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Did Poland bring on its own destruction in 1939?

Ironside 50 | 11,258
18 Jul 2021 #31
This moronic statement ends this conversation.

that was the end of this conversation -

Mind your own business.

Mr American loon
amiga500 2 | 568
19 Jul 2021 #32
that was the end of this conversation -

Ironside 10 Novichok 3. In football terms thats a massacre.
Novichok 1 | 2,929
19 Jul 2021 #33
Ironside 10 Novichok 3.

You like keeping score? Fine. Score this:

How many Poles were executed by the Soviets or on Soviet orders after January 1946? This is the only number that matters as it tells the real story about the Soviet "occupation" of Poland.

No stories, no essays, no evasive crap. Just a number.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 10,891
19 Jul 2021 #34
"....From 1945 to 1948, the Soviets deported to forced labor or concentration camps in the Soviet Union from 3,000,000 to 6,000,000 Poles, of which 585,000 may have died. Hundreds of thousands and possibly near 1,000,000 Poles were killed in Soviet terror and repression.33...."

Bratwurst Boy 12 | 10,891
19 Jul 2021 #35
Not to forget the forced mass emigration of polish soldiers who had to stay in the UK after the war....why they didn't come back into their new liberated home country you ask? Maybe to avoid the fate of the polish officers and intelligentsia in Katyn?
Novichok 1 | 2,929
19 Jul 2021 #36
If your posts were in response to mine, you just wasted your time.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 10,891
19 Jul 2021 #37

You demanded a number....(I didn't even wrote an essay....this time)...
Novichok 1 | 2,929
19 Jul 2021 #38

Quoting from that article:

The last great source of Polish independence, the Catholic Church was finally taken over: its lands were nationalized, religious teaching in the schools was forbidden, and priests were imprisoned and executed.

Funny that religious teaching in schools is forbidden in "America", too. Bad Soviets turning the US into a godless hellhole.

Seriously, I got my first communion in 1950. It was organized by the school and delivered in the church in Radom. Nobody was shot because nobody was shooting.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 10,891
19 Jul 2021 #39
Some brave/stubborn/idiotic people got their communion till the end of the GDR too, it still was thoroughly de-christianized during the four decades of commie rule....

East Germany became a religious black hole....and it still is!

Eastern Germany: the most godless place on Earth

....Indeed, the survey was unable to find a single person under the age of 28 in eastern Germany who believed in God.....

mafketis 29 | 9,507
19 Jul 2021 #40
East Germany became a religious black hole....and it still is!

Not a good thing. Societies without religion tend to withdraw into nihilism and can't accomplish basic necessary tasks such as reproduce - leading to the need to outsource reproduction to foreign imports...
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 10,891
19 Jul 2021 #41
Animals reproduce! They are not known for being religious.... :)
Oathbreaker 1 | 216
19 Jul 2021 #42
@Bratwurst Boy
True, they are known to be animalistic. I can't imagine anyone wanting to live the life of animals. The animals I like the most are the ones who changed due to interactions with humans, I would choose a cute Corgi over any wild wolf out there.

It's part of being a human being to fight ones own ego and beastly inclinations, to be a good parent and an upstanding citizen in society at large.

Which is paradoxical since many of the sexual drives are quite primordial so when it comes to such desires it clashes. Especially when they are extreme, I have met few people who seem to understand that.

Many think it's either one or the other, while I see it as a mix of both. Used in varying degree in different circumstances for a myriad of reasons. Through my own historical studies of human societies compared to animalistic ones and the human ones who tend to be the most savage seem to progress at an extremely slow pace.

Which only rebukes science as being opposed to religion, unless one tries to make it so
mafketis 29 | 9,507
19 Jul 2021 #43
You mean it as a joke (I hope) but there's something to that. Atheism (at a societal level) reduces people to the animal level but without natural animal instincts that have been bred out of people for the last few thousand years. So they flounder and fail at things that animals find effortless.

To work, a human society needs some kind of transcendent goal that's outside of, yet dependent on, the individual. The only non-religious order that really delivers that (AFAICT) is Confucianism. It's not technically a religion but it's as close as the Chinese get - their theory of everything.

Of course being overly religious is just about as bad (in another direction).
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 10,891
19 Jul 2021 #44
I can't imagine anyone wanting to live the life of animals....

theism (at a societal level) reduces people to the animal level...

But we are! (Animals that is)

This elevation of mankind to be the "crown of the creation" is.....well.....only human-religious

The sooner mankind takes back her place as full part of the nature and believes itself no longer to be something special, some "crown" or the other, the sooner we will regain our balance with nature and the whole planet again, just my two cents.

But I'm bowing out here, that is so far off topic I wonder the Admin lets it stand, heh:)

*takes helmet and wanders off*
Oathbreaker 1 | 216
19 Jul 2021 #45
We are not animals @BB

I fully disagree that bonding more with nature and creation then the creator is wrong
Crow 148 | 9,395
19 Jul 2021 #46
Did Poland bring on its own destruction in 1939?

didn`t. Poland in 1939 could do nothing to save itself or to ruin itself. Mistake was done centuries in past. Poland shouldn`t have mercy for Germanics when they knelt before Polish king.
Oathbreaker 1 | 216
19 Jul 2021 #47
That is an assessment of król Zygmunts decision to transform the Teutonic Order in to Protestant Prussia. Since the headmaster of the time was a blood relative, that changed when the Hohenzollern family gained the lands of Prussia. Effectively changing Duchy of Brandenburg in to Kingdom of Prussia, (with the title king, but only legally binding in Prussia) while remaining an elector of the HRE.

The hope of binding Prussians/Prussia to Poland/Polish nation by blood and peaceful measures were ruined by the ambitions of the Hohenzollern dynasty.

Which ultimately lead on the path of destruction which was 1939, it all started with pillaging and raids done by Pagan Prussians against the Duke of Mazovia. To the pagan Prussians different fate (compared to pagan Lithuanians) was the Teutonic orders methods of conquest by fire and sword.

(Which Poland mostly left behind, the military conquest which was done was mostly done by Bolesław the bold against Christian germans, pagan Slavs and others. Eventually at 1025 not too long before his death he was crowned by the pope King of Poland, as the first Piast to rule as king)
OP Strzelec35 31 | 880
21 Jul 2021 #48
Hey Mafkeis,

I was banned from this forum again for like a week and was every day itching to finally reply after I discovered the video below for ifnal proof what I always knew was right.

Do you even physically exist right now?
For all I know you haven't even been rendered yet and what I'm responding to is a disembodied mishmash of assorted data coded to seem organic and living.

All of you are probably A.I. and this whole website is a psyop.
The entire internet is probably artificial.

Here is some real news for you:
10 million soviet women were raped on the eastern front vs a total of 1.5 million of all nationality rapes by soviets:

Watch and inspect it closely you priagandist. You are repeating the same Poilish lies all over again they spew and no one outside its borders cares about besides starch russphiles like americans during the cold war or Germans to protect their reputations. Watch what he says (this is a british historian btw) from start to finish.

Another video to watch (your not a Po-ak so why do you care who treated them and not their jews who they dont consider po-aks better lets talk about overall figures here why dont we?):

comparing soviet pow to even japanese pow or german by soviets and you see who was the worse of the worse. dont worry about the po-aks and who hurt their feelings more why dont you. They would have been a slave race to the reich anyway.
Novichok 1 | 2,929
21 Jul 2021 #49
Poland shouldn`t have mercy for Germanics when they knelt before the Polish king.

Crow, that was perfect. Weakness always comes back and bites. I noticed that Polish kings were not too bright. Like the one how to let Jews in.
OP Strzelec35 31 | 880
21 Jul 2021 #50
more to bird brain polish wannabe and propagandist mafkeis:

A great read:
Crow 148 | 9,395
21 Jul 2021 #51
I noticed that Polish kings were not too bright.


What you expected? Greeks and Romans destroyed ancient order. Northern tribes (typically rural) were practically leaderless when south (usual urban centers) lost its former power. For tens of thousends of years southern Sarmats dominated and north followed.
OP Strzelec35 31 | 880
1 hr ago #52
hey mafkeis besides the video above of kik the historian co paring the germwn rapes to soviet you should watch this before you judge them these warriors these brave men who won it for us all saying theyre rapists etc look at the mortality rwtes they suffered in germwn captivity worde thwn even the japanese or weiqns did to americans or anyone and at a folossal scale. roughly 50 percent nortwlity so these poles you see in poland or hear talking crap on this forum have no idea their mortality rate in captivity was really low nothing what people of the east suffered and why the red army needed to exact their revenge: (watch from 4:25)

watch this video to compare:
mafketis 29 | 9,507
35 mins ago #53
before you judge them these warriors

I'm not interested in comparing atrocities from 75 years ago. There were plenty of atrocities to go around without trying to paint one side as angels...
OP Strzelec35 31 | 880
1 min ago #54
well thn you agree the focus should not be harassing ukrainian migrants in poland and on upa or the, than? that this recent constant focus on them makes no sense?

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