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Want to find a person in Poland

9 Mar 2019 #601
Witam. Szukam osoby z mojej młodości. Niestety czas pozacieral wspomnienia jak również imiona.jedyne co wiem to miejscowość w której mieszkała 30lat temu, i myślę że adres bo wiem który to był dom. Jakieś szanse??

English only please
10 Mar 2019 #603
I received a call from a Mobitel telephone # starting with 386 41, when I called back it said the number didn't exist, the call s coming fom Slovenia, can anyone help with this experience. How can I find out who is calling me?
terri 1 | 1,634
10 Mar 2019 #604
This is probably a scam, when you called back, it would have cost you a packet.
dpup - | 1
4 Apr 2019 #605

piotr perchacz (peter) born July 10, 1925

does anyone on here have a relative under the name of peter perchacz (piotr) born on this date in poland. Fathers first name was johan. My dad had 4 brothers and one sister. he was taken as a prisoner and worked on the german farms. lost contact with family and was hoping to find relatives if any from him
7 Apr 2019 #606
Hy everyone..
I need little help if you can..
I'm from croatia-zagreb, and i meet last week (sathurday night) in club calls Funk boy name is Romano..
I realy know little bit stufs for example: Romano, age:30, 70% all body tattoo, remember tatto on his hands-lines, silver rings( rings with clover, and family ring middle finger).

He said he works marketing something, talk about death about father, his past dog-german shepard girl, and i think he said that he is from warshaw.

His look is about 180/185 tall, slicked black hair and he has very very for me deep look..
We havent got exchanged numbers but he said that he will found me on my neighborhood (lake)..but.. i was on business trip.. :-(
So.. if you know that kind of pearson said to him.. that if he ever came back to Zagreb croatia- found me xxx
Tnx everyone..
p.s. Senna 😊
12 Apr 2019 #607

Help! Trying to trace my daughter's family tree on her dad's side...Polish ancestry..

We know the original spelling of the last name was Wojczik or along that lines. We have a date of birth for her great-great grandfather as 1887 in Poland. We know he immigrated with his Slovakian wife before 1906 as her great-uncle was born that year here in WV. How would one go about trying to find more info. I'm coming to dead ends everywhere I go as I do not have more than his birth year and country of birth. Also was told, and I don't know if this is fact, that the Pope changed his last name. I always figured it was done at Immigration when they disembarked. But that's the story...any one have any idea how i can get any further with this??
Hans V
9 Jul 2019 #608

Met a Girl in Krakow Have to find her!

Hey everyone,

Im from Belgium and last week I had a vacation in Krakow with friends. Saturday 6/07/19 we went to a club and I met a girl who worked there.

We really hit it off but I forgot to ask more info about her. Can anybody help me or know how to find her?

what I know from here is:
Her name: Veronika (not sure of the spelling)
Age: 22
Origin: Ukraine

cms neuf - | 1,022
9 Jul 2019 #609
If you know the name of the club then try its fb or instagram page

There might be a Ukrainians in Krakow fb group - sonewhere where people arrange transport, accommodation and work. You could leave a message there.

If it was a strip club then she probably used an alias.

If a normal club then if you are that desperate why not just get another Ryanair flight and find her.

Always ask for a number if you like someone!
Hans V
9 Jul 2019 #610
No I searched on the internet but I cant find the club.
Thats a good suggestion I might try that.

Yea im not that desperate yet to book another flight XD

Because of the atmosphere and proably the alchol too I forgot to ask :(

I was thinking if somebody here lives in Krakow and they dont have much to do and want to help they can go have a look there.
31 Oct 2019 #611
Sure my husband is your family all dates add up
jchrapcyn - | 2
10 Nov 2019 #612

Chrapczynski looking for real identity

My great grandfather's name is John Chrapczynski born around 1871 in Poland or Galicia or Czechoslovakia or Austria. He immigrated to the United States around the year 1900 or so and settled in western Pennsylvania. He married a woman named Anna Kosiba. Here is the riddle. His real identity was not John Chrapczynski. He worked for a man named Chrapczynski who was set to travel to the US and he became to ill to travel. So my great grandfather purchased his travel papers and assumed his identity. His real family surname may be something like Gowich or Glowicz. Anyone hear a story like this?
kaprys 2 | 1,915
11 Nov 2019 #613
Apparently this story is even more complicated than finding Anna Kosiba's birth record.
To start with, are you sure it's true and not just family lore? If it's true, it was just him and probably his family who knew his real identity. Is there anyone old enough to remember him who might know his real first and last names? The surname in Polish was probably Głowicz. But that's just a guess. What was his first name? Also if he assumed another identity, you're not sure about his date and place of birth, I believe, as the ones you have are probably Chrapczynski's.

As I wrote before, start with checking the American documents: the census, ship manifests, death or marriage certificates - anything that may help you find where to look for documents in Poland.

As for the country of origin, the surnames sound Polish so most probably he was Polish. That doesn't mean he had no Austrian, Czech or Slovakian ancestors, of course. As for the political situation in Europe, Poland was partitioned and there was no Czechoslovakia. Roughly speaking, what was later known as Czechoslovakia was part of Austria-Hungary around 1900.

Check geneteka for the surnames you're looking for. Some parishes are indexed there. It's done by volunteers and it's a tough and time consuming job.
13 Nov 2019 #614
Any Baranowski Family members in Cieciory, Poland? My Great grandfather was Francis Baranowski b. May 16, 1872 in Cieciory, Poland. Father was Jan Baranowski mother was Mary Krzynowek Krynowski Krzyzanowski from Cieciory or Ostraleka, Poland. Francis Baranowski also had brother's: Alexander Alex Walter Baranowski b. 1879, Jan John Baranowski b. June 24, 1878, Stanley Baranowski b. March 16, 1885. Great Grandmother was Teofilia Theophila Tillie Banach b. December 15, 1882 in Ostraleka, Poland. Teofila's mother was Eleanora Leona Durmanski Zdominski and father was Anthony Antoni Antonius Banach b. 1840? in Slopnice, Slopnice, Kraków, Poland. One sister that I know of was Catherine Katherine Katarzyna Banach b. December 06, 1888. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
23 Nov 2019 #615
Hi . I am from the uk .and searching for a male friend . I was friends with RICKY TOWERS. over 40 yrs ago . Ricky will be 53yrs old. up to 55yrs old . He lived in england . At a village called wingate . He had 2 sisters . 1 called verna . Other i have 4got . He did say his mother was moving bk to poland . I lived at Stanhope castle england with ricky . Top and bottom of it all is . ricky towers has literally £1000s of pounds awaiting for his collection and i dont think he knows about this claim against the city council . And wish to contact him in any way i can . As i feel he deserves this money . Can any polish residents help me find a ricky towers. I only speak english . Any help would be much appreciated.

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