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Want to find a person in Poland

kaprys 3 | 2,374
25 Jun 2020 #661
Agnieszka is a pretty popular name here so you definitely need more information.
Try Facebook and some mutual friends.
27 Jun 2020 #662
I used to know a nice lady by thr name of Jolanta Kliks. We called her Jola.
2 days ago #663

Looking for Albert Sladek (grandfather) best friends with Roberto

Hello all... desperately looking for information about my grandfather - Albert Sladek (maybe also Wojciech) - born 1923 in Poland. Came to London (lived mainly in the north) and married my grandmother (Narney) in the early 50's. Best friend (also Polish) was Roberto (who may have married Audrey). Had little girl - also Narney. Any information at all would be hugely gratefully received. Please ask your grandparents :-)

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