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'Battle of Britain' won thanks to Polish aces !!

Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163
8 Feb 2012 #151
better the polish pilots had flown for their german masters than that !!!!!!!!!

Haqrry, thank you for your input.
16 Jan 2015 #152
Yes its only dog fights against the 109s that count in this argument, and then only before they were ordered to escort and defend the bombers.

Also before this you were more likely to be shot down in a 109 dual so your tallys/average will be reduced.
Also as the battle progressed experienced pilots would be list and more and more would be inexperienced.
And then a squadron and pilots experience. Statistics statistics statistics
dolnoslask 6 | 3,085
29 Nov 2020 #153

British watchmaker releases 80th anniversary timepiece remembering Polish Pilot during the battle of Britain.

The Merlin engine metal from the Spitfire was smelted down to create an engraved disc insert for their new S4-P9427 Pilot watch.

"The courage of this brave Polish pilot Zygmunt 'Ziggy' Klein was revealed by Graham and Andrew as part of the launch of the anniversary watch"
cms neuf - | 1,579
29 Nov 2020 #154
Quite like that but a bit expensive - 2.500 quid
Crow 146 | 8,805
30 Nov 2020 #155
'Battle of Britain' won thanks to Polish aces !!

Sure. Just go Google casualties of western Europe in both world wars and casualties of Slavs and you would understand what was plan. So yes, according to plan, Poles died for Britain and in every opportunity. Britain and western Europe are more fatal to Poles then Corona.

Generations of my people also grown up being proud how many of us died in ``alliance`` with Britain. THAT naive we aren`t anymore.
Velund 1 | 347
30 Nov 2020 #156
what was plan

I first read beginning of this thread name as 'Cattle of Britain'... ;)
dolnoslask 6 | 3,085
30 Nov 2020 #157
Quite like that but a bit expensive - 2.500 quid

Much rarer than a limited edition Omega plus it does have a Polish connection , I am tempted , it has a good ETA mechanical movement which any watchmaker can service plus the lume at night is quite striking.
Crow 146 | 8,805
30 Nov 2020 #158
Poles, those of you who survived Britain, put cross on yourself, forget Britain and go back to Poland. Start packing and do it fast.

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