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Want to find a person in Poland

9 Mar 2019  #601
Witam. Szukam osoby z mojej młodości. Niestety czas pozacieral wspomnienia jak również imiona.jedyne co wiem to miejscowość w której mieszkała 30lat temu, i myślę że adres bo wiem który to był dom. Jakieś szanse??

English only please
terri 1 | 1,606
9 Mar 2019  #602
Try 'gumtree'
10 Mar 2019  #603
I received a call from a Mobitel telephone # starting with 386 41, when I called back it said the number didn't exist, the call s coming fom Slovenia, can anyone help with this experience. How can I find out who is calling me?
terri 1 | 1,606
10 Mar 2019  #604
This is probably a scam, when you called back, it would have cost you a packet.
dpup - | 1
4 Apr 2019  #605

piotr perchacz (peter) born July 10, 1925

does anyone on here have a relative under the name of peter perchacz (piotr) born on this date in poland. Fathers first name was johan. My dad had 4 brothers and one sister. he was taken as a prisoner and worked on the german farms. lost contact with family and was hoping to find relatives if any from him
7 Apr 2019  #606
Hy everyone..
I need little help if you can..
I'm from croatia-zagreb, and i meet last week (sathurday night) in club calls Funk boy name is Romano..
I realy know little bit stufs for example: Romano, age:30, 70% all body tattoo, remember tatto on his hands-lines, silver rings( rings with clover, and family ring middle finger).

He said he works marketing something, talk about death about father, his past dog-german shepard girl, and i think he said that he is from warshaw.

His look is about 180/185 tall, slicked black hair and he has very very for me deep look..
We havent got exchanged numbers but he said that he will found me on my neighborhood (lake)..but.. i was on business trip.. :-(
So.. if you know that kind of pearson said to him.. that if he ever came back to Zagreb croatia- found me xxx
Tnx everyone..
p.s. Senna 😊
12 Apr 2019  #607

Help! Trying to trace my daughter's family tree on her dad's side...Polish ancestry..

We know the original spelling of the last name was Wojczik or along that lines. We have a date of birth for her great-great grandfather as 1887 in Poland. We know he immigrated with his Slovakian wife before 1906 as her great-uncle was born that year here in WV. How would one go about trying to find more info. I'm coming to dead ends everywhere I go as I do not have more than his birth year and country of birth. Also was told, and I don't know if this is fact, that the Pope changed his last name. I always figured it was done at Immigration when they disembarked. But that's the story...any one have any idea how i can get any further with this??

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