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Possibility and proof of being Tatar

Rudy5 13 | 36
22 Jul 2013 #1
The polish side of my family had mostly dark hair and dark squinty eyes. Most people ask if I'm part Asian and are normally somewhat surprised when I say Polish. I did have a dna test done, it came back mostly Eastern European, but around 1% Asian & Native American. How could I use the to figure if I'm tatar?

I can view and download my raw DNA data to let another source view and analyze it if that could help.
archiwum 13 | 125
28 Jul 2013 #2

GUS might have some websites for Polish Tatar, if don't.

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OP Rudy5 13 | 36
29 Jul 2013 #3
What's GUS?
pierogi2000 4 | 228
29 Jul 2013 #4
"Dark squinty eyes"

Damn, that's too bad. Poles have some of the most beautiful eyes on the globe
jon357 74 | 21,930
29 Jul 2013 #5
How could I use the to figure if I'm tatar?

You aren't Tatar are you? You may well have some Tatar ancestors though. A very different thing.
archiwum 13 | 125
29 Jul 2013 #6
Hello, Again

Here are some Polish Tatar websites/addresses:, and

Hi, Again

Here is another email address:tatarzy@gmail.
Bartkowiak 5 | 114
24 Dec 2016 #7
Merged: Is she Lipka Tatar?

She came from present-day North-West Belarus on the border with Lithuania, she was very rich and only spoke Russian. She also appears to look Tatar (to me). Her surname was "Misiewicz" which comes from the Polish noun for a bear, however, it is a fairly rare surname in both Belarus and Poland and the only listed people with it are ethnic Tatars from that region.

I've included a picture of her. Any help would be great. Thanks
Bartkowiak 5 | 114
27 Dec 2016 #8
Bump: Could I get a response?
27 Dec 2016 #9
it is a fairly rare surname

Here is an article although not that up to date I'm afraid, that says it is a fairly common name found throughout Poland, although it is more common in North-East Poland.

This may be of some use, a list of Misiewicz born between 1850 - 1920 in Podlaskie region:-

Whether she looks Tatar or not I couldn't say, but you need definite information and facts, not just opinions from posters on this forum.
mafketis 36 | 10,850
27 Dec 2016 #10
She also appears to look Tatar (to me).

I cannot say I agree, but Tatars have been intermarrying with Poles for many generations so who can say. If I saw her picture and was asked I would say she looked Polish or Russian....
Ironside 53 | 12,487
27 Dec 2016 #11
Misiewicz" which comes from the Polish noun for a bear, however, it is a fairly rare surname in both Belarus and Poland

There are 3795 people in Poland with that name.
There are 179 of them in Warsaw.
- 128 - Białystok
- 90 Strzelin
- 79 Wrocław
- 76 Rzeszow
- 71 Gdańsk
- 70 Częstochowa

She also appears to look Tatar

Eh? In what way? There haven't been a pure blood Tatars in Poland for at least 400 years. If you're asking for her ancestry that cannot be determined by her look alone.
4 Nov 2022 #12
Interestingly, I am Crimean Tatar, and people have mistaken me my whole life as being Polish. Crimean Tatars do not have 'dark squinty eyes,' but we do have colourful eyes and moonie or heart shaped faces, high brow bones and prominent cheekbones.
pawian 222 | 23,756
4 Nov 2022 #13
Anybody who is a true Tatar in Poland should have fish tattoo on his/her chest. It was popularised by a cult TV series.

Is she Lipka Tatar?

Look at the Polish Tatar from Lipka tribe:

Kashub1410 6 | 690
5 Nov 2022 #14
What a load of bull, only sons of Tuhay Bei were supposed to wear it, it's like saying that all Poles should wear a way of marking themselves with Poniatowskis coat of arms or something...

I grant you that national symbol of Poland is Piasts family coat of arms, due to them being the founding family of Poland.

But, it does not apply as a general rule. Rather an exception. Another exception is flag of U.S.A which is Washington's coat of arms (oddly enough I've heard rumours it was inspired by Sandomierz coat of arms or something similar. But, I cannot be 100% as it's not verified nor generally known by Americans either)
pawian 222 | 23,756
5 Nov 2022 #15

Fish, not bull. Stop twisting, check the photo again.

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