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Chances of Moscow becoming part of Poland again?

wildrover 98 | 4,451
30 Aug 2014 #31
Poland being part of Moscow would be more likely , very handy for me , my Russian wife and i could live there without a visa , i could make my English car legal as i did easily in Moscow and Bulgaria , and i would not have to pay huge electric bills because i am English . . . my home in Bulgaria which has every electrical item you can think of cost seven times less than my farm in Poland which had only a computer and a few low energy bulbs . . .
Crow 148 | 9,285
31 Aug 2014 #32
Chances of Moscow becoming part of Poland again?

Impossible. Times changed. Back in past, two factions of Slavdom/Sarmatia in wide sense (essentially it was Sarmats vs. Scythians) clashed for Moscow. Today, Moscow represent distant cousin but, important point of balance for Poland.

If Russia collapse, Anglo-Germanics and Chinese would grab everything. Plus, Germanics would take Poland, on the top of all, like the strawberry on the cake. Just to prove the point, which state that all Slavs must extinct.

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