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Is there a list of names of who was in Poland's Anders army?

tessapilipczuk 9 | 14
20 Jan 2007 #1
Hi,does anyone know if there is a list of soldiers who went into Anders army anywhere on the internet or an address anywhere???? Thankyou,Tessa x
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
21 Jan 2007 #2
You should find a list of memorials to those who died.

This will lead you to various actions Anders forces took part in and show a time and place.

It is also a way to cross people off your list, if they have the same name.
5 Feb 2007 #3
Have a look at the following web sites, there's lots of information
20 Mar 2007 #4
The British MOD hold the records of the Polish Second Corps (Anders' Army) since it was under the command of the Eighth Army. Enquiries can be made for copies of individual's records for a fee. Enquire Polish Enqiries office: 0208 833 8603 or email:
20 May 2009 #5
I am looking for my god mother ANNA GORSKA, my mother's name was Halina OCHMAN
both in Anders army in Trani Italy where I was born
sjam 2 | 541
20 May 2009 #6
Hi,does anyone know if there is a list of soldiers who went into Anders army

If they enlisted from USSR then you could try:

The KARTA Center database search link below:

If you know which unit of Anders Army then try contacting the Sikorski Institute in London as they hold all of the Polish Army archives for military units and these often contain the names of serving soldiers within each regiment or unit. The Sikorski Inst. doesn't have email so its pen to paper. As the institute is staffed by voluteers (mainly Polish veterans) then it takes a while to get an answer.

Good luck with your research ;-))
5 Apr 2010 #7
David Azriely (Israel/Canada)
Krystyna - | 1
19 Feb 2014 #8
Hi, i was also born in Trani italy - I am trying to find out any information on that unit (hospital). Can you help?
Kowalski 7 | 621
19 Feb 2014 #9

the list of about 29000 soldiers from the book: Trzecia Dywizja Strzelców Karpackich 1942-1947 , London 1991
24 Aug 2014 #10
My mother from Lida (Poland) was a Red Cross nurse in 1939 - captured & sent to Pocma Labour Camp on Vyatka River. Let go when Russia joined Allies. Found her way to join up with Polish Division of British Army at Tatishev near Stalingrad as a Nurse. Eventually in retreat, she travelled with patients via Jalalabad, Yangourie Polish HQ, Krasnovodsk in Turkmanistan. Ship to Paklevi (Persia). In Teheran by 1942 at huge refugee camp. Eventually from Khorramshaha they sailed via the Gulf of Oman (torpedoed by Japanese). In Karachi, then still India, by mid 1943 until end of war. She said she did not "de-mob". Married in India before going to Australia 1947. I have ID numbers for her in both Persia and India but have no idea how to find out her army connections. She worked in Red Cross, Polish, British & American hospitals while still attached to British Army. Any suggestions...? and would she also have been part of Anders Army?
5 Sep 2014 #11
List of the personnel of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain.

It might be helpful.
5 Sep 2014 #12

That looks like an excellent site. Thank you for sharing it!
21 Aug 2015 #13
Hi there

I know my father served with the Anders Army following liberation from a German forced labour camp in WW2. I know he fought in Monte Cassinno & ended his service in Alexandria Egypt at the end of the war.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of how I may be able to find out more about his service? Which regiment he would have served with? So far all searches online I've done myself have been fruitless. I have photos of him in his uniform, at monte Cassino & his one surviving brother is who told me it was Anders army he served with.

Thanks in advance

30 Dec 2015 #14
Dear Sue:

My grandfather served in Anders 2nd Corps and I was able to obtain his military records with full complete information on battles he was in, etc from the Ministry of Defence office in England. I live in California and telephoned the office first. The lady who answered looked up my grandfather's name and confirmed they had his records, but because of privacy laws in England, I had to prove I was his granddaughter before they would release the information to me. I provided copies of my birth certificate with my mother's name on it; mother's birth certificate which had grandfather's name on it and a 30 pound fee. Within about a month I received his full records which included names of his parents and other family information which was invaluable.

For Ministry of Defence Polish section records, contact Margaret Goddard or Barbara Kroll at:

Margaret Goddard or Barbara Kroll
APC Polish Enquiries
Building 60
RAF Northolt,
West End Road
Middlesex HA4 6NG

Phone: 0044 (0) 208 833 8603

If this office does not have the information you are looking for, check out this website that lists other offices that also have military records.

Good luck!
Gianluca - | 2
5 Mar 2016 #15
Dear Siam can you contact me? I'm very interesting about polish in Trani. Thank you.
13 May 2016 #16

My father fought at Monte Cassino as part of Gen. Ander's army. He was wounded by a landmine when he went to render first aid to his Captain who also trod on a landmine. My father kept both of them alive for 3 days and they were then sent to Aberdeen, Scotland to recuperate. My father didn't lose his leg, but his Captain lost both of his. The Polish soldiers also learned that the Russians had occupied Poland and it was said that we don't have a country to return to so they wouldn't assault the monastery the next day, but one soldier said that "we were Polish when we left, and we're Polish now, so we will take our turn tomorrow".

I'll be happy to share my late fathers name if required should it be of use to you.
2 Jun 2016 #17
Jakub Jagoda, joined Anders Army in Italy 1943, was in the battle for Monte Cassino, after the war lived in Bari, then migrated to Melbourne Australia.
22 Jun 2016 #18
Does anyone know if there's a list of the names of the Ukrainians who joined the Polish army in the USSR in 1941 and came to the UK in 1942-1943?

22 Jun 2016 #19

As a Pole I salute your father and all of his colleagues for what they did at the Monte Cassino Battle. Poles were the only soldiers who kicked the Germans out of the monastery -- though there were many casualties.

This was indeed a great pre-war Polish generation. You won't find such Poles anywhere now...
dolnoslask 6 | 2,935
22 Jun 2016 #20
" I salute your father and all of his colleagues for what they did at the Monte Cassino Battle"

Pus me
3 Jul 2016 #21
Hi to all and thank you for all information. My great father was in Anders army at and in thw batle at Monte Casino we find few letters from ministry of defense hiden under flore. I will try to track his rout only what I know he was in England . Northolt RAF base is 10 minuts from my place is worth to try. If you had any photos of soldier from that time was be nice to see. He was born in Hancewicze .
11 Nov 2017 #22
This is a link to some 29,000 soldiers that served in the 3rd carpathian Rifle Division of Gen. Anders' Polish 2nd Corps.
2 Apr 2018 #23
My uncle was in Anders Army. He was killed at Monte Cassino. He threw himself on a hand grenade to save his comrades. He was awarded the Viturtia Militaria which his mother never received.

He was 17 years old.
We honour him
10 Aug 2018 #24
A true HERO !!!
1 Mar 2019 #25

Hi,does anyone know if there is a list of soldiers who went into Anders army anywhere online? Thank you

Hi,does anyone know if there is a list of soldiers who went into Anders army anywhere online?

Thank you
8 Apr 2020 #26

Stanislaw Poleszuk medals won was with 3rd carpathian rifle division in monte cassino I was told he got krzyz walecznych
Polish Exiles
5 May 2020 #27
Lists of soldiers who were in Anders Army (Polish 2nd Corps) are available at
Miloslaw 19 | 4,869
6 May 2020 #28
@Polish Exiles

Thanks for that.
A very interesting website.
Ignatovich - | 1
17 May 2020 #29

Anders Army? Can anyone shed light on this doc?

Found these in my grandads papers.
There are lots and lots of docs but this one is dated 1942 and is in Russian and Polish. It doesn't look like usual Anders Army papers.

kaprys 3 | 2,249
17 May 2020 #30
The first one is from the 1970s and it confirms registration of temporary residence of a foreigner at the given address (30th July - 26th August). Marian's citizenship is given as British.

The next two are probably older. The last one confirms that he was a member of the Polish Army in the USSR from 25th ?, 1942.
He was a member of Batalion S since July 1st.
The middle photo shows a stamp of Batalion Specjalny (Special) so it's probably that Batalion S. Part of the stamp is written in Russian. I'm not sure of the first word in Russian, the rest is the same as in Polish. Batalion S in the USSR.

Strz. might refer to strzelec =shooter/ rifleman ?but someone more knowledgeable might provide more info.

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