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Poland is great Mother of all Slavs from Baltic to Balkan

Dalimilova Hroni
18 Jan 2019 #151
This "Crow" is completely out of tune. You sound like BBC/CNN on repeat. Goodluck to you my friend in discovering truths that are set beyond your limited preset-positions...
Lyzko 25 | 7,139
18 Jan 2019 #152
...not to mention way beyond his present English capacity!
OP Crow 139 | 8,620
18 Jan 2019 #153
Dalimilova Hroni, people. Listen to me. I will tell you what are vibrations.

Poland is drugged dragon held in chains by infidels and violently raped. BUT. But, Poland have crazy suicidal Serbian dragon brother that would do anything possible and impossible to see its Polish brotherly dragon free.

Now, can you imagine what would be revenge of Polish dragon when dragon brake free. Raped dragon, suddenly free. Then western Europe shall see how it looks like.
Miloslaw 7 | 3,264
18 Jan 2019 #154
We thought you had gone.....
I did not understand a word of your inane rambling.
Please don't waste your time on this forum.
We don't understand you and we don't care about Serbia.
In fact,we don't even like Serbia.
As far as I can see there are too many racist,murderous Serbs out there,full of hatred for their neighbours.
Poles are not interested in your genocidal agenda.
OP Crow 139 | 8,620
18 Jan 2019 #155
Of course that you don`t understand. But you lie anyway. See, Your fabricated lies about Serbs won`t bring you anything. Christ and Svetovid are with Serbs. Unimaginable power. And beauty.

One historical citation for you >

In his report on the Austrian decisive defeat by Serbians, Czech journalist and writer Egon Erwin Kisch, corporal back then in Austrian army himself, wrote: ``Our army has been crushed and it is running away in utter disarray, in a wild and panic-stricken flight: a beaten army - no! an uncontrolled mob running towards the border in senseless panic.``
27 Jun 2020 #156
@Bratwurst Boy
The old name of Actual Macedonia was "Стара Србија", which means "Old Serbia".
27 Jun 2020 #157
Wow Crow and Bratwurst Boy have been here for 10+ years! As for Brat's claim Poles have German DNA. Well Polish women are on average better looking. Germany (along with France, Britain, Spain and Greece) has very little percent of attractive females. I can only think of Sandra (mixed with French), and the two actresses on Lexx. But in everyday life German women are at most 4s compared to many 6-9s in Poland, Slovakia and Sweden.

Btw sometimes birds like storks are smarter than humans - living in Africa in winter and in Europe in spring, summer and early fall. I'd love to live in Poland in spring, summer and early fall and in Southern Italy or Coastal Croatia in late fall and winter. ;)

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