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Dorschke Family and their ancestors from Upper Silesia

briankaess 1 | -
26 Feb 2018 #1
My Great Grandparents were Viktor Dorschke/Drozdzok (1889-1969) and Marie Kokot (1897-1948). They lived in Ratibor, Upper Silesia, during WWII. Viktor was born Dec. 1 1889 in Ratibor. Marie Kokot/Kokott was born Jan 31 1897 in Adamowitz, Upper Silesia. They were ethnic Poles who spoke German and some Polish. They married on Nov 8/10 1914 in Markowitz, Upper Silesia. Marie Kokott's parents were Karl Kokott (b. abt 1865) and Marianna. Victor Dorschke's parents were Franz Drozdzok and Marianna Mandrisch. Marianna was a common first name for Polish women during the 19th century.Franz Drozdzok (b.

abt 1865) was a retired farmer. Victor Dorschke and Marie Dorschke were Catholic. Marie Kokott was a factory worker at the time of her marriage to Victor Dorschke. What I'm looking for is more info on the parents of Viktor Dorschke and Marie Kokot.
TheOther 5 | 3,691
26 Feb 2018 #2
Civil registration records for 1874 to 1906 are available in the Katowice State Archive, Racibórz branch. Order the birth records for your great grandparents to get more info about their parents. If you're lucky, these were born after 1873 and you'll be able to get back even one generation further. Some catholic church books survived the war and can be accessed at your local LDS family history center.

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