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25 Jan 2011 #1
Both sets of grandparents immigrated to USA between 1895 and 1903. My father's parents died when I was little so there wasn't much family history. My father, who since passed away, always insisted that his family came from royalty -- that they were the equivalent of dukes and duchesses. I was taught that the 'ski' in Romanowski meant son of Romanov. I've always been interested to find out if what he said was actually true. I know that they left Russian controlled Poland, whereas, my mother's parents immigrated from Austrian controlled Poland (Sarna, Cichon).

Thank you.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
25 Jan 2011 #2
I was taught that the 'ski' in Romanowski meant son of Romanov

Or son of Roman, a Polish male name, Romanowski is a Polish last name, they have it in other Slavic countries but it's an original in Poland as well. Any relation to Bill Romanowski ? :-)
Paulina 10 | 1,860
25 Jan 2011 #3
Well, there was/is a noble family of this name in Poland. It originally came from Red Ruthenia (Ruś Czerwona).

I know that they left Russian controlled Poland,

Do you know what city/town/village exactly?

whereas, my mother's parents immigrated from Austrian controlled Poland (Sarna, Cichon).

Sarna and Cichon were their surnames?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
25 Jan 2011 #4
ROMANOWSKI: nearly all Polish srunames ending in -owski are of toponymic origin. In this case that is all the more likely due tot he existence of many localities that could have generated it including dozens of villages called Romanów, Romanowo, Romany and Romanówka.
29 Jan 2011 #5
I will have to get my mother to sound it out for me....the name of the town. I only know that her family teased him and called him Prussian. I pulled up one of the links, but it was in Polish. I will have to log onto wiki and try it in English.

Thank you.
MediaWatch 10 | 945
29 Jan 2011 #6
What about that Wild Bill Romanowski?

He was one of the best linebackers in NFL history.

He is the only linebacker who was in 5 Superbowls.

He played for 16 years and NEVER missed one game.

The guy was a machine.
Pinching Pete - | 558
29 Jan 2011 #7
The guy was a machine.

Yeah.. a dirty and psychotic machine.
MediaWatch 10 | 945
29 Jan 2011 #8
Hey man whatever it takes! LOL

No just kidding.

Nobody is perfect.

Most people in violent sports are psychotic at some level.

That Eagle football player Vic was torturing dogs for fun.

Look at Tyson.

The list goes on.
Pinching Pete - | 558
29 Jan 2011 #9
Hey man whatever it takes! LOL

He was good I'll give him that but you don't bend other players fingers back and snap them when you're at the bottom of a pile. Things like that.
MediaWatch 10 | 945
29 Jan 2011 #10
Yes that's true. He had a rage problem. When he controlled his rage it helped him to perform better, but when he didn't, well.... um... errrr.... it went against him.
10 Sep 2011 #11
hello. my mother's maiden name is romanowska and she was born in chełm lubelski, which is where our branch of the romanowski family is from, and has been from, for hundreds of years. chełm is close to the ukranian border and, prior to 1919 was in russia (after the partitions, obviously). it's my understanding that there are a few other families with the romanowski surname, including at least one in western poland. the chełm romanowskis were szlachta and serf / landowners in that region. i've never heard of any connection to polish royalty -- polish nobility is, for the most part, distinct from being a descendant of the royal family. interesting side notes: chełm was part of ruthenia, and one of the ruthenian kings was daniel romanovych (see -- but, drawing a connection between the "romanovych", "romanov" and the romanowskis would be pure speculation.
2 Mar 2014 #12

if the link doesn't work search Bozawola coat of arms. Romanowski was one of the nobility.
hope this helps.
3 Aug 2015 #13
My grandparents came to Manitoba, Canada in 1908 from Galacia, Austria. His name was Simeon or Samuel in English.
He married Febronia Zatorski, not sure where yet. Settled in , Wishart, Saskatchewan. He was born in 1969.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
4 Aug 2015 #14
born in 1969

You must mean 1869.
ROMANOWSKI: a popular Polish surname most likely traceable to any of several dozen localities called Romanowo, Romanów or Romanówka. There were seven different noble lines amongst the bearers of the Romanowski surname, each with a separate coat of arms. More info at:
romanowskipaul - | 2
2 May 2019 #15

Hello, as this sound like a good story, it is hard to establish any such claims without dna testing and establishing who came fro where in trms of ancestry.

Romanowski, was and still is very common last name in Poland, USA, Canada, as far as I know.
How ever many of Romanowski people left Poland, Bielorrusia, territory for USA, beginning of the century....

My family roots go to Pruzhany town and surrounding areas, now Bielorrusia, then in 1939, Poland.

I know little about it , except from oral information from my dad and his brothers and sisters.
To say it plainly, I'm still not sure what happened then in September 1939, in Kletno village.
All I ever been told, you grandpa was killed then by soviet belarusian sympathisers in cruel and not humane way.

And then they force us, my generation to learn russian in school for 8 long years during Poland's , soviet occupation days 1945 - till left Poland in 1981.

Maybe someone here knows what was happening then in the eastern regions of Poland. Any info. is very welcome.

Cheers all.
great grandson
10 Aug 2019 #16
my great grandfather arrived in usa in 1891 ., he was a cossak while in Russia. he had three wives and a total of 18 children. he died in 1935. he lived in Detroit from 1907 until his death in 1935. born in 1850

Romanowski , Frank
12 Jan 2020 #17
Nope! It is a more common name than one could imagine!

Yes. Grandmother was Cichon; grandfather was Sarna.

Galicia.....that is the area my maternal grandparents were from. Farmers.
30 May 2020 #18
@Great Great son

What part of Russia as my Grand Pa was also a cossack from Northern Caucasus?

There is an other line of Romanowki (Романовские) family, which originates in current Russia, Smolensk region as a dukes from this city with roots to Rurik Dynsasty - the main root to Russian Royal Family. Smolensk was an independent and very powerful duchy prior to Moscow and for a long time was a part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania.Романовские

Boncza is a coat of arms of Romanowski family, which was brought from Italy in 10th century to Poland and later brought to Russian nobility. General, all Western nobility traditions there moving from West to East and families in Poland, Lithuania and Russia were adopting Western coat of arms.ńcza_coat_of_arms
25 Nov 2020 #19
Im not sure if you are still active on this but worth a try. My grandfather use to say this all the time! His surname is Romanowski, before he died he would talk about blue blood and descending from the Romanov family.
15 Jan 2021 #20
I'm looking for info on my great grandfather Stanislaw Romanowski His Naturalization Papers say he was born in Makow, Poland and was a Baker. I have little to no info to go off beyond that. I am wondering if anyone here would have any advice.
pawian 176 | 15,326
15 Jan 2021 #21
Start with this site
31 Mar 2021 #22
I am related to Bill Romanowski. My mother's first cousin. His dad and my grandpa were brothers.

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