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Where to buy old militaria in Poland?

3 May 2018 #1

I'm a old militar medals collector. Next summer I will be in Poland (Warsaw, Gdánsk, Poznan, Lodz, Zelazowa Wola, Bydgoszcz...). Do you know a shop or flohmarket where I can buy militaria?

I see only two shops in Warsaw (Lapidarium and Мichal Niemczyk Numismatic Antique Shop) and a few flea market in Warsaw too. There is any flea market on Poznan or Bydgoszcz? (I will be in these cities on sunday).

MrComric 2 | 24
5 May 2018 #2
I do not know about the flea markets in Poland, but I would say your best shot is on, or Just use the Google Translate function to get around. An alternative is using the website where you can buy orders, decorations, sashes and militaria. Furthermore, you can also try since quite a lot of things from Poland, including militaria, are also available there.

I collect mostly 'grand crosses' since I like their design. But be aware that wearing old militaria can get you into trouble in some countries. So better check with local laws first!

Good luck!
Tlum 11 | 186
22 May 2018 #3
You may try to check with Czech collectors; the gun laws in Czechia have been historically more liberal than in Poland and they may have more choices available down there.
pawian 204 | 21,118
8 Mar 2020 #4
There is any flea market on Poznan or Bydgoszcz?

Each big city in Poland hosts a flea market. Just type the name of the city and "flea market."

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