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Silesia to Czechia

27 Jan 2017  #1

I fully support to give eastern lands to Poland. However the Silesia should be given back - to Czechs who held it for centuries...

Ziemowit 8 | 2,679    
27 Jan 2017  #2

They held it for two centuries to be exact. To se ne vrati, pane Havranek! Silesia should be Polish.
OP Backsilesia    
27 Jan 2017  #3

1336-1742 is two centuries? good math! :)
Lyzko 17 | 3,993    
27 Jan 2017  #4

According to a certain line of reasoning then, why not return formerly-German-held territory, now situated squarely in Poland, to Germany?
It's equally ludicrous!!

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