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Trouble pinpointing for certain the following surnames

4 May 2022 #1
I'm having trouble with my paternal great grandparents ancestry, I'd like to know I'm going in the right direction and have a general idea of how names and surnames go in Eastern Europe. My maternal great great grandparents haven't been as difficult but I've hit a wall paternally. So my great great grandmothers name as stated on a Canadian marriage record is Feodosia Makaruk, and Demetry Savchuk. Sons name on it is poorly written as Kerel or Kiril born 1888. Some online translations have been off in the sense of Makarnk, Mavarun and Savchun. I was always told my great grandparents were Ukrainian but of course with changing borders and many spelling variations it could be wrong. I haven't had much luck finding resources and records and I think it's because I've yet to find the actual names. So it's a wall! If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it!
Miloslaw 14 | 4,719
4 May 2022 #2
For me, your paternal family sound more Ukrainian than Polish.

But we have more knowledgeable members than me on this forum.

Await their replies.
OP Pleuvoir
4 May 2022 #3
Thank you! I will await more feedback, much leads to Ukrainian but I'm also curious during their time period of life if any other possibilities and confirm and learn some more spelling variations. Thanks again!
Paulina 13 | 3,829
4 May 2022 #4
@Pleuvoir, check out this thread:

"Other typical suffixes of the Ukrainian group are -uk, -czuk (Andrzejuk, Antoniuk, Chilimoniuk, Filipiuk, Grygoruk, Jasiuk, Kononiuk, £ukaszuk, Pawluczuk, Pietruczuk)."

Makaruk, and Demetry Savchuk.

Definitely Ukrainian. There are Poles with surname "Makaruk" (probably with Ukrainian roots), but "Demetry" isn't a Polish name.
OP Pleuvoir
4 May 2022 #5
I thought so but just wanted confirmation from actual people with more personal knowledge. Thanks for the link!

I think Demetry was just spelt wrong in Canada opposed to Ukraine

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