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Is there a list of names of who was in Poland's Anders army?

23 May 2020 #31
My father, Stanislaw Florian was in Polish 2nd Corps in Italy. His Driving licence for military vehicles has no. 30292/46 this his army number? What does Nr.ewid. 119/3(written in italics mean?
OdelleM - | 1
10 Jun 2020 #32
I am not too sure how to proceed. My father was born in a polish refugee camp in Arusha Tanzania. His mother died and he was orphaned. I have his birth certificate with the name of his father who was serving in Anders Army at the time. Henryk Roskosnik. I have no other information about him. On the records also states his uncles name Aleksander Rein who was also serving in the Anders Army. How shall I proceed about finding out more information about the 2 of them? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Davy J - | 2
7 Sep 2021 #33
I am trying to find information on my late grandfather - Mojzesz (Morris) Glatman

He was a Polish soldier (private in the cavalry) and prisoner in Siberia in WWII.

At the formation of the Anders army, he was in a group of soldiers sent via Persia and then South Africa, to UK. He trained in the Dumfries area of Scotland.

Does anyone know where I might begin my research? What part of the Polish army was stationed in that part of Scotland? Ideally I am trying to recover any formal documents relating to his military service.

Thank you.


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