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Want to find a person in Poland

MarikaSadkowska - | 13    
21 Apr 2016  #451
Yes! That is his older brother!!! But he is around 60 yrs old now
jon357 64 | 14,382    
21 Apr 2016  #452
Looks like it's a different person (but could be a relative). Lots of people called Zbigniew in Poland. This guy is in the same town and is a trained mechanic. Brzeg Dolny is a tiny place so someone should be traceable.
Atch 17 | 2,701    
21 Apr 2016  #453
It could be the son of Zbigniew senior? That would make him Marika's cousin.
21 Apr 2016  #454
mom told me that she doubts my father stayed in Poland. He talked about wanting to leave Poland. Slawomir's mother lived in Germany. He talked about wanting to move to Australia. He had a few friends there. His brother wanted to leave as well. I don't know if they ever actually left. I find it strange that I cannot pull their names up on google.
jon357 64 | 14,382    
21 Apr 2016  #455
You mentioned that your uncles ran businesses - might that be a way of tracing them?
MarikaSadkowska - | 13    
21 Apr 2016  #456
He was running his parent's businesses, that was in the 80's. Mom doesn't know what businesses. She knows that Slawomir's mother remarried after their father passed, moved to Germany. Mom doubts he is still running those businesses.
jon357 64 | 14,382    
21 Apr 2016  #457
There's a few people listed on called Sławomir and Zbigniew with the right surname. That site lists people who have owned businesses in the past few years. I couldn't find anyone in Australia, however there's a Maja Sadowska who shows up a lot online. Could be worth contacting her.

One issue with general google searches is not only is the name shared by lots of people but there's also a fairly well-known politician called that and that does make someone harder to find online.

Have a look at, the two digits after people's names are the year of birth and there are a few possibles both for age and location (when you click on the name it brings a map up). Remember that Brzeg Dolny is close to a large conurbation and someone living in one part may well work in another.
MarikaSadkowska - | 13    
21 Apr 2016  #458
thank you so much for the info. Ive searched the name slawomir jerzy sadkowski and no results popped up for the full name. I will check out the website. Thank you for your help. I will also try to contact maja. I found a slawomir sadkowska on facebook a few years ago, but unfortunately that was not my father. I have a photo of him holding me when i was a baby. I'm not sure if I would recognize him after so many years. He is 6'1". Blue eyes, dark blonde hair.
jon357 64 | 14,382    
21 Apr 2016  #459
You know, I've been looking for Sadowski and not Sadkowski! I only just noticed! That does narrow it down a lot. Sadkowski is a far less common name so something might show up...


There's nobody with that surname in Brzeg Dolny, however that isn't necessarily an issue. I'll have a look later when I've got some time and maybe something will come up.
jon357 64 | 14,382    
21 Apr 2016  #461
Same here at the moment - maybe the site's down.
MarikaSadkowska - | 13    
21 Apr 2016  #462
I looked up slawomir sadkowski. It stated that his job was a trash man. Mom told me that was definitely not him. Mom really thinks he left Poland.
jon357 64 | 14,382    
21 Apr 2016  #463
The guy you mention as a trash man (actually the director of a refuse company) was born in 1967, making him 48 - probably someone different.

Harder if h's left Poland, however sadkowski isn't a common nane and if he has nephews, nieces etc there may still be hope...
MarikaSadkowska - | 13    
23 Apr 2016  #464
Yes, that man couldn't be my father. It's strange that he has no internet trail. I wonder if he is still alive.
delphiandomine 85 | 17,702    
23 Apr 2016  #465

Are you definitely Sadkowska and not Sądkowska?
keven579 - | 2    
23 Apr 2016  #466
I'm looking for somebody I never stop caring about she lived in Poland lost time I seen was 1982 her name was SYLWIA SZCZUREK LIVED IN WALBRZYCH PIASKOWA GORA SHE HAD SISTER NAME ALEKSANDRA from what I know they move to Walbrzych from Stargard Szczeciński. Sylwia zawsze kochała Bernardyny prawdopodobnie mieszka teraz w niemczech bardzo proszę o pomoc

stick to English language please
MarikaSadkowska - | 13    
26 Apr 2016  #467
Yes i am definitely a Sadkowska. Its on my Polish birth certificate. My mother's maiden name is Bilska. Not to mention I lived in Poland until I was 8 years old and that is how I always spelled it. I have been losing my mind searching for Slawek online. I don't understand how someone can avoid existing on the internet. Unless they are going out of their way not to be found. Which doesn't seem like my father.
28 Apr 2016  #468
Merged: Ms.Anna Dominika Maria Kamińska.

April 29,2016


Does anyone here know Pani Anna Dominika Maria Kamińska?
Because I met her in the Philippines and I didn't saw her again.I think she's already in Warsaw,Poland now.
She has a blonde hair,gray eyes, and white (ofcourse)
She visited Siquijor Island,Philippines last July 2015.

I hope I can find her here...

1 May 2016  #469


23 May 2016  #470
Merged: Lost contact - need help finding an address in Szczecin

I hope I am posting in the correct place. I am trying to find a friend who lives in Szczecin .
I have this as her address (writing not very clear):
38/2 70.702 Szczecin (or Szcecin). Would a letter reach her using this please?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,467    
23 May 2016  #471

street name is missing
5 Jun 2016  #472
Hello. My name is Olga, 57 years of age, Russian, and I am looking for [b]Wladyslaw Olejarz[b].
Here is a story. As a young girl, in the mid to late 70s of the last century, I had a penfriend named Wladyslaw Olejarz from Gliwice, Poland. He was about my age. The corresponding didn't last long but for some reason I still remember it and would be happy to find out something, anything about my long lost friend. Will be grateful for any information.
Looker - | 1,007    
5 Jun 2016  #473
First thing is always to check Facebook.
Look here -
No picture, but the same first name, surname and he's from Gliwice. Maybe it's him?
Try to make contact, if no response then maybe ask the guy with exact same name from his contacts - probably a relative. He has his photo there, so most likely is a more frequent Facebook guest.
5 Jun 2016  #474
Thank you. I'll do that.
Danette - | 2    
14 Jun 2016  #475
Hello, I hope this is the correct place to post this. I am researching my family and trying to find out where in Poland they are from and if there are still relatives there. This is what I have:

Hanchel (Anchel, Herman) Schiff born 1878. His father was Fred. Hanchel's wife, Cyrel (Tzirel) Lewis (Lieb) born 1882/84. They went to England then Canada then to U.S. around 1901/02. (I don't know if Fred came along). Hanchel and Cyrel are buried in the Ostrover section of the cemetery here in the US. I've been told this means they came from Ostrow. On Hanchel's naturalization papers, he says he was born in Zemberof, Russian Poland. (Pretty sure the town is a misspelling). I've found an Anzce Szfyman whose father was Friom on a Polish census, but no other information. Anzce was born in Jablonka and Froim possibly Zareby Koscielne - I don't know if these are the same people.

Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I've been looking for years!
Thank you!
Looker - | 1,007    
14 Jun 2016  #476
Hello Danette.


is most likely Zambrov - Zambrów. And the names you provided are Jewish. There's even Polish wiki page about history of Jews in Zambrów - who came mostly from a nearby

JablonkaŻydów_w_Zambrowieów (check also Polish version)
Danette - | 2    
14 Jun 2016  #477
Hello Looker,
I should have mentioned they were Jewish, I apologize - I will look at the links you provided. I've searched Jewishgen to no avail, ancestry and FamilySearch as well.

Thank you so much for replying!!
23 Jul 2016  #478
Merged: finding a friend in Poland

i'm looking for friend i meet online, we known each other for 3-4 years.
we had snail mail, e-mail, instant msg.

i lost contact with her few months ago, i only know her name, address, but no phone number of hers.
i got a bit worried, i mean, if she doesn't want to be friend, just say so, but it doesn't feel like the case...

she lives with her granny in Jaworzno, last major life update of hers is that she's attending the training of flight attendant from a budget airline..

help anyone? I'll be grateful..
6 Sep 2016  #479
Merged: Looking for German Polish in or that have lived in Florida

I'm trying to find my biological family and want to know my heritage. My mom was predominantly German Polish and was born in 1974 in Florida and adopted in 1974 or 75 in Tampa. Not only do I want to know about my heritage and culture, but we have a lot of genetic health conditions and it would help us to find her biological parents. I'm grateful for any information.
13 Sep 2016  #480
Merged: Looking for English family (with kids) for playdates, living in Kielce

Hello, I am looking for English family living in Kielce Poland, with kids around 5 years old for regular playdates with my daughter.
I would like to introduce my kid to yours so that they could practice English and play together.

Looking forward to hearing soon.

If anyone knew if there is better place(forum) to send inquire please be kind to post it here.
Thank You

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