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Poland relations with Italy 1939-43?

sijet 2 | 12
8 Apr 2020 #1
As I understand it, Poland and Italy had at least neutral relations before the start of the Second World War. Does anyone know what the situation was like after the German-Soviet invasion in 1939?

Yes, we all know about the Polish troops fighting in Italy (e.g. Monte Cassino), but this was after the collapse of Mussolini's government. What were the relations like between 1939-43?

One website I found claims that Poland only broke diplomatic ties with Italy on November 13, 1940:
Does this mean that Italy and the Polish government-in-exile maintained contacts before this, and that Italy did not recognise the dissolution of Poland in 1939?

Was there ever a formal declaration of war between the two countries?

What about Polish citisens in Italian territory? Were they interned or handed over to the Germans after Italy joined the war?

Any information on this topic would be appreciated.

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