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Real Estate Help - Private Rental of Apartment in Poland / Obtaining Deeds

PopsUK 1 | -  
14 Mar 2016 /  #1
I am seeking some assistance in obtaining details regarding a private rental flat in Poland.

I have personal legal links to the flat, however, I am struggling to obtain the details required. My spouse has apparently purchased an apartment and has rented it out for several years without declaring any details to me:

Is any of the information below in the public domain?

Estimated Value
Copy of Documentation covering the Legal Owner - is there a website for this?
Rental value / rent being paid
Details of current and previous tenants
Length of tenancy

Am I able to register an interest in the property?

I do not have the property reference at present however I have the full address.
Looker - | 1129  
20 Mar 2016 /  #2
Is any of the information below in the public domain?

I think it will be hard to obtain more information. I found just one site which allegedly has in its database tenants and landlords -, however currently there's a "technical break", this company has a FB page, check here:

The rank of their site, number of visitors, etc. shows that it isn't in good shape, so probably just the small percent of owners there, with skimpy and outdated information.

As far I know the landlords does not need to provide detailed information about their tenants anywhere, only the rental value - and even it may not cover the reality since owners in Poland have tendency to hide the real income to save on taxes.

Copy of Documentation covering the Legal Owner

There are some sites where you can download the copy of your property papers - "księga wieczysta" in Poland. You just need the number of it. There's also a possibility to obtain such number when you know the exact address of property, but you need to pay for such service:
dolphin0 1 | 1  
7 Apr 2016 /  #3
Merged: Getting Poland Property Deeds

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I get a copy of my deeds for my property in Wroclaw- I live in the UK, but I dont ever remember actually having a hard copy of my deeds, and now would like one, as I am looking to sell my apartment now.

Also can anyone recommend someone in the UK that specialises in Polish property law, not necessarily a solicitor, but someone that knows their stuff, as my situation is quite complicated, and Im kind of stuck with where to start.

Would be very grateful.
Atch 21 | 4158  
8 Apr 2016 /  #4
There's no equivalent of the deeds of a property in Poland. When you buy your property you register your ownership with the local authority. It can take up to six months to be processed. They then send you a document (a flimsy bit of paper) which confirms that you are the registered owner. - do you have that?? You need that document when you come to sell. You also need some document which you apply for only at the point that you're selling which confirms that the property is debt free/unencumbered. Whereabouts in the UK are you? Your nearest city/big urban centre is bound to have a Polish lawyer and they all speak English, they couldn't really function in the UK if they didn't! If they're not expert in property law they can probably pass you on to someone who is.
terri 1 | 1661  
8 Apr 2016 /  #5
@ dolphin0
You do not need to have the actual deeds in your hands (for selling a property) as long as your name is actually registered on them as being the rightful owner. (This is called Ksiega Wieczysta). The notary who undertakes the transaction will ensure that the deeds are clear of any debts attached to it. You will need to go through a notary (Notariusz) when conducting the sale, so I would not worry about it beforehand.
Atch 21 | 4158  
8 Apr 2016 /  #6
the actual deeds in your hands

As Terri says in the British Isles we get a huge pack of documents when we buy a property. These are the deeds and have all the details of previous owners, maps of boundaries, they're really fascinating if it's an old property as they are essentially the history not just of a house but even of the ownership of the land before the house was built on it.

However you don't get that in Poland. If those papers exist they are stored in some central office and all you get is the bit of paper, the extract from the Ksiega Wieczysta that says you are now the owner. When you boughtyour property the notary should have registered you as the new owner with the Sąd Rejonowy for the district and you should have that bit of paper somewhere.

Also as Terri says you will need a notary to make your sale legal and he will tell you what papers you need and may assist you in getting them, but, be aware that he acts for both parties simply to make the sale legal and does not provide any legal advice or assistance if the matter is as you say complex.

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