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Want to find a person in Poland

Lyzko 20 | 5,973    
1 Mar 2017  #511
I can agree, based on my own experience with Poles here in the States as well:-) Privacy "laws" are so porous in cyberspace.
20 Mar 2017  #512
I would love to find my relative. I live in the USA my phone number is 856-358-1983 please call and reverse the charges. Thank you, Judy Nasonkowski I am in Polska for 10 days phone while here is 856-912-7545.
27 Mar 2017  #513
Finding her to have one conversation.
Her name is Martha as she told me its Marta in polish . I also know her sister's and brother's name if that can help to find her. Anything would be her twitter username ,Facebook id , Instagram profile or anything like that. I just need to have a conversation with her. Help me !
dev82 - | 3    
4 Apr 2017  #514

Help Find People

Hi all,

I am from Indonesia, around 1.5 years ago, I knew someone from dating site and we agreed to be in relationship while he is saying currently he was in divorce process.. Few times, he was missing but disappeared again to the point i am confusing. And now he is been missing and didn't contact me at all.. (this sound stupid but I am still hoping and pray for him). Is there anyone know how i can find him, he said that he is a doctor. I know his phone number only..
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,731    
4 Apr 2017  #515
I imagine you have been dumped and he doesn't want to be found.
Please do not waste any more energy on this.
dev82 - | 3    
5 Apr 2017  #516
yes, I think so.. just feel it is little bit cruel :)
thanks for your advice, though I am still hoping at least I'll get clear background about it
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,731    
5 Apr 2017  #517
I don't mean to be cruel just realistic...:):)
DominicB - | 2,640    
5 Apr 2017  #518
I am still hoping at least I'll get clear background about it

How much clearer can it be? It's clear that he has lost interest in you and that you will never hear from him again. That's all you need to know so that you can forget about him and get out there and look for someone who can realistically be your partner. Avoid silly internet dating sites and look for someone in the real world. Good luck!
dev82 - | 3    
7 Apr 2017  #519
thank you for the advice :)
I am Indonesian, you can ask anything about Indonesia if you want to know
8 Apr 2017  #520
I'm looking for an older lady Maria Wozna from the Rzesow area. Any help would be appreciated. What we know of her is she should be in the early to mid 90's.
AnnaP2 - | 1    
1 Jun 2017  #521
[Moved from]: Warsaw newspapers in the 1930s

I believe my grandfather, Stanislaw Paciorkowski, edited a national newspaper in Warsaw, possibly an evening paper, in the 1930s. I haven't been able to confirm this information anywhere. Any ideas how I go about doing so?
Kuzyn - | 23    
3 Jun 2017  #522
Do you have more informations about him? Or this newspaper?
8 Jun 2017  #523

Looking for Glosniak family in Deby Szlacheckie

I'm looking for a way to try to find families that should be related in and around Deby Szlacheckie, Poland. From what I can tell, the surname is from one line, early 1800's, late 1700s which started out as Wlosniak. My husban'd gggrandfather had 18 children, one of his last immigrated to the US in 1905. We are ultimately looking for a child left behind. The son of the gggrandfather.

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.
26 Jun 2017  #524
Hi I m looking for a person from Poland czestochowa I have her name can u plz help me?
26 Jun 2017  #525
KASIA PLECHA.. around 20 years old.........please email
9 Jul 2017  #526
dear sir or madam
i am looking for a woman who was a flight attandant of Lufthanza about 39 years ago and she was living in Iran at that time. she is from Poland and her name is Liza Powell. i am not sure about the spelling. she has a daughter , her name is Samantha. i will really appreciate you for helping us.
9 Jul 2017  #527
if you find any info please contact me on this email

thanks a lot
Looker - | 1,004    
9 Jul 2017  #528
Liza Powell

It's very far from Polish name, or she is after marriage with some Powell, and use English form of her Polish Eliza/Elżbieta first name.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,483    
9 Jul 2017  #529
Deby Szlacheckie,

Dęby Szlacheckie (Noble Oaks) is a village in west-central Poland's Wielkopolska region. To find out if any Włośniak or Głośniak still lives there, phone the village office in Osiek Mały, the jurisdiction to which Dęby belongs: from the US 011 48 63 262 4172, and ask for Ewidencja Ludności (Population section). Tell them you are from America and seeking your relatives. They may not give you the address but may agree to say whether anybody by that name lives in their jurisdiction. If you are not fluent in Polish, get someone who is to make the call.
31 Aug 2017  #530
I am looking for someone called Grazyna Kowalska (formerly Michalik) she must be in her late 60s by now. The last address I had for her (in 1989) was: Warszawa Ul. Kosiarzy 31a. Before this she spent approximately six years in New Zealand and Australia
4 Sep 2017  #531
Hi I think that it's possible that you are kin to my husband his grandfather's name was Stanley barczak. My email is barczak.shannon1976@gmail
24 Sep 2017  #532
[Moved from]: Searching for Franciszek Galazka family

My grandfather, Sylwester Galazka, emigrated from Poland around 1900 and died in a train accident in 1918 when my Dad was 3. I have recently learned that Sylwester's younger brother Franciszek Galazka, also emigrated to the US and allegedly settled in Chicago. I am trying to locate the family of this relative. I would be very grateful if anyone could connect me with this branch of my family.
E. Stan    
30 Sep 2017  #533
I am searching for an old friend who visited the USA about 30+ years ago: A.A. Klejnowski, formerly at ul: Shierczewskiego 35a87-800 Wloclawek, Poland

( I did my best, reading an old envelop)
My name is Stan Hobbs formerly of San Francisco, California

Information can be sent via the internet to : notsoeasy.prescott@yahoo

Thank you very much, Stan
kaprys 1 | 1,409    
30 Sep 2017  #534
Uncle Google says ul. Świerczewskiego was changed to ul. Bojanczyka. The number should be the same. You may try writing him a letter.
22 Oct 2017  #535
I am searching for any living relatives from my grandmother's family. Last name is Gmurczyk, and they lived in Warsaw. She and her parents settled in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 1913. Father's name was Josef and mother's name was Tekla. Any help will be so greatly appreciated. Boże błogosław and Dziękuję Ci!!
Danab21 - | 2    
4 Dec 2017  #536
[Moved from]: In search of TerryAnnSachko / Abraham Jizhak

Terry Sachko On Ancestry we show as distant cousins through my search of Abraham Jizhak and I am wondering who he is to you as he shows on your family tree. Please advise?
kaprys 1 | 1,409    
4 Dec 2017  #537
There is a lady by this name on Twitter. Contact her there.
Try Facebook, too.
I doubt it's very likely she'll come across this forum ...
14 Dec 2017  #538

Looking for somewhere in Wilno in the 20's

I'm looking at a naturalisation certificate and the place of birth is listed as what looks like some variation of Iwonae/Iwenae (possibly even Iwenac?, written via typwriter then scanned so not clear to read.) in Wilno, Poland. I know Wilno is now in Lithuania but I was wondering if anybody has any idea about this place or some way of tracking any details down? Looking for some family members or any records of them. Possibly a long shot but thought I'd try anyway as I really need to know. Thanks in advance!

I have a copy of a family members naturalisation certificate and I'm looking for specifics on the place of birth. It's typwritten so slightly hard to read but it says Iwenae (Iwonae/Iwanac? possible variations) within Wilno, Poland. I know Wilno is now part of Lithuania but I just wanted to find out if anybody has any details on Iwenae specifically as I'm looking for some family. The DOB is mid 1920's and I was hoping to possibly find a birth certificate once I know more details? I'm not sure who I'd contact but I'm looking into it. I really hope somebody knows something. TIA.
15 Dec 2017  #539
Hi dose anyone know a Pawel Zawadzki from Grajewo who moved to Barcelon about 3 years ago. I already tried facebook but had no luck so far. His friends and family are really worried.
cms 9 | 1,287    
15 Dec 2017  #540
Could be Iwacewicze ? Now in Belarus

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