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Want to find a person in Poland

16 Sep 2016  #481
I need some advise on how to find the address of where my father was born in Poland. As I would love to visit the place he was born and grew up.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,483    
16 Sep 2016  #482
where my father was born

What was his name?
11 Oct 2016  #483
Merged: Looking for polish people - lost item


I'm looking for these peoples, they are apparently from Poland, was in a "Green Café Nero" before their departure and have lost their camera in Mongolia in Orkhon Valley! Our guide has found it in the middle of the steppes! One try on 1000000 here! The camera is dead and the guide has kept it anyway, but i want to sent to them pictures and videos from it. If you know them or you can contact all your friends of poland it would be super nice!

Here some pictures of them with what i've found:

I will check this thread, so just said me and i will sent you my contact if necessary (or create a true account, don't know if there are PM here ;)).
12 Oct 2016  #484
Merged: Rapalowski lineage

looking for relatives in Grajewo Poland with Rapalowki name
nmarshall09 - | 1    
26 Oct 2016  #485
Merged: Looking for Javorek

Looking for anything on my husband's grandmother who was Polish and came to America as a displaced person through Germany in 1951 when she was 17. Her name was Christine Javorek. Not much known about her life before America. Possible that her father was made to fly aircraft for the Germans during WWII.
Kot_Behemot - | 10    
27 Oct 2016  #486
70-702 Szczecin is ulica Piastów and ulica Rymarska. At Piastów 38/2 work Zasiora Danuta. So if it is not the person You are looking for then send letter to 70-702 Szczecin, ul. Rymarska 38/2.
Anna Marchel - | 3    
8 Nov 2016  #487
Merged: I need to find skuridat

Please if anyone knows who is skuridat I need contact that person
MarikaSadkowska - | 13    
  17 Nov 2016  #488
My grandmother is here visiting from Lodz, Poland and I am asking questions about my father. She mentioned that many years ago (I was already in the US) a man came to my grandmother's apartment and asked for my great grandmother. Also, when my grandmother went to obtain a signature from my father so that I could leave Poland, she did not find my father, only his brother, who told her that my father was planning to leave Poland and move to Germany, which is where his mother lived. Slawomir Jerzy Sadkowska and Zbigniew, his brother, were both planning to move to Germany and close the mechanic business.
5 Dec 2016  #489
Hi I'm trying to trace my mum's dads family who come from Poland and I think Germany as well he was a boat engineer for the navy in 1950s? Sometime. Can anyone help? Thank you.
14 Dec 2016  #490
[Moved from]: Legnica looking for family

Hello. I'm looking for a family (lost contact with them 25 years ago). I know that they lived in Legnica (I was there in 1990). I'm not sure how to write but I believe that the name Rafal is correctly written, or at least similar - approximately should now be about 40 years old. I know he had a sister (Beata? - I'm not sure how to spell), Krzysztof (not sure how to spell) father, mother - Janina (not sure how to spell). If I remember correctly he had an aunt Teresa (blond hair) , which in turn had a husband (bold guy) and at least one child. I think the Terezin husband used to work in the army. When I stayed with them in 1990. , they lived in a house (I do not know whether it was in their possession), in addition to small river, it seems to me at a periphery of Legnica. I remember they bought a flat (or aunt bought one) and it was in a block of buildings. Sometime in the mid 90s Janina went to Canada for temporary work, I dont know whether others went to her and I do not deprive returned. These droughts are data that are familiar. I would like to make contact with them and do not know who to turn for help.

Forgot this - I am from Serbia, and all of them use to visit my family here in Serbia. Last time at begining of 1990s
29 Dec 2016  #491
Merged: Trying to trace my Polish friend's relatives - Matula surname

If anybody knows how I can contact either Dorota Matula or Magda Matula (they may have different surnames now) believed to be living in Poland; they are the sisters of Maria Anna Matula date of birth: 31/01/1975; I believe Dorota was born in 1972 and Magda 1986; Could you please contact me urgently with a phone contact or email address. I am a friend of Maria, my name is Anne, and I am trying to contact them urgently on behalf of Maria. Please email me on: annedymond86@gmail with any information. Please would you write in English. Thank you.
3 Jan 2017  #492
Merged: need help contacting someone in poland

Hello everyone. This seems a bit hopeless but I'm trying anyway. There's someone in Poland who I am trying to get in contact with but I'm not sure I am dialing the number correctly.

I live in the united states.
The number is 589752233

Is this a fixed line or a mobile number. How do I dial this number? I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.
gumishu 11 | 4,895    
3 Jan 2017  #493
Is this a fixed line or a mobile number. How do I dial this number?

it can be either mobile or a land line - you need to use an international code for Poland if you are calling it - which is 0048 - so you dial 0048589752233
22 Jan 2017  #494

hello need help

i need help to find me somebody there
Cardinal - | 1    
23 Jan 2017  #495
Ludno Poland. My grandfather and his 3 brothers were born there. Wolfe, Jack, Max and Harry Cohen. My grandfather Wolfe was born March 8, 1885. I assume the 3 brothers in the late 1880's. My grandfather went to England and married Ethel Ward, they ran a shop until they moved to Canada as did the 3 brothers. I am having trouble finding information from their time in Poland and I know nothing about Ludno, if they still have relatives there. Wolfe and Jack became furriers, I know nothing about Max and Harry.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
23 Jan 2017  #496

Looking for Decendants of Antoni Radziwanowski (Born approximately 1861) in Przerosl(?).

I am trying to find my relatives who may have lived in the Przerosl area in the late 1800s. My grandfather was Julian Radziwanowski (B:26-2-1882) and he had a brother Severy (B:1885). My great grandfather was Antoni Radziwanowski (B: 1861?) who was married to a Pauling Sarafin. I can be reached at
27 Jan 2017  #497

Family Surname Burzynski, Slawno village

Researching Burzynski surname Want to know more about the village of Slawno, Catholic Church in Slawno
Chemikiem 5 | 1,408    
27 Jan 2017  #498
village of Slawno,

Any idea which part of Poland? There are a few.

Catholic Church in Slawno

If you know the area, use this link.
Swedish girl    
29 Jan 2017  #499
Hello. I want to find my grandfather and other relatives in Poland. I know his name, date of birth and last known adress. So I guess I am looking for someone who might know something about the Bobrowski family? Zielona Gora? Also my grandmother's last name, Kwiatkowska/Kwiatkowski? Also in Zielona Gora. My father was born in Poland 1973, and it would be so appreciated if I could get to know my relatives. E-mail: rebecka.alander@hotmail
Zubir - | 4    
  29 Jan 2017  #500

Need somebody to find in poland

hello i need somebody to find me, my friend in poland.i have some little details about her. thanks guys
Zubir - | 4    
30 Jan 2017  #501
hello guys and girls need some help ,i am trying to find my friend she lives in poland i can provide some information. thanks
Zubir - | 4    
30 Jan 2017  #502

try to find person in poland

hello guys and girls need some help ,i am trying to find my friend she lives in poland.i can provide some information plzzz let me know thanks....
Zubir - | 4    
3 Feb 2017  #503

hello try to find me a person in poland

hello everybody i m looking for my friend she lives in poland .i can provide some information about. thanks
yvettesitkowski - | 1    
6 Feb 2017  #504

trying to find family.... Borkowski...

I am looking for someone named Janusz Borkowski that was part of the aviation team "Orlik" back in 1998-2003. He was previously in the Polish Air Force.

I believe him to be my grandfather
I cannot find any trace of him after 2003 when he transferred out of Orlik
He lived near Luban, Dolnoslaskie, Poland

my email is ysitkowski@yahoo
my dad has never met his dad
I would like to see them meet before it is too late.

if anyone knows anything at all it would be of massive help
lisaparker - | 1    
6 Feb 2017  #505

Trying to find information on Aleksander Podgorski?

I am trying to find information on Aleksander Podgorski 1919-2004 who married Ellen Butters in 1951. I am his daughter but wasn't brought up by my parents. I am trying to find any information about his life. I believe he fought at Monte Cassino and had 2 brothers and one sister.Any info would be most gratefully received.
CarenV - | 2    
  13 Feb 2017  #506

Looking for Ziolo family members

I am looking for family members from my Polish grandmothers side with the last name Ziolo. If you think you may be related plz pm me. I don't want to post more detailed info randomly on site.

22 Feb 2017  #507
Looking to connect with the Zaniewicz family from Biala Podlaska who have relatives in Tomahawk Alberta last visited in 1977
Jo Radley - | 1    
1 Mar 2017  #508
I am trying to trace my fathers family by the name of Radzion. My father was Szymon Stefan Radzion from Stolpce. He came to the UK during the war where he changed his name to Radley. His sister survived the war and she had children. I know there are 69 Radzions in Poland but don't know how to find them. Any help would be gratefully received. I have the breakdown of what towns they live in. Are there places to search for addresses and phone numbers online?
Chemikiem 5 | 1,408    
1 Mar 2017  #509
Are there places to search for addresses and phone numbers online?

As far as I know this isn't available online because of Polish privacy laws, it's illegal to publish private information.
DominicB - | 2,640    
1 Mar 2017  #510
@Jo Radley

Poles JEALOUSLY guard personal information like addresses and phone numbers. I wouldn't even think of giving someones private phone number out without consulting them first. The idea of an internet phone book is anathema to them, and even paper phone books no longer exist. There used to be one many years ago, but public outcry and legislative action put a stop to that. And rightly so. It was being abused by telemarketers and scam artists. Poles now make themselves purposely difficult to find and contact.

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