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23 Apr 2008
Love / Looking for a Polish love song [78]

Merged: Polish love song to show how much I care

Hello again to you all. i need help to find good Poski song , heres the story maybe this help you to help me ok , we been seeing each other for close to a year and im older than her ,and we didnt have a problem with this but over the last 3 months she is under very big presure from her friends that is not good and that she should go back with her old boy friend , we have talk about this and she say she is very scared becuase she will make everyone mad if she dosent do what they want her to do , i have meet her family 3 times now, and and they have been very good with me so much we both in shock and said to each other that this seems so natural ,just came back from poland on a suprise vist , because she had to go into hospital for test and she was very scared about this so, as a man the only right thing to do was to be there for her and stand by her as she did this , but we still have this one problem and its been 14 day last time we talk ,because i wanted to stand back and give her space to work things out in her head , so what i would like, is there a polish song that would relate to this situation and show her how much i care for her , i cant belive how important she is to me :) any help would be nice thank you all !!