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Polish conscripts to German army

Ziemowit 12 | 3,314
5 Feb 2019  #121
The surname Fierek is most frequent in the town of Czersk (Pomerania) and its vicinity The area was attached to the Third Reich in 1939.
fierekk - | 1
8 Feb 2019  #122
I am not surprised that Czersk has numerous persons by the name of Fierek as my father was the youngest of 13 !
I have also been made aware that my grandfather swapped his nationality to become German and many of my fathers brothers favoured differing political views.

So as a family they were very divided.
After his capture in Baden or Maestrich my father ended up in Scotland and took back his Polish nationality.
The history I am trying to piece together is followiing the battle of Merville ,his capture and resettlement in Scotland and Plymouth UK.
Any further information gratefully received. Thanks Fierekk

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