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Do Polish people in general dislike Russia or Germany more?

Bratwurst Boy 11 | 11,747
8 Nov 2020 #361
Holocaust: How a US TV series changed Germany

It brought the horrors of Nazi crimes into people's living rooms and turned the word "Holocaust" into a commonly-used term in the German language.

This was the first time that a major mainstream drama had portrayed the lives of Hitler's victims.

A few months after the series was broadcast, Germany scrapped the statute of limitations for murder, to enable Nazis to be tried for their participation in the Holocaust

Gruni....that was 1979....not 1945!
Ironside 53 | 12,337
8 Nov 2020 #362
.that was 1979...

Indeed, none gave a F about it before . Also that change only focuses on Jews, about all the others and Poland that lost 16% of it population nobody give a F,
Bratwurst Boy 11 | 11,747
8 Nov 2020 #363 be fair a lot of that wasn't the fault of the Germans...especially in East Germany the crimes and horrors and suffering of the Russian people had been a big topic but otherwise the East-Germans, the Poles and all others in the Eastern bloc were all friends and brothers and comrades now under Moscow's benevolent eye...there was no place for the polish-russian or german-polish grievances or russian crimes or lost territories and similiar "squabbles"....the bad guys/the Nazis were all in the West, our new common enemy! Remember?
Tacitus 2 | 1,373
8 Nov 2020 #364
Not sure if I agree with the article. No doubt the series helped illustrating the horros of the Holocaust, but the engagement with the past had already started in the early 1960s with several high-profile trials. This statue of limitation for murder was also for the first time prolonged for 15 years in 1965 because of this (and then abolished in 1979). The protests in 1968 was also partly motivated by the shock over the crimes of the previous generation that had come into the open.
Bratwurst Boy 11 | 11,747
8 Nov 2020 #365
But they were quite anti-semitic in nature too, that's the problem. The leftist 68er were (mainly) fans of the PLO and it's fight against the jewish state, not to mention the support by the RAF (kidnapping of airlines and killings of jewish passengers).

IMHO The 68er movement was the death blow to the old german Nazis...but, and that's also the point I was trying to make...with this generation it was "safe" to do so, the old Nazis getting really old, dying off...the horrors far in the past....sons and daughters rebelling against their parent generation as it is natural.

But that had not much to do with acknowledgement and re-processing (?) of the Holocaust...I think....
Lyzko 45 | 9,260
8 Nov 2020 #366
I think though that the '68ers were frankly more critical of Israel than of the Jewish people themselves!
As with many unthinking Leftists if that era, they confused Israel's fight for basic survival with some sort of intrinsically Faschist agenda, supporting unbridled military action.

Sure Israel beat the Palestinians' behinds during the Yom Kippur War. It was simply the age-old struggle of "kill or be killed".
Israelis aren't saints, folks, not even close:-)
Crow 155 | 9,030
14 Nov 2020 #367
Alright. Forget Germany. It live its last days. Now just play normal stance on Russia and stick close to Serbs.

Changes of borders in Europe under way.
Novichok 5 | 7,509
18 Nov 2020 #368
Alright. Forget Germany. It lives its last days.

It's sad to see the West in self-destruct mode. Little doubt that Western Europe and the US will be unrecognizable 50 years from now. And it's ironic that it will be China and Russia who will preserve their identities, culture, language, and traditions just the way they are now.

I wonder if the average citizen of Western Europe or the US can explain how he benefits from open borders and the flood of economic refugees.
Crow 155 | 9,030
18 Nov 2020 #369
Western Europe and the US will be unrecognizable 50 years from now

Price of history.

3 to 4 years ago I spoke here on this forum that would in a 50 years Poles be on a verge of total assimilation by western Europe if nothing change.

So, changes happened and Poles shall live and be even stronger. See, first I say and then changes happen. World we live in now is entirely different from a world 3 yars ago

Did anybody believed Sarmatian world wont prevail?

China and Russia who will preserve their identities, culture, language, and traditions

Central European Union from Baltic to Balkan arround Belgrade shall also survive.

Its ongoing. Just few details to make sure we are not voulnerable like it were Czehoslovakia, Yugoslavia or Poland as it was 3-4 years ago and still even.

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