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Want to find a person in Poland

10 Feb 2020 #631
looking for Artur Czapla i hope anyone can help me please. i need to talked to this man. I just need an answer for him.
16 Feb 2020 #632
I'm looking for Kalixt Wodarczyk . He used to live in Gdansk-Wrzesz in poland on ul.Traugutta7( I'm not sure about #) I'm looking for him fir more then 40y . Can someone help me . He used to have 2 sisters. My name is Dzudka
Paulwiz 1 | 56
19 Feb 2020 #633
Men with surnames of Woźniak and Wsholek are mentioned in my grandfather's birth record. How does one write these surnames for a female? It's formulaic if you have -ski and -ska. But how about Woźniak? Woźniaka?? Wsholeka becomes Wsholeka??
kaprys 2 | 2,170
19 Feb 2020 #634
It'd be Woźniak and Wszołek for women, too.
In the past, you'd come across Woźniakowa and Wszołkowa for Mrs Woźniak /Wszołek and Woźniakówna /Wszołkówna for a Miss.
Paulwiz 1 | 56
19 Feb 2020 #635
Thanks kaprys. How do you know what my next question will be before I even ask? You've done it more than once now. Cosmic! I was pretty sure that Wsholek was not real Polish with -sh- but now I know it is likely Wszołek.

Marcin Respondek - | 1
29 Feb 2020 #636

Looking for birth parents

Hi I am looking for my birth mother her full name is Agnieszka Bogumila Gorecka from Chorzow Poland. I was six when I was adopted from Chorzow in 1997 any help would be nice.
Olga l - | 2
1 Mar 2020 #637
Hello, looking for a man!
On June 25, in 2018, we met at the Istanbul airport, in line for passport control, he flew with a friend to Antalya, as far as I remember, well, or to Alanya. Then we missed each other, because I found that I had lost my phone and ran to look for it, after I found the phone, I went to the landing lounge and met him again and we talked at the airport, sat in the restaurant and drank beer, which I I almost missed the plane 🤭 Here 2 years have passed, but I can't understand how we didn't exchange numbers 🤦‍♀️

Unfortunately, I don't know the name and city from which 😭
You never know who friends went to Antalya through Istanbul at that time, all of a sudden this is the same young man🙏
I also remember that he is of physique and naturally remember his face))
pawian 168 | 11,070
1 Mar 2020 #638
I think I know who you are talking about:

pawian 168 | 11,070
6 Mar 2020 #640

What is this green stuff?
7 Mar 2020 #641
Hello -

I have been on internet since the 1990's and I have never thought about a Polish forum? I have seen many other types of forums and I don't understand why this forum

never entered my mind? Both of my Moms parents came from Poland in 1912 and my Mother and her brother were born in the 1920's in Hamtramck Michigan. My dad came from Poland in 1949 and first settled in Windsor Ontario across the river from Detroit. His older brother settled in Detroit before WW2. Uncle John was invited to join the Armed forces in 1942 and with the threat of deportation back to Nazi held Poland,he joined willingly. To make a long story short my parents met in 1951 and married in Detroit and I was born in 1954. I have a younger brother and sister.....I grew up on the east side of Detroit near 7mile and Hoover....and moved to Florida in 1984.



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