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The good deeds of other Nations to the Pole's

Szalawa 2 | 239
19 May 2014 #1
As time go's on historical event's get forgotten by the public, often we have to remind ourselves of the good deeds others have done for Poles / Poland and work on the Positives to build good relations with other countries

Here is the forgotten Polish exodus, where Pole's escaped the Gulags to Persia. feel free to discuss and share other useful Information
Ozi Dan 26 | 566
19 May 2014 #2
Whenever I think of good deeds of other nations to the Poles, my first thoughts spring to the thousands of Irish volunteers who flocked to the cause of Poland during the insurrection of 1863.

I recall too a thread here from some time ago regarding an India Rajah who helped displaced Poles in WW2.
jon357 73 | 22840
19 May 2014 #3
Plus many families in the UK, of which Sue Ryder's is among the best known, who helped refugees who had fled from the Endecja regime back in the 30s.

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