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Piłsudski's Cadillac to be rebuilt

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
15 Jul 2013 #1
The Cadillac Fleetwood Special 7-passrenger limousine ordered for Marshal Piłsudski in 1934 ( a year before his death) is going to be restored. It will be available to the Polish head of state.

Piłsudski had epxressed a preference for Cadillacs already back in 1918 and such a vehicle took him through the Polish-Bolshevik war. Incidentally, it is armour-plated and therefore theoretically attack-proof.

"The coffin you are planning here for me" - these words he had denounced Marshal Jozef Pilsudski at the sight of his new limousines - armored Cadillac Fleetwood Special Seven Passenger Limousine . Swirls of history were not for the car gracious - was completely destroyed. Secret police shooting at floating to check their resistance to bullets. Today we know that this unique car will be rebuilt. scored the only picture cars that have survived from the mid- 30s .
3 Jun 2014 #2
It's sad Poland - instead of using the high-rated brains of Polish engineers spent money on promoting the big businesses overseas. It doesn't sound very patriotic if you think about from this perspective, does it. The trend continues and 80+ years later Poland still buys Cadillacs, Mercedeses, BMWs etc. from foreign countries. The Polish Warszawa and Syrenka rule to this day ;).
3 Jun 2014 #3
Warszawa's are being build.
Poles build amazing trains for half the money from Pendolino- check out dart train.
Its the fault of Tusk and the govt, they do close to nothing for the local entrepeneurs.. Above burocracy kills the most of the ideas.
johnb121 4 | 184
3 Jun 2014 #4
Have you any idea of what it costs to develop and build cars? And look at State cars around the world - they're rarely local-made. The Queen of England has a VW (Bentley). and so on! Better, if you're getting into historical alliances, to drive a Cadillac than a Merc or BMW....
Crow 148 | 9,283
3 Jun 2014 #5
Piłsudski's Cadillac to be rebuilt

see. i`m not the only one who thinks of new Commonwealth
3 Jun 2014 #6
Warszawa's are being build.

No they are not goofy.
Crow 148 | 9,283
4 Jun 2014 #7
Pilsudski had great plans for Poland. In his mind, he was above EU limitations.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
4 Jun 2014 #8
he was above EU limitations.

Maybe you don't know this....But the EU was formed after WWII.

Btw Pilsudski was a cosmopolitan, wanted to include minorities into Poland. He would have taken a dim view of your serb concentration camps.
Maybe you should stick with Dmowski - he is entirely into the serb mould. Unforgiving, hard and excluding everybody.

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