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Polish civilization is older than English or French. Why do Poland follow them?

OP Crow 146 | 9,142
30 Jun 2020 #61
To define civilization?

Slavic and in particular Polish language is older then any western European. Culture is older in any sense. Older and in continuity in at least 12.000 years, since last Ice age. As Jacob Grimm said, 'one cant comprehend Gernanic mythology without knowing Slavic mythology'. Than sense of democracy is older in Poland then on the west of Europe. With Sarmatism, Poland actually invented democracy.

That for one.

Poles have the unfortunate luck to be at the same time between Germany and Russia

Unfortunate? If Russia collapse, Poland collapse. If Germany collapse Poland expand. Figure that
Ironside 50 | 10,922
30 Jun 2020 #62

There is no Slavic civilization. Fail. Nor there is a common language. Is a language equated with civilization?

Are you saying that culture equal civilization how those two are connected according to you?
So far you are making mess out of things. Can you answer properly without winding digressions?
OP Crow 146 | 9,142
30 Jun 2020 #63
But I see Slavic civilization. Clearly. How is possible for you not to see.
30 Jun 2020 #64
I see a commonwealth of allied nations in Central and Eastern Europe - Sweden, Finland, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary in the middle, then Slovenia, Croatia and maybe Serbia or/and Bulgaria and Italy.

I exclude Czechia as they have always been too Germanophilic. Probably also include the Baltic's without Kaliningrad.

Home / History / Polish civilization is older than English or French. Why do Poland follow them?
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