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Karol Wojtyla, the man who become a pope (video)

Mr Grunwald 32 | 2,173
31 Mar 2010 #1
Here is the movie about JP2
I hope you all will enjoy it
convex 20 | 3,928
31 Mar 2010 #2
Decent flick for what it is, Piotr Adamczyk kicking ass as usual.
vetala - | 382
31 Mar 2010 #4
I loved that movie. Terribly sad, someone dies every 5 minutes. Great music.
OP Mr Grunwald 32 | 2,173
8 Oct 2010 #5
A good man in times of evil
Marek11111 9 | 808
8 Oct 2010 #6
Maybe good man but made evil decisions
LAGirl 9 | 496
8 Oct 2010 #7
Great Movie.
7 Jan 2019 #8
I invite all respectable Poles to watch a very short film about the favorite places of our Pope John Paul II.
The film was made to order by the Municipality of Krakow and was broadcast in Discovery World. I invite you to contact me if you would like to have a movie about places in Poland, that you would like to see once again as they are today. Beautifully filmed, with beautiful music especially and exclusively for you.

The easiest way to contact me is to write me an e-mail:
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Best Regards
Robert Piechnik
CEO Filminet
18 May 2020 #9

The centenary of the birth of Karol Wojtyła...

...better known as Pope Saint John Paul 2.

Yes, it's today. :) Thank you for Laborem exercens and Centesimus annus, thank you for Rosarium Virginis Mariae, and for all those years that you were with us -- teaching, supporting and blessing us.

#IbelongtoJP2generation #havenofear #santosubito

Miloslaw 19 | 4,981
18 May 2020 #10
He was a great man.

The only pope that I truly admired.
Strzelec35 34 | 903
7 Nov 2021 #11
Hey Jon, what is your opinion of Jon Paul the second?
jon357 74 | 22,051
7 Nov 2021 #12
Mostly positive. His poems are worth reading. He also travelled the world rather than staying just in the Vatican and was rightly popular. I was impressed when he refused to meet (or even appear at a window for) the loathsome 'Family of Radio Maryja' on his last visit here. Unfortunately, he stayed in the role too long though and was unable to address certain serious issues. He also appeared to oppose some ecumenical and anti-poverty as well as indigenous movements within the RCC as well as appearing to side with oppressive dictators in South America and elsewhere,

In Poland there was (and to a point still is) a major Cult of Personality around him. We are seeing its effects now, with a polarisation between a blurring of boundaries between church and state on one hand, and a haemorrhaging of Mass attendance, especially in cities, on the other.

He was uncompromising about abortion though, however that strict view is not reflected in Polish society where 75% of people oppose the kangaroo 'court' ruling.

A large majority of people in Poland want.the country's abortion law - which is one of the most restrictive in Europe - to be liberalised
Strzelec35 34 | 903
7 Nov 2021 #13
My family doesnt like him though because apparently he was a hypcoryte in some senses and there was or is a cult around him where his plane crashed in sosnowiec or near it and they spent a lot of time and money building monuments where it crashed or some stuff like that and how he used vatican money for wealth reasons and not i guess to feed needy or somerthing.
jon357 74 | 22,051
7 Nov 2021 #14
plane .... in sosnowiec or near it

I think he went there by helicopter and some people wanted to mark the spot he landed on with a monument, as they did in Drohiczyn where there is a big monument on the spot he descended to earth by chopper. Very close to idolatry...

He inspired a generation, and one downside of that is that the next generation can be alienated by the hype.
Crow 154 | 8,996
7 Nov 2021 #15
Just to tell you that germanized extreme clero-Croat ustashe venerate dobri brat Paul II as the Nazi Pope. They desecrated His name.
jon357 74 | 22,051
7 Nov 2021 #16

Hardly a good example of anything, including matters of religion and faith. Extremists (like them and you) always have a weird and unsavoury take on life. Most people take a more nuanced view about historical figures like JPII..
Crow 154 | 8,996
8 Nov 2021 #17
Most of Serbs, myself included, contemplate of John Paul II as naive victim of manipulation, that despite all odds managed to support us when NATO attacked back in 1999 and his political wing within parliament of Poland (Jan Lopuzanski and right wing Catholics) even warned how (citation): ``As NATO today bomb Serbs, NATO may bomb Poland one day.``
Crow 154 | 8,996
11 Nov 2021 #18

Where is that video about brat Wojtyla?
pawian 224 | 24,465
5 Mar 2023 #19
Sad news about Karol Wojtyła. Investigative journalists established that Wojtyła, as an archbishop in 1960s and 1970s, protected sexual predators among subordinate clergy. 4 such cases have been proven so far. There can be more.

In an interview with the journalists of "Wyborcza", the Dutch writer stated that Wojtyła, already as an archbishop, had to be confronted with priests who committed acts of pedophilia. - Hard evidence appears in the late 1960s and early 1970s - he said and gave four names: Lenart, Loranc, Surgent and Saduś. - We are dealing with the direct action of Wojtyła, who was responsible for the priests subordinate to him - he said.

Ekke Overbeek about the links of molesting priests with John Paul II
- The first molester was transfered six times by Archbishop Wojtyła from parish to parish, although the curia knew that he crossed borders in dealing with girls. The second is a clergyman who has been legally convicted of oral rape of minors. Before he was convicted, he personally confesses his actions to Wojtyła, emphasized Overbeek.

- After serving his prison sentence in 1971, Wojtyła restores him to the priesthood. In a letter to him, he writes: "Taking into account all your behavior, showing a willingness to correct evil, and sincere improvement, I consider it advisable for you to gradually return to priestly work" - he added.

- On the other hand, the top priests of the curia knew about the fact that the third priest, Eugeniusz Surgent, molested boys since at least 1969. Despite this, Wojtyła gave him the village of Kiczora, where he started molesting again, for which he was convicted - he pointed out.

- Wojtyla allowed him to continue working as a priest and religion teacher. He found his place in the Koszalin-Kołobrzeg diocese, where he again molested. Plus, the surprising story of Father Saduś, a close associate of Wojtyła, he added.

pawian 224 | 24,465
5 Mar 2023 #20
Investigative journalists Ekke Overbeek

Overbeek is Dutch but has been working in Poland. He publishes books

Another journalist is Gutowski who works for TV.

What you have discovered is groundbreaking, because it shows what many people have assumed for years, that John Paul II knew this problem had existed even before he became pope. He must have known, but there was no evidence. And this is proof - this is how the findings of Marcin Gutowski's journalistic investigation are unequivocally assessed by Thomas Doyle, a canon lawyer, author of the first American report on sexual abuse in the Church. For two and a half years, the reporter of "Black and white" Marcin Gutowski was looking for an answer to the question of what John Paul II knew about pedophilia scandals in the Church. He talked to the victims of pedophile priests under his authority, their relatives, witnesses and those who were supposed to personally inform Cardinal Wojtyla about crimes committed by priests under his authority. He also reached official church documents confirming the actions and omissions of Wojtyła. "Franciszkańska 3" is the seventh part of the Bielmo series.
Alien 20 | 5,024
5 Mar 2023 #21
Cardinal Wojtyla

I suggest you put Wojtyla in prison......or keep quiet.
pawian 224 | 24,465
5 Mar 2023 #22
.or keep quiet.

The problem is that even if I do, others won`t and Wojtyla`s tolerance for sexual abusers and molesters among clergy will be further investigated and disclosed.
jon357 74 | 22,051
5 Mar 2023 #23
Wojtyla`s tolerance for sexual abusers and molesters among clergy

Do you remember the Paetz scandal?

Weren't they friends?
Bobko 25 | 2,093
5 Mar 2023 #24
JP2 was an original gangster.
Alien 20 | 5,024
5 Mar 2023 #25
original gangster.

Why? He hated the UdSSR so he was a good man.
Bobko 25 | 2,093
5 Mar 2023 #26

I meant it as a term of endearment.
Lyzko 45 | 9,438
6 Mar 2023 #27
Karol Wojtyla was the first Pope in recorded history to publically apologize to to the Jews for centuries of anti-Semitic hatred and persecution at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church! As with many committed Christians, he struggled with his faith and tried his level best to reconcile his deep belief in Christian teachings with the wrongs perpetrated against many non-Christians in the name of the Church.Unlike Martin Luther, he didn't excoriate the Jews for not wishing to convert to the "superior" religion:-)

During the Second World War, he showed rare courage as a member of the Polish Underground Resistance while still a young priest, continuing to fight the scourge of Communism and dictatorship until his last breath.

pawian 224 | 24,465
6 Mar 2023 #28

Yes, he did a lot of good.
However, we are learning about horrible things which are seriously tarnishing the image of the holy person he was believed to be, almost a saint.
Lyzko 45 | 9,438
6 Mar 2023 #29
If you're referring here to the age-old sex abuse scandal within the Church, you're sadly correct!

Perhaps the entire point here is that Wojtyla was NOT a saint, nor did he ever pretend that he was....holier than thou.

He was in the truest sense the people's pope, who proved his metal often under the most trying of circumstances.
pawian 224 | 24,465
6 Mar 2023 #30
He was in the truest sense the people's pope,

Actually, he wasn`t coz he protected clergy molesters and rapists instead of their victims.

Look, I am a fekking perfectionist in the matters of religion. Wojtyła`s sick tolerance of perverts only adds another brick to the wall which separates me from the so called "Church". Luckily, it doesn`t seperate me from my faith. :):):):)

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