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Want to find a person in Poland

turon 1 | 3    
4 Feb 2018  #541

looking for a polish father stanislaw matuszak (matusziak)

would of been around 1949..stafford area..worked at staffordshire pottery
my mother worked there as well celina bartoszewicz (deceased)
good ol stan impregnated her and took off. i was born 1950
heard he may have gone back to poland..or he could of stayed in the uk
for years i've been trying to trace this get his medical record for my daughters and their children
figured with such a last name there wouldn't be that many

kaprys 1 | 1,355    
4 Feb 2018  #542
It may be a rare name in the UK but not in Poland. Both Matuszak and Matusiak are popular surnames in Poland. Matusziak must be a misspelling, though. Stanisław was a popular name back then.

In fact, when you google both Stanisław Matusiak and Stanisław Matuszak, you get quite a few results. And I bet there are and were more men by this name in Poland.

Do you know where he came from?
How about posting the information you have on fb and ask people to share it?
Faaborg - | 1    
22 Feb 2018  #543

Darius Banasik from Poland in accident

Hello, I have a good friend, his name is Dariusz Banasik from Wroclaw. Fo the past 6 yrs or so he has lived and worked in Norway. At Christmas he drove home to Wroclaw to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. He planned to return to Norway around the 10 January but never made it. I have been told that he was in a car accident and is in a hospital in Poland in a coma! I need to find out which hospital and where and see how is is, can anybody out there help me? He is 43 or so, drives a silver VW SUV will Norwegian number plates, from Wroclaw, has a sister and a brother in law who works in England, likes microlight flying. All info appreciated regards Peter Stansfield
Atch 16 | 2,639    
22 Feb 2018  #544
Peter, who told you about the accident? They must have heard it from somebody else so maybe you should try to follow the chain backwards, if you know what I mean. Do you know any other Polish people? Could you get one to help you, by phoning round the Wrocław hospitals?

Here's a link to a list of hospitals in Wrocław with contact numbers:

The first two on the list are public hospitals, not sure about all the others, but some will be.

Best of luck.
27 Feb 2018  #545

Looking for Rudnicki's of Warsaw

Looking to get back in touch with my Polish relatives that I met while I was working in Poland in 1980-81. At that time Jozef and Filomena Rudnicki lived in Warsaw. Jozef died while I was there and Filomena has been dead since about 1997. They had two sons, one of whom died while I was there. Each of the sons had a son at that time. I am pretty sure that their surviving son worked for the official import/export agency, as did his mother. At the time he lived in one of the (then) new high rise apartment blocks on the outskirts of Warsaw. I have other information if anyone thinks that they might be able to help me. Unfortunately, I no longer know the former address in Warsaw. I think Filomena may have come from the region around Krakow where I have other cousins that I know even less about.
15 Mar 2018  #546

Trying to find family in Poland

O am trying to see what family I have in Poland. Last name is Surdow, I also had an aunt Sardow... My grandfather's brothers name is listed as Quzina Surdow....cannot locate any other information. Any help would be appreciated!
Chemikiem 5 | 1,200    
15 Mar 2018  #547

There is no letter Q in the Polish alphabet so somewhere along the line the name has been misspelled. I checked the surname with a Polish site, moikrewni, which shows surname distribution in Poland and how many people with this surname, but it came up with nothing I'm afraid. Where did you see this name listed?

I might be way off base with this but I'm wondering if Quzina should be kuzyn/kuzynka ( cousin ). Slightly similar pronunciation.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
15 Mar 2018  #548
Were they ethnic Poles and Christian?
16 Mar 2018  #549

Bartkowski relatives/family information

I am trying to locate relatives in Poland - my grandfather was Stefan Bartkowski who emigrated to the US in 1903 - his naturalization documents say that he came from Russia/Poland - Radzanowo - his parents were Paul Bartkowski and Balbina Kolas - My Grandmother - Jennie (Janina) Bartkowski visited Poland in 1968 or 1969 I believe to visit the Bartkowski relatives but I don't know where she went in Poland. She was born in the US in 1902 and her maiden name was Swieckowski. Her mother, Marianna Orzechowski emigrated from Poland in 1899. Her husband was Julius Swiechowski
sid08 - | 1    
16 Mar 2018  #550

Anyone in Lodz ?

Hello, there
I'm searching for someone who is in Lodz, Let me know if anyone is there.
Catherine Wise    
20 Mar 2018  #551
Hi, I live in Australia and I'm trying to locate my boyfriends father, of whom he has met maybe once as a baby. His mother believes he moved back to Poland but I'm having trouble locating him. His Fathers name is Andrzej Rander and his DOB is 24/04/1957 so I have been told. This is all of the information I have at this stage. If someone can please point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
4 Apr 2018  #552

looking for a person in G'Dansk

Hi I am looking for a friend of mine who last lived in G'Dansk She is / was a piano player. She is blond, very pretty and now maybe 50 years old and last I knew she was with child ? . Her name is Mirela Mtyinska ( Muinska) she last lived ul.chlophra 38B/y G'Dansk-Oliwa.

We traveled through to Copenhagen, paris, and back to G'Dansk . She took a trip to India and came back home and that s the last contact I had.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
4 Apr 2018  #553
Mirela Mlynska is on Facebook. There's a piano in the background of her profile picture. There's albo information abo her online (some local events in the US)
2 May 2018  #554

Looking for ancestory (lucas)

My great grandfather was born in Poland and came to the United States when he was probably around 30. His name was frank Lucas. I would like to find out if he had any relatives in Poland. All I have is his death certificate. How would I start on search or where would I begin?
26 May 2018  #555

Help with finding my father's heritage Koziej - Mikolaj

We recently visited from Australia. We went to cemeteries in Futory, Zlubaczowa and Oleszyce and found some photos but do not know how to contact the owners of the cemeteries. Can anyone help me with this or email addresses. The name of my father was Koziej - Mikolaj, who lived in Australia after the war because he was a displaced person. Father: Bazyli Koziej Mother: Maria Pachotek.

I have taken some photos of gravestones and want to make the enquiries. Can anyone help?
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
27 May 2018  #556
When I was in Warsaw last September I walked into my old liceum 37 and asked if I could the list of graduates from 1960. That list would have been helpful as I could recall only very few names.

The response from the Polish burocrat was immediate: no. Why? Privacy. Yeah, privacy about who the hell graduated in 1960.

That list was, of course, made available to all students and their parents in 1960. That means it was made public. To that lazy moron this logic was not convincing at all.

Again, as with my insurance, not even the slightest attempt to accommodate an old guy who after 50 years came back on a nostagia trip. Like calling somebody upstairs to check if, after all that time, with most of those on that list probably dead already, an exception could be made. No, in Poland such things like bending rules even a tiny bit or using reason does not exist. My best guess is that that privacy line was just another way of saying f*** off. I have other things to do and you matter s*** to me.
Looker - | 987    
27 May 2018  #557

Those are EU's rules not Poland's. Look what happen now when the RODO is in force...
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
27 May 2018  #558
I am not trying to change the rules. It's the attitude that I don't like.
4 Jun 2018  #559

I want to find a People --Andrzej Szajna

Does anybody know Andrezj Szajna? I think he should be boss of Andpol elektronik, the website of his company is
the company address is ul. Szczecińska 17-21, 54-517 Wrocław

Can anybody take a picture of this factory(it's a company who provide SMT service)?

if you have some information about this person and this company, pls contact me via

Thank you


I want to find a people --Radosław_Mielnik

Does anybody know Radosław_Mielnik? he is in charge of purchase issue for Andpol elektronik
12 Jun 2018  #560

Looking for Information on Ryszard Witalis

Looking for information about a man named Ryszard Witalis. He was the brother of my grandfather. He stayed in Poland after my brother came to the USA. I believe he lived in Zdunska Wola at one time. He died in 1959. No children that I know of. Do not know what kind of work he did.
13 Jun 2018  #561

Looking for Joseph Malinowski

Joe returned to Poland from USA not sure how many years ago 5 to 10 years maybe waa
14 Jun 2018  #562
Sylwia Otlowska?
Jolanta Kliks?
Danielpulaski - | 1    
25 Jun 2018  #563

Torfs family

Trying to find my family
31 Jul 2018  #564
Hi! I'm looking for my cousin that lives in Poland, actually I know she was born in Karcovia. But haven't hear from her since she was little. She's almost 38 years old, want to tell that her father is dying of cancer and he needs to see her.

Her name is Diana Katherina Włodarczyk, her mothers name is Antonina. Her father is from Bolivia.
Pleeeease someone help me find her, my mail is

6 Aug 2018  #565
My grandmother was born in Frystak Poland March 1, 1885 to Joseph Armata and Catherine (Wisznowski) Armata Her name was Mary Anyone out there who could give me any information on perhaps a relative or derivation of name Armata
Msyniuk - | 1    
12 Aug 2018  #566
[Moved from]: Looking for Relatives with PELAK, OR NOVOGRODZKI from Poland

i am looking for information on Marianna Pelak born june 1900 in Wilkolaz
or info on Stanislaw Novogrodzki (Novogrodski) from same area, i am at a loss i cannot find anything on the Pelak side that lines up with what i have already

any info please email me at
please and thanks
24 Aug 2018  #567

Charlie help me Ghdansk

Hey help me find Charlie in Ghdansk
29 Aug 2018  #568

Wolecki - Relatives in Poland

Hi, I am looking to find relatives of my father His name was Tadeusz Wolecki, he died in Scotland ( 1984), not sure where he was born in Poland (1919) his fathers name was Jan Wolecki His mothers name was Helena Gil, I do Know he had a brother named Bogdan , and a sister Name Jannina, and that all I have got, hopefully someone can supply some information or glues that I could research.
9 Sep 2018  #569
JaniceC - 1885 in Frysztak was born Zofia Armata, not Maria/Mary
1 Oct 2018  #570

Looking for a Polish child born in Liverpool approx 1947

We are trying to trace a relative- we have his first name, year of birth and possible location for the first part of his life (Liverpool area). We do not know whether he has our surname. He was born to two Polish refugees after the war, one was my grandfather. Without knowing his surname it is hard to look at birth records in the UK. Are there any records of Poles in the UK we could use? Or any community places we could search? He would be 71 now, and it would be good to find him. We don't know where to start. Thank you.

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