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Polish military uniforms

citizen67 6 | 191
9 Feb 2013  #31
They were a invading French-speaking force, in the end it was the English culture they won out, same as you with your various invaders.
Ironside 48 | 9,704
10 Feb 2013  #32
funny that you have no clue.
What are you?
citizen67 6 | 191
10 Feb 2013  #33
Then, who do you think the Normans wer?

E.g., what do you know about Domesday Book?

The Dooms day Book was inventory, a summary of what they had conquered, it wasn't a founding document with any founding principles.
Ironside 48 | 9,704
10 Feb 2013  #34
Then, who do you think the Normans wer?

eh? The Normans were the guys who conquered Anglo-Saxons, and molded it into entity that become England, They merged into background, it took about 300 years.

What remain is a lot of French words in the English vocabulary.
Also you have a pig or a hog but then you eat pork french porc.
citizen67 6 | 191
10 Feb 2013  #35
England was already a country before the Normans invaded. Our names for towns, cities and place names are Anglo-saxon in origin Our county system is Anglo-Saxon, London was our capital, and so forth.

What country do you come from?
OP pawian 159 | 9,453
10 Feb 2013  #36
Citizen, Highlander units` uniform is traditional but still officially used. It is not a historical re-enactment, it is real Polish Army.

citizen67 6 | 191
10 Feb 2013  #37
I am aware of that. We hav soldiers that do ceremonial duties Marching, Passing out Ceremonies, Trooping the Colour, March Bys, and I assume that the rifles are not loaded and old fashion rifles would look better.
OP pawian 159 | 9,453
10 Feb 2013  #38
Ok, I see. You can be right, after all, but I don`t mind what they carry.
isthatu2 4 | 2,708
10 Feb 2013  #39
They are definitely founding fathers of the English Political and social system which evolved on the ground plow and sow by the revolutionary changes and institutions introduced by the Normans to the Anglo-Saxon subsoil.

Not a single part of that is true.
The Normans were considered at the time the poor relations of the English in Europe. The only reason the Normans were able to seize control of the crown and country was the pre existing social structures. The Norman Lords just took over English earldoms (earldormen,thegns) and the lands that went with them. It was more of a Coup than a conquest in many ways.

One thing they did introduce was Primo geniture,but you would probably like that stuff and not see it as a problem, I mean, why should the Anglo Saxon women continue to have equal rights eh? ;) This was no *cunning plan* by the Normans but what it did do was slightly cut down the number of mini wars between brothers that allowed for England to become a far more stable sociaty than the rest of Europe at the time,but not completly as our Kings had a habit of fighting against their own brothers,wives or dads :)

Unfortunatly that leads to the problem of all those nasty things like Serfdom etc *we* like to blame on the Normans were actually English home grown laws.

Id agree with everything citizen just said apart from the fact that London was not the capital of England back then,it never had even been a capital of the earlier Anglo Saxon Kingdoms,just a fairly *open city* in Mercia.
Ironside 48 | 9,704
11 Feb 2013  #40
Not a single part of that is true.

Single what is not true?
In English historiography there is a sharp divide between those who claim that conquest by the Normans bought revolutionary changes to Anglo-Saxon England and those that claim that their impact was only minimal.

Alas my claim could be and well is debatable. Under no circumstances can be described as no true at all.
OP pawian 159 | 9,453
1 Jul 2013  #41
Again from Krakow area: peasant scytheman uniform from 18./19 century, called Kosynier:

Prayer before the battle


Haller`s Blue Army:



It was formed in France during WW1, when it finished, they came back to Poland and fought against Ukrainians and Bolsheviks.
nanaKotowicz - | 1
9 Jun 2019  #42
Hello. Anyone can help me find out if this is a polish uniform?And what sort? The picture was taken in the earlys 1900. thanks!

OP pawian 159 | 9,453
9 Jun 2019  #43
If you mean really early 1900s, until 1918, then it can` t be a Polish uniform as there weren` t such uniforms then (partitions).

The uniform in the picture looks worn out so it might be war period, indeed, but the army involved could be one of 3 partition powers. Can you narrow down the search, e.g., in which area of Poland was the photo taken?

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