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The Two Saddest Nations on Earth... Poles and Jews

1jola 14 | 1,879
16 Jun 2010 #91
A good crash course on past and present relations by ambassador Weiss:,13325,0,1,nowosci.html
f stop 25 | 2,513
16 Jun 2010 #92
Is Rafał Betlejewski a provocator?

I like it!

Żyd seems to me such an ugly word... is that perseption changing in Poland, or new words are being tried in its place?
Seanus 15 | 19,706
17 Jun 2010 #93
Żyd has a connotation similar to Polak, not so nice. However, when you see a cutlet in a Jewish style (po żydowsku), you don't see it in a negative light.
cheehaw 2 | 263
18 Jun 2010 #94
what nations is the OP referring to when he says the 2 saddest nations are poles and jews?

I know about Poland. But Israel is only 63 years young.

Perhaps therein lies the problem? After all, there is absolutely no denying that the jews themselves separated themselves as a separate entity from the general polish population, it was not the Germans or Polish who did this.

It kind of bothers me also when black people expect special treatment or entitlements from me, personally, because whites were slave owners at some point in the past in some place... of course in those instances there can be no doubt about who is black or who is white... nonetheless I have zero ancestors in the USA prior to 1900 so therefore, I am actually excluded from any attached guilt... nonetheless I can recognize, like most people, that segregation was generally forced upon blacks, not vice versa.. you'll notice how here and there when a person with black linage looks very white they also tend to mix very well with the white population. We cannot say this is true of east european jews.

so, who separated the jews and why should be the first questions here. (hint: it was not the germans or the polish).

'Jew' refers to a person's religious beliefs, perhaps their lineage. Pole does not refer to a person's religious beliefs, only their lineage. If a polish person from Warsaw PL were to move to Muncie Indiana, and if then the rest of Muncie, Indiana, recognized that person as the polish nation then perhaps it would be possible also to say that miscellaneous jewish people living around the world are also the jewish nation.

But this does not happen. To Poles, to Germans, to Dutch, to Japanese, to anyone, anywhere.

perhaps that is the only sad thing we need to discuss. the fact that 'jews' of all colors and creeds and lineage keep insisting that they are a nation. and dumb people everywhere look for the borders of the jewish nation until they get wise to the joke and it's utter impossibility.

I was reading somewhere that a bunch of orthodox ashkenazi jews were arrested in Israel for refusing to send their children to school with dark skinned sephardi jews. Interestingly enough, no one questions the origins of the sephardic jews. Yet, jews of east european origin often feel offended by the mere presence of Sephardic jews, as their own actions in Israel, today, make clear. Mostly the problem, in reality, is that the sephardic jews do not teach the Talmud like the orthodox ashkenazis do teach their children.

Most likely then, it was merely the oft unspoken desire of the 'jews' which demands separation and at least in their own minds, a better place above the rest of the despicable natural population of any given country.. because they truly believe they are better, they should be first, all of that we've all heard for so many years.. ideas which many 'jews' are prone to follow. We see this everywhere.. certain segments of populations screaming for rights and justice. They are clamouring mostly to be recognized as full-fledged citizens of their respective nations in which they now live. In the case of east european jewry however, history clearly shows a group of people claiming to nationals of a country which never existed (except in their own minds). We could say jewish nationalism is a myth to begin with. In fact we should say it. But at any rate, this jewish clamouring for equal rights and civil liberties extended far beyond the desire to simply be recognized. It also generally included demands for a 'jewish' nation with it's own set of laws for jews first and others second (quite discriminatory, just visit israeli law today for a quick rundown) within whatever nation the 'jews' in question found themselves at the moment.

The polish people have never demanded such a thing from other nations. So the comparison dead ends right there.
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
18 Jun 2010 #95

The witch is back!

And in her usual anti-Jewish rampage she "forgets" a couple of vital things, which would be:

- Jews played an important role in every society they lived in;
- Jews were generally loyal patriots. Not all of them of course, but a stunning number was, so that should take care of the willfull separation you repeat a few times.

- Jews contributed heavily to arts, science, politics and so on in the countries they lived in.

Furthermore, Sephardic Jews are not per definition dark skinned. I descent from Sephardic Jews and our skins are/were all as white as white can be, so that is also not quite true.

history clearly shows a group of people claiming to nationals of a country which never existed

Israël existed for about 3000 years, much longer than Poland has existed.

It's actually very unfortunate that you're back as cheehaw again, as Olga you were more entertaining with outright nonsense. Not that you're not spouting nonsense now, but it was more laughable when you performed as Olga.

M-G (very unfortunate that cheehaw is back in her old form after the weeklong Olga-stint)

When is Israël first mentioned as a land? And when Poland?

M-G (haec hactenus)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
18 Jun 2010 #96
I think he means 'existed' is wrong, M-G. Has existed is correct. Mod, I was trying to raise that so please don't move my post without an explanation. Thanks!
cheehaw 2 | 263
18 Jun 2010 #97
it never existed on a geo-political map prior to 1948. sorry. Israel only exists in the bible (which you yourself, MG, have declared a myth many times) under King David and Solomon for a couple hundred years at best. It is mostly symbolic.

Olga was probably just you playing the devil with yourself. sorry again, since I don't hang around here daily like you, I don't even know what Olga posted.

Your personal opinions aren't very helpful. What was so wrong with seanus' post and the other that you needed to request them deleted?
18 Jun 2010 #98
When is Israël first mentioned as a land? And when Poland?

Apparently you've never read the Bible which says (in the Book of Genesis):
"In the beginning there was nothing, only God wandered through the streets of Warsaw."
cheehaw 2 | 263
18 Jun 2010 #99
maybe it is easier to ask why people feel threatened by the idea of the 'nation of islam'.

then we might understand better what happened to the (nation of) jews during WWII.

I hear God still walks daily through Warsaw. And Jesus walks through the old jewish ghetto without ridicule.

Gotta love the polish bible.
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
18 Jun 2010 #100
sorry again, since I don't hang around here daily like you, I don't even know what Olga posted.

Yeah right. I never have posted under a different name than my own.

Your personal opinions

Where do I exactly state personal opinions? I only state easily traceable facts, facts which you of course conveniently forget to mention.

What was so wrong with seanus' post and the other that you needed to request them deleted?

That just goes to show you really haven't got a clue. I never asked for a post to be removed and I am not planning to do so. Pls, if you're only going to post you usual anti semitic nonsense again, you're not really an addition to this forum.

"In the beginning there was nothing, only God wandered through the streets of Warsaw."

M-G (hace hactenus)

Don't worry, they do that with everybody, with me as well. I had a thread for everybody to mention positive things in Poles and Jews as a response to all the mutual hatred threads we have seen and within 5 mins it was trashed as well, without any explanation.

But good to hear that for the rest everything is ok with you.

M-G (good mooded today)
POLENGGGs 2 | 150
18 Jun 2010 #101
that Thousand year old(or however long it was) exPeriment of having a multicultural nation Failed miserably.
if all those years of Jews and Poles living next to each other and we get TOday (ie. HATE on both sides) that just shows that multiculturalism is not really accomplishable
cheehaw 2 | 263
18 Jun 2010 #102
yeah, so just out curiosity MG, how many days did you fret over this person named Olga and accuse them of being me?

perhaps you should think about your behavior a little bit rather than advise others on theirs.

that just shows that multiculturalism is not really accomplishable

well, all you have to do is visit parts of Brooklyn NY where the jews congregate, and try to make laws for themselves to keep the other locals out, and your question will be answered.
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
18 Jun 2010 #103
yeah, so just out curiosity MG, how many days did you fret over this person named Olga and accuse them of being me?

A few times. You were mainly active in April, right after the Smolensk accident. For the rest I couldn't be too much bothered.

perhaps you should think about your behavior a little bit rather than advise others on theirs.

My behaviour cannot be called anti semitic or racist. Yours can be. And that's the difference.


M-G (bloody mary)
1jola 14 | 1,879
18 Jun 2010 #104
The difference between Poles and Jews is that we don't like paszkwils and they do. :)

"The Yiddish word pashkvil was borrowed from the Polish paszkwil, which comes from the French pasquil or pasquille, which goes back to the French pasquin, which derives from the Italian pasquinata (whence English "pasquinade," a satire or lampoon)." [2] The word made its way "from Yiddish into the Hebrew of the Old Ashkenazi Yishuv in Jerusalem"[3] and was consequently adopted by Modern Hebrew.
cheehaw 2 | 263
18 Jun 2010 #105
Gosh, I was here 1 time in April. 1 time. Probably the first time I visited in months.

But you know, one could say it is typically jewish, the way you behave.. telling other people they should go away so you can have your precious little spot in the sunlight.. when you have no right to do so.

Tell me, MG, what right do you have to tell me to go away? What real right? No right, we all know that.. yet you insist on playing your game every chance you get. Sure enough, I know you will also always deny doing these things to others.

Maybe a stroll in the park will help you remember.

If you had any idea what racism was you would recognize it in yourself first. everyone else does. Your pretense of being the liberal dutchman really only extends as far as the bowl on the end of your pot pipe. The rest is in your imagination (the part where the majority of others agree with you).
3rdGenEuroAmer - | 2
20 Jun 2010 #106
I am sharing an article I found on the Official United States Holocaust Memorial Online Museum:

I searched for "Poland" on their site. This particular result is from another official online holocaust museum:

"Poland's commitment to education, remembrance and promotion of Holocaust research is primarily determined by two factors: our history and our geographical location. Poland, not by its own will, was chosen by the Third Reich as the place where the Holocaust would be perpetrated. The future victims of the Nazis were transported to Poland from all corners of Europe and even North Africa. Hundreds of thousands of Polish Jews and those from other countries were herded into ghettos where they were decimated by hunger and disease. The survivors were taken to concentration and death camps. Yet, we should also remember that Jews, as soldiers of the Polish Army, fought against the German invaders from the first hours of the war. Jews were also the first in Europe to stage civilian uprisings against the Germans; they took place in Warsaw and Białystok

Remembrance of the war in Poland is multifaceted: it involves the annihilation of the Jews and the suffering of the Polish people. We look with sadness and regret at those pages of our history that recall shameful deeds. The fact that some Poles killed their Jewish neighbours, or denounced fugitive Jews to the Gestapo, fills us with sincere pain and utmost condemnation. But we also remember and admire the valour of very many Poles who risked their lives to help their Jewish compatriots.

Also, we are aware and proud of the thousand-year-long Polish-Jewish history. We embrace as our own the heritage of Polish Jews, many of whom have enhanced the international stature of Poland."

"An Overview of Holocaust-related activities in Poland

Poland - the first country to fight Hitler - became the place where millions of Jews perished during World War Two. Six Nazi German death camps were established on occupied Polish soil.

We shall never forget that in 1939 Polish Jews fought against the German invaders, and in 1943 they were the first to stage civilian uprisings. Our special concern for the preservation of Holocaust sites and memories of the Holocaust is a way to honour the victims and caution future generations. It is our firm belief that Poland should never again be too weak to protect all its citizens. Finally, we believe in the continuation of Polish-Jewish history of which the Holocaust was certainly not the last chapter.

Radosław Sikorski
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland"
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
20 Jun 2010 #107
I think Sikorski should be the new president of Poland. What a brilliant speech.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
20 Jun 2010 #108
What's so brilliant about it, M-G? He has a Jewish wife, thus Jewish leanings. Any other Pole could have said the same. The Holocaust has produced eternal mourning so I can see where the sad part comes in. So, how to make more people happy?
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
20 Jun 2010 #109
Oh, I wasn't even thinking of his Jewish wife. I just liked the honest statement of him being an official. I may have missed it, but I've never heard Kaczynski say sth like this.


M-G (in fact, I forgot about his Jewish wife until you mentioned it)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
20 Jun 2010 #110
You are joking, right? The man never stopped making statements like that, M-G. He lives in the past and was forever harping on about the events of the Holocaust.
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
20 Jun 2010 #111
What's the big fuss? I just thought it was a good speech, that's all. I looked at it ad littera and didn't think of any leanings or sympathies at all.


M-G (wonders)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
20 Jun 2010 #112
Aha, now it is only good and not brilliant? ;) ;) That's what I was getting at. The reality is that your average Pole could easily say the same and not be paid for it.
3rdGenEuroAmer - | 2
21 Jun 2010 #113
The Holocaust has produced eternal mourning so I can see where the sad part comes in. So, how to make more people happy?

It will probably just take more time. Maybe not until after all the people who lived through it and survived; as well as their children, who lived through their parent's suffering post-war have already lived and died, etc...

Grieving lasts a lifetime for those who grieve.

But it is important to try to bring everyone together; to try and reunite each side of the suffering and to do so by sharing anything along the way. The past is the past. The future is what matters now.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
21 Jun 2010 #114
Well said! Unfortunately, there are many yarn spinners who feel the need to do just that. It's just a shame that damage limitation wasn't emphasised back then. We seem to recklessly abandon the notion that a life is important when it comes to genocide. I can only conclude that the globalists feel it to be more important to take life than to keep it.
Basil 1 | 8
16 Jul 2010 #115
Interesting look at how Poland looks in eyes of Israeli youth arriving here via organized trips.
16 Jul 2010 #116
2:30 "Secret service people will go with you, so that you will not be in contact with
local people. You will meet people, who do not like us. You will see that they do not
like us. Even today they do not like us."

The bit*ch is brainwashing those kids!

"That's what makes us special. That no one can stand us, but we are proud of it.
We are raised in this spirit that we know we are hated and if a kid knows from
a start that he is hated (...) it evokes anger towards the other side."

Poor, brainwashed kiddos, taught to hate :-(

5:38 and then 6:20 to 6:51 - PRICELESS
MediaWatch 10 | 945
16 Jul 2010 #117
We embrace as our own the heritage of Polish Jews, many of whom have enhanced the international stature of Poland."


What is your evidence that Jews have "enhanced the international stature of Poland"?

Which Jews are you talking about? Be specific.

Do you mean those old Leftists Jews (mostly Polish Jews) in the US who proudly went on national TV mocking and ridiculing Polish people as having less then human intelligence back in the day (and once in a while today) like:

-Joan Rivers
-Don Rickles
-Henny Youngman
-Sid Caeser
-Joey Adams
-Jerry Lewis
-Buddy Hackett

(these are just the tip of the iceberg)

Or maybe Bruce Helford the producer of the Drew Carey show, where the Polish Lady was portrayed as a low-life slob and there was another slob who made an arse out of himself while calling himself "The Polish King".

Or maybe you mean Norman Lear who had a show which he claimed was supposed to be "against bigotry" but actually promoted the denegration of Polish people with the constant sound bites of the Polish character being described over and over and over again as a "dumb Polack", "Meathead Polack" and on and on.

Or maybe Neil Simon the producer of "Biloxi Blues" where the Polish character is portrayed as a backward slob.

Or maybe Larry Wilde who wrote many books on Polish people having subhuman intelligence, oh excuse me.....Polish jokes. I must be politically correct here.

Then since the 90's, media slander against Poles changed a little bit and it went to big Lies about Poles such as the abusive use of the term "Polish Death Camps" where there have actually been reports of people hearing this from the media and then concluding that "the Poles must have created them since they keep hearing that phrase"

Sadly many many of the people in the media who have used that term and continue to do so are Jews.

"Polish Death Camp" controversy

When students were asked who the Nazis were and When asked who built concentration camps in Poland, they reply: "They're Polish camps-so, it was the Poles."

Use of the anti-Polish term "Polish Death Camp" a mistake by the media or DELIBERATE?
Polish American complains about Wall Street Journal using term "Polish Death Camps"

"Polish Death Camp" phrase used to slander Poland
Polish Concentration Camps Do not exist but ACCORDING TO PARADE MAGAZINE THEY DO

Poland RENAMES Death Camps NAZI GERMAN Death Camps in response to International Media calling them POLISH DEATH camps and implying the Poles created them

Now of course we all know that there is good and bad in all groups of people. There are many Jews who have spoken out against this anti-Polish slander by other Jews.

But really. To suggest Jews have "helped the international stature of Poland" is quite ridiculous.

Even the Jews in Poland like that one rabbi Mr. Shuldrich or something like that, gets an adrenaline rush by running to the Leftist Jews at the New York Times or Washington Post and slamming Poland as being "anti-semtic this" and "anti-semitic that" while refusing to explain why Jews CHOSE to LIVE in Poland for hundreds and hundreds of years.

I think Polish Christian Auschwitz survivor Michael Preisler sums of pretty well what the media has been doing to the Polish people.

Michael Preisler - Polish Christian Auschwitz survivor
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
16 Nov 2014 #118
Merged: 3 Minutes in Poland - a home movie of Nasielsk's Jewish community 1 year before WWII (video scenes indoors are dark, but most scenes outside are light and clear)

"I realized it was 1938," Kurtz tells NPR's Rachel Martin. "And there are all of these beautiful images of children and adults in this town, one year before World War II begins. I was just haunted by these faces. They're so happy to be filmed, they're so excited to see these Americans coming to visit the town

I found these images from this footage moving. It's been made possible by the technical expertise in restoring it from a solid lump of fused film. (I have no personal connection to the film.)

Crow 146 | 9,142
21 Jul 2018 #119
Saddest? Don`t weep here like old woman. Shame. Serbians have much more reasons to cry but they refused tears. Much better to strike back, push death in ranks of enemies. Let them cry.

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