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Want to find a person in Poland

9 Sep 2018  #571
JaniceC - 1885 in Frysztak was born Zofia Armata, not Maria/Mary
1 Oct 2018  #572

Looking for a Polish child born in Liverpool approx 1947

We are trying to trace a relative- we have his first name, year of birth and possible location for the first part of his life (Liverpool area). We do not know whether he has our surname. He was born to two Polish refugees after the war, one was my grandfather. Without knowing his surname it is hard to look at birth records in the UK. Are there any records of Poles in the UK we could use? Or any community places we could search? He would be 71 now, and it would be good to find him. We don't know where to start. Thank you.
9 Oct 2018  #573
Looking for ginter klosa or gunther he was in the Poland army he married my granny in Old Cumnock Ayrshire they had a daughter but he went back to Poland when she was a baby we don't know anything about him. Can you help
15 Oct 2018  #574
Looking for a woman in her 50's maybe 60's named Anna Wlodkowski who visited NY and NJ almost fie years ago.

Looking for Anna Wlodkowski went back to Poland less than 2 years ago. Stayed in New Jersey, daughter in Staten Island.
Might have worked in Queens

Hi I am looking for a woman named Anna Wlodkowski who was staying in New Jersey, has a daughter in Staten Island, NY, worked in Queens.

She is in her 50's or maybe 60's, wears glasses. She went back to Poland within the last year in a half to two years
MoOli 9 | 545    :-(
22 Oct 2018  #575
Was she staying in the town of Clifton or Passaic?Did she move to Podkarpackie voivode in Poland?
23 Oct 2018  #576
I don't know, do you know anyone with these similarities? She had glasses, round face, washed out brown hair with gray roots, has of course a broken English accent, not nice looking, looked like an old lady, hung out at Cobblestone pub in Queens.
Galleon Resort    
1 Nov 2018  #577
I work for the Galleon Resort in Key West and I am trying to locate two former employees. The only thing I have is there names and that they are in Poland. I'm looking for Barbara Poznanska and Lucyna Rychiewska. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. My email address is
3 Nov 2018  #578
Hi MoOli,

Do you think this is the woman I'm looking for? If so how can I contact her, is she coming to NY/NJ again to visit her family?
Adamem - | 1    
3 Nov 2018  #579

Help with finding my parents and siblings

Hello my name is Anders and I'm looking for my relatives in Poland. I was born in Poland but was adopted when I was 5 years old. I have information about my parents name and siblings. However, I do not leave any names here, but I want to take it privately. Email me at anderscrosendal@gmail if you are interested in helping me.
alitara - | 2    
  18 Nov 2018  #580

Looking for members of the Kruk family

I am trying to find family members of the patriarch Jan Kruk. He used to work as an ambulance driver I'm Western Poland in the 1980s 90s. I am specifically looking to make contact with his two children.

I'm new to this forum would appreciate any help with how to locate family members and any information on organizations in Poland who help with this kind of search
23 Nov 2018  #581
I am trying to find the town of Balanicuta. My grandfather was born there in 1884. At the time it would have been in an area of Poland ruled by the Russians.

Balanicuta is the spelling I have, but I would imagine it sounds like it is spelled in Polish. The spelling was in English and I'm sure it is how the guy who wrote it down heard it.

13 Dec 2018  #582
Looking for family Wnertrzak from Olsztyn Poland. This is my birth family but the siblings may not know about me so hesitating to write more facts. I can say that birth mother is Maria. Any information I' grateful for. I live in states and plan trip to Poland in May to hopefully meet.
mooonshine - | 1    
27 Dec 2018  #583

Im looking for a polish guy I met in Rome

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for one guy, that i met in Rome on October 26th. I took some photos of him at the Palatine hill and i'm from Bulgaria (i told him). He looked friendly to me so i wanna find him:) I hope i can find him again. :D
1 Jan 2019  #584
I'm looking for Anna Wlodkowski, she was in NY, NJ area in 2016 went back to Poland. She is in here 50-60's, round face wears glasses.

She stayed in New Jersey, visited Cobblestone Pub in Queens, has family in Staten Island.
jon357 65 | 13,988    
1 Jan 2019  #585
Anna Wlodkowski

In Poland her name would be Włodkowska rather than Wlodkowski (assuming she hasn't remarried or changed it for another reason). There are 5 people called Anna Włodkowska on Facebook, three looking too young, one with no photo and another looking around the age you mention. A round-ish face too.

Let us know if that's the right person. Good luck!
Sharon Legierski    
10 Jan 2019  #586
[Moved from]: Piotr Witowicz

I am looking for some information on Piotr (Peter) Witowicz born 12 June 1919 in Poland (?) and passed away 01 July 1972 Adelaide, South Australia. Emigrated 1949/1950 to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on a ship called The Goya and travelled with Pawel and Guglielma Legierski and their eldest daughter Ursula.

He may possibly have been in the 2nd Division Polish Military with Pawel and interned in Switzerland. Love to know whom his parents and family were. If there is any survivors of his family at all???
11 Jan 2019  #587

Baczek - Help Finding My Birth Mom, Just Found out I was adopted at age 32.

I just found out i was adopted at the age of 32. I have requested my original birth certificate. My bio-mom name is Malgorzata Ezbieta Baczek. Her birth date is October 19th 1966 and she was born in Warsaw. I was born as Maria Baczek on Feb 24th 1986 in Otwock. I believe she may still be in Otwock

email: centpourcentfrancaise@yahoo with any info.
mafketis 16 | 6,398    
11 Jan 2019  #588
Malgorzata Ezbieta Baczek

Certainly Małgorzata Elżbieta Bączek (having the right spelling might facilitate things)
MariaBazcek - | 3    
11 Jan 2019  #589
I simply dont have the keyboard to do so. If you have actual information where i can find a person though, that would actually be helpful
mafketis 16 | 6,398    
11 Jan 2019  #590
that would actually be helpful

you're welcome.

There are 5 Maria Bączeks on facebook, you might start with friend requests....

when I put in Bączek Otwock a couple of names came up (as living there)
MariaBazcek - | 3    
11 Jan 2019  #591
I am Maria Baczek and am looking for Malgorzata Baczek. i have messaged them on facebook already. do you have other ideas?
caprice49 4 | 224    
6 Feb 2019  #592
The spelling for the place is Ozdziutycze, so it's not surprising it was difficult to find. This village used to be in Poland until 1945 so on that basis I searched The Polish archives. I found records of two marriages from 1850 (between Jan Gronowicz and Marianna) and his brother Antoni to Anna in 1851. I've also come across two WW2 survivors (Leon plus one other) showing they moved to Poland. If still of interest I will dig out other details for you.

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