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Possibility of Relations? - Surnames

28 Mar 2017 #1
So what is the possibility that people with the same surname in Poland are related in some way(Either through bloodline or a relative by marriage)?

I've met many people in the U.S who bear the same surname, but have no relations.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,354
28 Mar 2017 #2
Nothing unusual. Are all "Smith" related?

Anyway, we are all related as we come all from Adam and Eve. Genetics seem to corroborate that.
MrComric 2 | 24
28 Mar 2017 #3
Take for instance the name 'Kowalski' which means 'from the smith'. Considering the number of smiths there were in the Middle Ages and later, I think the answer is clear that somebody in the center of the country could have been called 'Kowalski' as somebody near the borders could have been called 'Kowalski'.

Are they then related? No they aren't.
OP Daniel22
28 Mar 2017 #4
What about the less common surnames? Kurowie, Kurek, Kurski, Kurowski?
MrComric 2 | 24
28 Mar 2017 #5
That's the same as asking if people with the name 'Swiatopelk-Czetwertynski' (a Belgian princely family with Polish roots) are all related. Well, because there are so few people with this name, it's very likely they are related.

I think it's reasonable to assume that the larger the number of people with the same surname is, the smaller the chance is they are all related.

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