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Poles and (Polish) Jews... Victims of war... and beyond

Seanus 15 | 19,706
8 Jun 2010 #241
That's a good point and George Galloway knows it. He is sending a flotilla next week I think, entering via Egypt to Rafah. He has already had a run-in with the Egyptian authorities and will want to avoid a repeat of that. The powers have a way of manhandling you.

Israeli fears are well founded but they are bordering on paranoia. It gets ridiculous. Fresh fruit is allowed in yet canned fruit isn't. WTF?? I just hope that the muscle flexing ends soon as there are some big batters involved and some are ready to let loose. Let those Palestinian people enjoy water at least. It is gey hot in Gaza and they need basic amenities. I have seen how innocent families live in poverty and squalor. Forget the image of the militant fighter, they too have their cause, and remember the grief and struggle of those most in need. We moan about our lives being tough yet we have an abundance of technology and all of our basic physiological needs are catered for in the decadent West.

Let there be no more victims!
Bialystoker555 1 | 4
30 Apr 2015 #242
Merged: Are Jews obsessed with Poles? Are Poles obsessed with Poles?

70 Years after the end of WW2. After hundreds of years together and a relationship that had ups and downs. Jews and Poles had a traumatic separation in a way neither ever wanted or imagined. Now Poland is an independent country. Likewise Israel is an independent country. Jews of Polish origin are still defined by their Polish roots and have a deep connection to Poland. Poles have strong and vocal opinions of Jews. Many young Poles have never met Jews. More and more Jews want to travel to Poland and not just for 'holocaust' tourism but to actually visit and experience Poland. Is this a love-hate relationship? Are Jews and Poles destined to have a deep connection with each other? Should Jews and Poles just forget all of this and move on? What do you think? What are your own personal opinions and experiences?
5 May 2015 #243
I also said earlier on that Poles and Jews are kinda like the same. They both suffered tremendously

The Jewish prisoners

a bit about non-Jewish prisoners and non-Jewish suffering :

There is an instruction written by Brystygier to her subordinates, about the purpose of torture:

In fact, the Polish intelligentsia as such is against the Communist system and basically, it is impossible to re-educate it. All that remains is to
liquidate it. However, since we must not repeat the mistake of the Russians after the 1917 revolution, when all intelligentsia members were
exterminated, and the country did not develop correctly afterwards, we have to create such a system of terror and pressure that the members
of the intelligentsia would not dare to be politically active.[7]

Here on PF is the 100 words copy/paste rule, so please do not over-quoting

Brystiger was the daughter of a Jewish pharmacist from Stryj (now Ukraine).

In russia in 1930 Zofia Gertner and Rozalia Zemlachka, both of Jewish origin, treated male prisoners the same way , their attitude to

intelectuals was the same
Ktos 16 | 440
24 Dec 2015 #244
Merged: Forgotten: millions of dead Polish victims (non-Jews) of WWII

Lest we forget, the world beyond Poland and some Polish living in Poland have ignored and forgotten about Polish victims of World War II, they only commemorate Jewish ones, so I take this time today to remind Polish people and others of tragedy that Polish people have suffered immensely as a country and as people. Concentration camps and murder was the terror that filled Polish lives at the hands of Germans and their helpers.
Ironside 51 | 11,338
28 Jul 2017 #245

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

The Museum is situated in Warsaw and paid for mainly by the Polish taxpayers is being run by the cabal of the soviet-Jews and people whose families has been heavily involved in a collaboration with the soviet occupier of Poland. I wonder why is that?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
28 Jul 2017 #246
Could you perhaps provide some proof of your allegations, rather than making a random post that contains nothing but jealous accusations?
Ironside 51 | 11,338
28 Jul 2017 #247
well, the prove is out there. These are people either directly connected o the soviet regime in Poland or people who are connected with such a people by family ties.

I'm not asking if ...I ask why.
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
28 Jul 2017 #248
This Museum, I understand from Polish (gentile and Jewish) acquaintances, is a balanced history of the Jews in Poland, up through and beyond the Holocaust.

There's no "cabal of Soviet Jews" except in your mind, Ironside:-) Typically biased prattle!
Ironside 51 | 11,338
28 Jul 2017 #249
There's no "cabal of Soviet Jews"

Tsk tsk you know everything Lyzko don't you? Of course there is.....kind of.
If anything you're biased.
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
28 Jul 2017 #250
You think YOU don't know everything, yet you're calling me "biased" merely because I'm asking questions??!
Man, that's a hot one. It's so funny, I could pukeLOL
Ironside 51 | 11,338
28 Jul 2017 #251
because I'm asking questions??!

No you don't ask questions. You make statements based on some hearsay. The bottom line is that according to you no Jew can do wrong.

If that is not a bias what is?
To clarify to your narrow prejudiced mind. I have no problem if Polish Jewish would be in charge of the museum. I'm asking why Soviet - Jews and soviet Poles connected more oft than not by family ties are in charge of that institution at all? What more they spread their soviets lies and all being paid by the Polish taxpayers. Its not right!
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
29 Jul 2017 #252
Accusing those with whom you disagree as "Communists" is merely the same old playbook which accused the Jews en masse of fostering Communism!
The same sort of thinking was used by various German historians, as I'm sure you know (if not by name) to semi-justify the Holocaust as a reaction to the Jewish presence within the Reich as abetting agents of Moscow:-)
jon357 71 | 21,107
29 Jul 2017 #253
well, the prove is out there

Yet you are unable to provide any, despite having felt the need to mention your lie.
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
29 Jul 2017 #254
Spot on as usual, matey!
Ironside 51 | 11,338
29 Jul 2017 #255
Yet you are unable to provide any

I don't want to. It would involve lost of search on the internet and than I would have to translate it for you lot. Do it yourself. You don't have to take may word for it. I don't really care if you don't believe me.

Just for those who are interested I know because I have done a small private research a while back.
By the way the question is - WHY? Not - Is that the truth?

Accusing those with whom you disagree as "Communists

If somebody has been very high in the soviet hierarchy while Soviets were in the process of subjugating Poland. If that person had a daughter who married later someone who was making it in the Soviet occupied Poland and their both or their progeny are out of the blue grapping money from the Polish taxpayers and making decisions about the Museum. What would you call them? Martians?
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
29 Jul 2017 #256
I call them fellow Polish citizens who may have Communist leanings, that's all:-) Not every issue is black or white, Ironside! That rigidity of thinking will slow you up every time, prevent you from seeing the facts clearly..
Ironside 51 | 11,338
29 Jul 2017 #257
call them fellow Polish citizens who may have Communist leanings, that's all:-)

Really? Sanding on the heap of death bodies. All those destroyed and murdered by them... You're very forgiving. So what do you have against the Nazis? the same leftie scum, less people killed. Are you prejudiced against them because they didn't like Jews? Whereas commies didn't hate them as much?
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
29 Jul 2017 #258
The only double standard in the present discussion involves those who claim that Poland bear less culpability than the rest because she was occupied by the Nazis. In fact, without Polish complicity, to a large degree, the efforts of those responsible for the Holocause would have been immeasurable slowed down, if not halted.

As I've stated numerous times, hatred is a cancer, a virus which needs feeding. The Catholic Church had fed Jew-hatred for centuries, fueling the lie that the JEWS, and not the Romans, actually crucified Jesus!!
Bieganski 17 | 896
29 Jul 2017 #259
The only double standard in the present discussion involves those who claim that Poland bear less culpability than the rest

To whom are you referring when you say "the rest"?
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
29 Jul 2017 #260
Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania etc. any or all of either collaborators or Axis powers:-)
Bieganski 17 | 896
29 Jul 2017 #261
Oh, so in your Zionist mind Poland was part of the Axis.
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
29 Jul 2017 #262
Scarcely, if you even bothered to read my English! Poland however, unlike Denmark, Albania or Bulgaria, DID persist in abetting Hitler's anti-semitic policies. Like elsewhere, there was as much collaboration in Poland as there was resistance, although clearly in Poland, there was much, much more resistance than in either Germany, Switzerland, or Austria.

Motto of the story? NO country is or was "perfect", so quit whining and fess up to the facts!! Neither gentile nor Jewish Poles were angels, period.
Bieganski 17 | 896
29 Jul 2017 #263
You're not making any sense.

First you say Poland bears culpability and even throw in a roster of countries like Germany, Austria and other "collaborators" and "Axis powers".

Then you say "scarcely" when pressed to clarify your stance but you still throw in a dig that Poles "DID persist in abetting Hitler's anti-Semitic policies."

You need to face reality. Your generation of Zionists enjoyed a good run in shaming others but your show is running out of steam. The young today and tomorrow will not be shamed into or complicit in endorsing and advancing your Jewish supremacist agenda.

Your ideology is untenable because it is unacceptable. You and your ilk will never live to see Poles subjected to show trials to feed your narcissism nor will you see completely undeserved reparations made to fill your bank accounts.
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
29 Jul 2017 #264
All I'm saying is that many countres such as Poland and Austria avoided blame after the war. Now, it's payback time.
gregy741 5 | 1,682
29 Jul 2017 #265

europe went to this war against Hitler to save YOUR ass...we would have join Hitler if we were so antisemitic as you claim..and deal with jewish bolshevics,as Hitler offered this to Poland but we refused.maybe it was mistake
Bieganski 17 | 896
29 Jul 2017 #266
You really need to seek mental help. Poland was invaded and decimated and yet here you are stating that Poland "avoided blame after the war". Oh, and according to you "it's payback time".

Your racist Zionism is truly revolting and has no place in this world or this forum.
kaprys 3 | 2,286
29 Jul 2017 #267
Is Poland to be blamed for being invaded by Nazi Germany and the USSR?
Lyzko, what are your family's experiences during the war that make you state such things? Did your family live here then?
Lyzko 36 | 8,464
29 Jul 2017 #268
As English is not either of your first language, I'm not surprised you've misunderstood. Therefore, I post in Polish:-)
gregy741 5 | 1,682
29 Jul 2017 #269
syionist,nazi collaborator,leader of Lodz Jewry biggest jewish community in Poland.leader of Lodz ghetto

in english:

On German orders Rumkowski delivered a speech on September 4, 1942 pleading with the Jews in the ghetto to give up children 10 years of age and younger, as well as the elderly over 65, so that others might survive.

Poles would never do such terrible collaboration crime...what a shame
kaprys 3 | 2,286
29 Jul 2017 #270
I'm sorry but your Polish is far less fluent than anybody's English here. I refrained myself from making any comments about mistakes you make in Polish so why don't you do the same?

Patronising people is not an argument in a discussion.

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