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Citizenship by Descent--3 great-grandparents born in Poland?

5 Jan 2020 #1
Hi, I have 3 great-grandparents birth records in Poland, and documents showing the decent to me. However, they all left Poland before 1918, although none became US naturalized citizens from what I can find. I have been living in Poland on a national visa for a few months. Would I qualify for citizenship?
torbell - | 1
15 Mar 2023 #2

Need help determining US/Polish dual citizenship eligibility

I'm helping a friend trace her Polish roots with hopes of claiming Polish citizenship via jus sanguinis. Her great-great grandparents were born in Sokołów.

Her GGGF came to America in 1899, her GGGM came in 1907.

Neither ever became US citizens.

GGM was born in the US in 1921. All future generations in the direct bloodline were born in the US.

Every vital record we've found lists Poland (occasionally Russia) as their citizenship. I realize this doesn't matter, as Polish jus sanguinis law will supersede anything.


· I've read conflicting information. Some websites state that the ancestor could not have left the territory until after 1920, other websites suggest this is not true and that if you can trace the line and vital records, you can qualify for dual citizenship. What is true?

· I am aware Poland as we know it today did not exist when GGGF and GGGM left the country. Since they never became US citizens, and certainly were not US citizens in 1921 when GGM was born, is it possible GGGF and GGGM were considered stateless?

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