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Silesia to Czechia

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,697
16 Jul 2018 #31
There won't. That's what the EU is for...

You mean nato, not eu. And it's only thanks to the us that war between Russia and NATO likely won't break out. Never say never though. Most Americans never thought the japs would bomb pearl harbor or that muslims would fly planes into twin towers or even that Trump would beat Hillary yet they happened.. if everyone was so certain there'd never be a war between NATO and Russia they wouldn't be reciprocating with deployments, exercises, etc. And it's only thanks to the us being the key figure in NATO that Russia won't totally steamroll the eu. The eu doesn't stand a chance against Russia and even generals who have far more.military knowledge than you and I say that Russia would pwn Europe and totally occupy the Baltics within a day. No one expected Russia to annex crimea or have a war with Ukraine yet it happened. And no one in the eu or nato did anything significant to help. Why? Because they're all scared of the Russian bear and putin. Plus they just want their cheap gas and are willing to.sacrifice Ukraine to get it apparently
Crow 146 | 9,142
16 Jul 2018 #33
And with this pipeline they're totally captive to Russia and putin.

There is one more way for Poland. Possible, reserve plan. To bypass both- Germany and Russia, even USA.

Serbia signed strategic energy deal with Russia that Serbia can, on its own, re-sell Russian gas and oil to third parties. Re-Export of Polish apples to Russia via Serbia already functioning in same way. We are independent country and Russia always tolerated our specific schemes with Poland.

Official Poland just have to normalize its stance on Serbia and stop to behave aggressively, what is anyway logical considering perfect Serbian-Polish relations. See, this part is on Duda.
Crow 146 | 9,142
16 Jul 2018 #35
Yes, yes, apples travel. We told to Russians that we have our specific things.

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,697
16 Jul 2018 #36
@Bratwurst Boy

Same ****. Either way germany is buying a key resource from an adversary. On one hand Merkel Macron and all the leftists whine about human rights, treatment of gays, hacking etc all while filling their coffers so they can continue such activities - and have even more leverage over them. That's why putin is a proper leader who despite being at a disadvantage uses everything at his disposal to gain an edge over others. He wins by bluffing with a pair of deuces against players folding with a full house.

Poland is not going to buy Russian gas, even if it's been relabeled as Serbian. And actually most of the polish apples and other food products go to Belarus then Russia. Poland will first use what it has at it's disposal - coal and gradually shift to other energy sources but Russian gas or oil isn't going to be one of those. Not in any significant amounts anyway. Right now Polands best partners are the v4 especially Hungary and USA. Poland tolerates western Europe and sees the advantage of trade, free movement, better paying jobs, etc but for historical reasons and due to the EUs constant interference in domestic affairs and trying to tell us how to run our country Poland will not have a good political relationship with the eu leaders. Economic yes as it's mutually beneficial, but not politically and not militarily. Poland knows that countries like France germany etc would not their aid in a war if anyone did itd be the us.
Crow 146 | 9,142
16 Jul 2018 #37
As Poland wish. But Serbians are here. Still.

You know why are we Serbians weak on Poland. You Poles are Sarmats. You, too. And you know what that mean.
TheOther 5 | 3,711
16 Jul 2018 #38
germany is buying a key resource from an adversary

So where should Germany buy its natural gas instead? From the USA? We are not reliable either at the moment. Decisions, decisions...
Crow 146 | 9,142
16 Jul 2018 #39
germany is buying a key resource from an adversary.

but that buying won`t save neither them, neither Croatia.

Things are set in motion for other kind of payment. Take pop corn and sit
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,697
16 Jul 2018 #40

Better than buying from a militaristic adversary imo. Hell even Iran Saudi Arabia Nigeria etc would all be better choices for gas and oil. Libya is now getting a good chunk of its production back online hence the recent drop. Personally idc what germany does. I have my memories and photos of when germany was still german and not germanistan. Merkel has committed seppuku on behalf of every german citizen and taxpayer already and is now doing damage control after 2 going on 3 years of nonstop flooding of migrants and all the problems that came with it. Even her own cabinet and party are starting to turn more anti migrant because they see its what the people want and the reasons for afd success. And it's sad because I have family in Germany and the country simply doesn't look the same. There's more teenage mutant ninja Muslims than fair skinned german girls. There were a lot of Turks already in Dortmund but this is simply now a deluge. The females won't even go to the pool anymore because they get pinched and groped by middle eastern dudes who think it's a totally appropriate way to pick up girls. Even the African migrants realize that's not okay and they atleast show some respect and gratitude for their host nation. I guess they didn't get the government pamphlets that explain sexual assault is not okay and just because a girl is sitting next to you on the tram or bus doesn't mean she wants to **** you.
Bratwurst Boy 9 | 10,447
16 Jul 2018 #41
I still think all that bruhaha about where Germany get's it's gas from is made up...Trump want's to force Germany to buy LNG from the's about business, nothing else.

Russian gas for Germany or Western Europe has never been a problem before, not even during the heights of the Cold's all a sham and you are being played like a fool!

PS: Watching Trump today with his bro Putin who can really believe it's about Trump's concern about doing business with an autocrat and possible military, it's about doing business with an economical rival, that he is all up in arms about.

That is also the sole reason why he "hates" the EU...he gives a **** about Europe...but he knows that he can get better deals with one country alone after the other, but the EU as a union is the biggest and most wealthiest and powerful economical bloc in the world. A bloc he can't order around, hence he hates it and tries to break it up!

There is nothing political about it...Don't be so stupid!
Joker 2 | 1,621
17 Jul 2018 #42
You know why are we Serbians weak on Poland.

No, but Im sure you wont waste any time telling us! LOL
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,697
17 Jul 2018 #43
EU as a union is the biggest and most wealthiest and powerful economical bloc in the world.

The eu has basically the same gdp as the U.S., a smaller gdp and ppp than China, lower growth rates, tons of internal conflict between factions of member states, the migrant problem, a flat currency, etc. The us has wealthier consumers and far more resources not to mention international clout, strategic depth and military prowess. Plus our markets are growing like never before. You can basically close your eyes and buy a random blue chip stock and youll make some money. Plus once you take out UKs 3 trillion after brexit (although it appears the cuckservatives are bungling it on purpose) the gdp of eu is far less than us. And besides, the eu is not some giant country with one leader following one specific economic or political path. No it is 28 different countries each fighting to get their slice of the pie - both within the eu and the rest of the world. And now the eu is more divided than ever with the nationalists and populists growing and expanding while demanding more sovereignty with western Europe's and Brussels Marxists in retreat. The eu has never had so many issues and such contention as it does today and it'll only get more divided. And the countries like germany holland belgium france uk if it stays etc will end up having their tax base propping up the ever exponentially multiplying middle easterners and africans. Germany already spends more on migrants than it does on education and that number is only going to grow - unless a politician with some common sense ends merkels 1500 eu a month reward for illegal border crossers, bogus asylum claimants and dudes with full beards adamant about being 16 years old. Poland, Czechy, Hungary etc will not have this problem because such countries are not naive enough to thinking letting in millions of unvetted people with two left hands from sh1thole countries who's existence revolves around Allah akbaring all day long and popping out more kids for taxpayers to support is somehow 'enriching the culture.' I still find it baffling how Merkel could go from we can do this, Islam belongs in/to germany, they enrich our culture, i will not accept an upper limit, TO: eu nations must show solidarity and share the BURDEN (but wait, I thought they were enriching the society? If they are such an enrichment for your country why you are asking other countries to take them? Somehow I doubt it's because Merkel is so generous that she wants every european to have their country 'enriched' whether they want to or not) not everyone who comes can stay, we didnt address the PROBLEM appropriately (but wait dont forget we can do this, islam belongs in germany, they enrich out culture, etc) and saying no go zones do exist - all within a span of about 2 3 years lolololol.

Russian gas for Germany or Western Europe has never been a problem before

That's because no president had the balls to step up and call germany out till now. Obama talked about the 'free riders' of nato but like usual it was all talk and no action with him. Us has the power and clout to kick germany out of NATO or start a trade war - which the us would undoubtedly win. Finally we have a leader who realizes how bad the us is getting ripped off. Us charges 2.5% tariff on European cars while they charge 25% on ours - 10x as much. Well hopefully that comes to an end and is renegotiated.

This is my last post on this topic in this thread... This.discussion about eu germany us Merkel putin etc should all belong elsewhere. This should be about Czechy, silesia etc. Aside from some brief comments tying in Czechy with v4 there isn't much discussion on the title of the thread....
Bratwurst Boy 9 | 10,447
17 Jul 2018 #44
Why not?

In the end Germany lost Silesia (the reason why this thread is discussing about giving it to Czechia in the first place) because of his leader with "balls". He would take no **** from nobody, showed the world the finger proudly, promised to make Germany "great again", took care to decimate all those foreign "parasites"...what balls he had!
Ironside 50 | 10,922
17 Jul 2018 #45
However the Silesia should be given back - to Czechs

Czech never had it. It was the Kingdom of Bohemia that hold it briefly. IF Czech became a kingdom again, please call again.

By the way what about Polish land near Cieszyn that Stalin given to Czechoslovakia? Cough it up and pronto will you?

Yes, it would be a complete nonsense.

Speak for yourself as you are a nonsense embodied.

They hold Kaliningrad with clear conciseness.

It a part of Prussia and should belong to Poland.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,259
17 Jul 2018 #46
as you are a nonsense embodied

And you are a Norwegian idiot who claims to be Polish.
Mr Grunwald 29 | 1,961
17 Jul 2018 #47
1. He isn't Norwegian I can guarantee you that
2. He is not an idiot. He knows politics perfectly well
Crow 146 | 9,142
17 Jul 2018 #48
It a part of Prussia and should belong to Poland.

In romantic sense this statement of yours is correct. I am with you on that one. But realistically, Poland isn`t capable to hold Kaliningrad, even if Russia give it to Poland. Poland as state already, such as it is, exist only as long exist balance of power between western Europe/Vatican on one side and Russia on the other side. Bigger Poland, bigger friction to hold balance.
Ironside 50 | 10,922
17 Jul 2018 #49
Quite the contrary - bigger Poland less fricking balance to hold. :)
cms neuf - | 1,579
17 Jul 2018 #50
Brexit is not being bungled in purpose - what is happening is that the promises made by idiots to idiots in 2016 can not be delivered because they were lies and not grounded in reality. This is a huge real time experiment in whether countries are better off inside or outside the EU. So far the effects for Britain are a giant disaster and the people who campaigned for leave have run many miles away from the consequences of it.
Crow 146 | 9,142
17 Jul 2018 #51
Quite the contrary - bigger Poland less fricking balance to hold. :)

Then, sex. Sex is only solution. More Polish babies are necessary. More Poles. Plus, Poland must seduce Polish migration to come back to Poland, prevent migration of Poles out of Poland.

That would prepare ground for situation when Germany dissolve, what is inevitable, as we see. Guaranteed, many territories of what would be former Germany, would like to join with Poland. Where else. I see future Lusatian Vojvodstvo within Poland, too.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,259
17 Jul 2018 #52
I can see the two of them: Województwo Dolnołużyckie and Górnołużyckie.
And also :
Województwo Braniborskie, Rujańsko-pomorskie and Obodrzyckie.
Berlin and the areas around it might form: Województwo Stodorańskie.

The new frontier would run along the Elbe and Saale river line. The above six voivodships would be granted extensive autonomy within the new Poland.
Crow 146 | 9,142
17 Jul 2018 #53
I can see the two of them: Województwo Dolnołużyckie and Górnołużyckie.

Better to have united Lusatians in one Województwo. They would need each others to recuperate after end of Germanic yoke. Let them internally organize itself on Dolnołużyckie and Górnołużyckie sub-regions.

Województwo Braniborskie, Rujańsko-pomorskie and Obodrzyckie.

Joy. What crossed my mind, Western Pomorze and Eastern or Northern Pomorze could also be formed.

Rujańsko-pomorskie sounds pretty cool. It could be center of memory on Svetovid. Temple, that was destroyed by greedy Absolon, could be restored.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,697
17 Jul 2018 #54
Then, sex. Sex is only solution. More Polish babies are necessary. More Poles.

That was one of the reasons for the 500 plus program. And indeed it has caused birth rates to go up. Poland doesn't need to import third worlders from continents where the average iq is 70, basically retardation... not even intelligent enough to become cannon fodder in the us army

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