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Want to find a person in Poland

12 Oct 2016  #481

Merged: Rapalowski lineage

looking for relatives in Grajewo Poland with Rapalowki name

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26 Oct 2016  #482

Merged: Looking for Javorek

Looking for anything on my husband's grandmother who was Polish and came to America as a displaced person through Germany in 1951 when she was 17. Her name was Christine Javorek. Not much known about her life before America. Possible that her father was made to fly aircraft for the Germans during WWII.
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27 Oct 2016  #483

70-702 Szczecin is ulica Piastów and ulica Rymarska. At Piastów 38/2 work Zasiora Danuta. So if it is not the person You are looking for then send letter to 70-702 Szczecin, ul. Rymarska 38/2.
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8 Nov 2016  #484

Merged: I need to find skuridat

Please if anyone knows who is skuridat I need contact that person
MarikaSadkowska Activity: - / 12
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17 Nov 2016  #485

My grandmother is here visiting from Lodz, Poland and I am asking questions about my father. She mentioned that many years ago (I was already in the US) a man came to my grandmother's apartment and asked for my great grandmother. Also, when my grandmother went to obtain a signature from my father so that I could leave Poland, she did not find my father, only his brother, who told her that my father was planning to leave Poland and move to Germany, which is where his mother lived. Slawomir Jerzy Sadkowska and Zbigniew, his brother, were both planning to move to Germany and close the mechanic business.
5 Dec 2016  #486

Hi I'm trying to trace my mum's dads family who come from Poland and I think Germany as well he was a boat engineer for the navy in 1950s? Sometime. Can anyone help? Thank you.
29 Dec 2016  #487

Merged: Trying to trace my Polish friend's relatives - Matula surname

If anybody knows how I can contact either Dorota Matula or Magda Matula (they may have different surnames now) believed to be living in Poland; they are the sisters of Maria Anna Matula date of birth: 31/01/1975; I believe Dorota was born in 1972 and Magda 1986; Could you please contact me urgently with a phone contact or email address. I am a friend of Maria, my name is Anne, and I am trying to contact them urgently on behalf of Maria. Please email me on: with any information. Please would you write in English. Thank you.
3 Jan 2017  #488

Merged: need help contacting someone in poland

Hello everyone. This seems a bit hopeless but I'm trying anyway. There's someone in Poland who I am trying to get in contact with but I'm not sure I am dialing the number correctly.

I live in the united states.
The number is 589752233

Is this a fixed line or a mobile number. How do I dial this number? I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.
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3 Jan 2017  #489

Is this a fixed line or a mobile number. How do I dial this number?

it can be either mobile or a land line - you need to use an international code for Poland if you are calling it - which is 0048 - so you dial 0048589752233

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Want to find a person in Poland
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