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What do Poles owe to Czechs?

OP pawian 197 | 19,976
21 Nov 2022 #61
hatred of PIS

Darling, it is not hatred but pure truth when I wrote:

Some Poles complain about empty shelves but they are narrow-minded idiots. Probably voters of PiS.

I returned to the article where I had first read about the campaign of a local council member who protested against Czechs buying items wholesale and leaving empty shelves in Polish shops.

And guess what, darling! He had been voted into the office as a ritard candidate. Ha!!!

Isn`t it amasing that I detect ritard azholes from the distance of hundreds of kilometres only by reading about their idiotic behaviour???? hahahaha

You don`t know Polish so have this article translated in Google:

and this page too,40790.html

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