". And again, and again, and over again. Some other people were faster than him and start this "game" before him, of course with "How are You?!".

OK, "How are You?" is nice. But after 10 times it's isn't. It's a waste of breath. It's like telling Your love "I love You" 150 times a day. It's a stupid pattern for people who have no conception for individual opener. It's not even a question, because most of times You really do not care how the man You're talking with care. Even if he's dying of cancer can You help him? NO. Anyway everybody answers "I am ok.", because nobody wants the unfamiliar people to be involved in our things. I don't want.

We often use in Polish "Jak się masz?" (How are You?) etc. but NEVER to strangers, and even if we do, we have to say "Hello", "Hi" or something like that before. 99% of people will answer "Do I know You?" not "Thanks, fine!".
9 Aug 2007
Life / Famous Polish people (that we have actually heard of) [207]

We're having serious deficit of famous Polish people.

The source of this problem is really trivial - there are no famous people, because we have no Hollywood here.


Not, at all.

There's a HUGE difference between GREAT MAN/GENIUS and FAMOUS man.

Nowaydays being famous is all about entertainment or making cash or living large or evertyhing at once. There is no place for great geniuses. Almost ALL of them work in corporations (usually American ones). And recent man have no idea who they are and whey they do.

Make an experiment.

Open Your notepad and type 30 WORLD famous people from You country in 60 seconds.

I'm SURE there will be maybe 1 writer, maybe 1 painter, maybe 1 president (if You are from the USA I'm sure everybody knows what's his name, BUT it's not working in other countries, who cares who's the president of Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy? nobody), maybe a few famous sportsmen (not much actually, because the USA doesn't care about soccer and Europe has no idea about baseball or hockey).

You will MAYBE put the painter, writer, president on the list. If You're from the USA and they were not rich I guess You won't (because there were too many famous people in the history of the USA, I'm writing that because I'm sure everobody from Spain will type Antonio Gaudi here).

I'm SURE some of You (just some) will put a name of scientist.

THE REST will be musicans, movie stars, celebrities etc.!

So talking about WORLD-FAMOUS people is ridiculous, because nowaydays being famous doesn't mean anything.

It's enough to have rich dad and living large like Paris Hilton.
Or sing like Avril Lavigne (she was a girl, he was a boy... nanana... gimme banana...)
Or plays like Jessica Alba (is she a good actress? no, she's noone, she's just hot and cute!).

People like the ones above will fill 90% of the lists of 90% of people!

So if You want to talk about famous Polish people, I will answer:

some think that John The Ripper was from Poland.

Cheers ;)
17 Dec 2006
Language / Polish/Ukrainian words similarities [209]

Beautiful girls, my favourite similarity :)

About Ukrainian, it's more similar to Russian, of course, but it's still easier than Chinese :)