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Rome - It's traditions in Poland throughout history

Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,173
15 Oct 2020 #1
I thought about having this thread containing several topics:

Religion: Poland being mostly Roman Catholic having strong connections with the bishop of Rome when it came to religious matters

Politics: From the concept of Polish crown being granted as legitimate by the bishop of Rome and republican traditions that inspired the "Sejm" "rzeczpospolita" and it's relations towards emperors

Culture: Roman sense of honor seem to have been conflicting with Polish women's power and influence in Poland. In Roman tradition it was very much up to the head of the family, the man to decide about the very life of women in his family (especially after being dishonored wether wife or daughter) while communication seem to have been the key in intermarriage among Poles.

Military: The Roman military was adjusted to military expansion through conquest and conquering slaves to secure their economical standpoint. While Poland seem to have used it's military to a far more larger degree to secure political gains, prestige and defense against invaders. (An exception to this was during the wars that Mieszko and Bolesław Chrobry expanded Poland's borders)
Poloniusz 4 | 402
15 Oct 2020 #2
Religion: Roman Catholicism has given a common religion. Both also have a shared history of polytheism. Even if they did not worship the same deities in name, what they represented (nature, celestial bodies, etc.) were often the same.

Politics: The Republic of Rome had an uncodified constitution where as Poland was an early adopter of a written constitution.

Culture: All the examples you presented have more to do with gender roles rather than art, music, festivals, etc. Also, "women's power and influence" is more a feminist ideological talking point. Feminism and females' instinctive hypergamy have no interest in preserving culture and would actively destroy it if it doesn't advance the status of women as a collective and by extension themselves personally in society.

Military: Both Poland and Rome greatly expanded their territories. In the timeline of history these were short term gains which ultimately proved to be untenable. The extended reach could not be sustained by what today can be regarded as insufficient infrastructure and limited or great lags in communication to sustain it. Diversity also lead to the downfall of both.
pawian 181 | 17,079
15 Oct 2020 #3
Feminism and females' instinctive hypergamy have no interest in preserving culture

Do you mean male-made and male-controlled culture now?

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