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Want to find a person in Poland

jon357 65 | 13,636    
2 Nov 2015  #421
Try the contact page of that website - it could be a good bet.
Polonius3 1,007 | 12,507    
3 Nov 2015  #422

For more info on Poland's Krygiers please contact me.
14 Dec 2015  #423
Merged: Polish friends moved back home from Mid-Wales UK and I lost me find them?

I knew them as mike and daka they have two beautiful little girls and moved back to Poland a few months ago from Powys,Wales.UK.

They were a lovely friendly warm family and spent many summer evenings sharing a drink and discussing random topics while their girls played on the garden swing and with my pet dog Chilli.

I would really love to find them and get back in touch. Unfortunately I have no idea which area they moved to... All I remember is that they were going to rent with a city whilst looking for a house to buy.

If anyone can help please post
terri 1 | 1,444    
15 Dec 2015  #424
You can always put a note on Facebook, gumtree or other websites that you are looking for people. Give as many details as you can remember..
Saglag01 - | 1    
16 Dec 2015  #425
Merged: I want to find My brother

Hello, My name is Saga and i am from Sweeden. Yesterday i found out i have à brother in Polen, It came as à chock. Now i really want to find him. I have his full name and i know that his in à prison in Krakow called " Tarnow ". I would be so happy If somone helps me, maby there is à polish website where you can search persons or somthing. I tryed Google and Facebook and everything i know.

Thanks! and sorry If i spelld something wrong..
TeresaAnn - | 1    
26 Dec 2015  #426
Merged: Looking for my half brother Leo J Novak

After years of unsuccessful searching for my father Walter/Wladek/Wladislaw Novak/Nowak who left the UK in 1957 and went to Canada I recently found an old posting from Leo looking for me. Can any one help with any information about either so that we might get the chance to find each other and a personal search that has gone on for over 50 years.

Many Thanks
Teresa Nowak ( maiden name)
Brooke - | 1    
11 Jan 2016  #427
I am in search of family, the surname is Dankowski/ska. My G. Grandmother, Anna .born in 1879, emmigrated to the States around 1897, at the time her villiage was Horlyci/ Ustia Ruskie, now known as Gorlickie. I have been told the family lived across the street and attended St. Paraskeva when it was GC, not RC. I do not expect much, just want to put info out there. "Just in case" Thank you! and Have a great day!
Polonius3 1,007 | 12,507    
12 Jan 2016  #428

If you want to be put in touch with genealogists who can help you trace the Dankowskis, please contact
joe k    
31 Jan 2016  #429
Ścibiorski jan
Czajka sisters    
4 Feb 2016  #430
Anna Czajka

I'm looking for my dad his name is Boguslaw (Bogdan) he's a truck driver and he's originally from Gdansk. If anyone knows him or of him please!!!! Let me know. My sister Sylwia and I live in the USA in New York and we would love to speak with him

jozef belaribi - | 2    
13 Feb 2016  #431
Hi my name is jozef am looking for marzena she was with me in Amoudara in kreta ,in summer 2004.she teach english in area of warsaw,she live 25 km from warsaw,she is 47 years old ,in june 2005 she get s baby was now he is soon 11 years old.

Merged: looking for marzena from karczew

Hi am looking for marzena from karczew ,she is 47 years old,she teach english,i have meet her in kreta 2004 was summer time.
18 Feb 2016  #432
Good day to all, my name is Paul Lan and I am hopping some one can help me to locate 2 friends in Warszawa. The last time I talked to them was in Munich Germany in July 1984. Both of them worked for me in the Transportation company called Forster & Co, their names are, Pawel Janiszewski and Wlodzzimierz Ungier. I have the address but I don't know if it is appropriate to post it here. Also one of them I have a phone number but not working. Would be much appreciated if some one can point me in the right directions.

porky pok 2 | 130    :-(
19 Feb 2016  #433
Paul if you have there adress why dont you write them a letter?
19 Feb 2016  #434
Thanks Porky for the quick reply, I am not sure if the address is the correct format. I tried google search and it's not showing up.

Anyways, very good suggestion Porky, I will do just that and hope it works.
Chemikiem 5 | 1,202    
19 Feb 2016  #435
Pawel Janiszewski

Just a thought and you've probably already done this, but have you tried Facebook or Nasza Klasa? There is a Pawel Janiszewski in Warsaw on FB who looks to be about the right age.
21 Feb 2016  #436
Thanks Chemikiem unfortunately I don't have a face book account, I may have sign up for one.
7 Mar 2016  #437
I'm looking for any information about Ewa Mstowska (madenname), born around 1948. She was a balletdancer in the late 60's early 70s in Poznan. This search is for a Polish friend Michal in the Netherlands, they were very good friends in those years. After he went to the Netherlands and his mariage they lost contact and he realy wanted to know about her life after that.

For contact: usiena@hotmail
InPolska 11 | 1,823    
7 Mar 2016  #438
@Usiena! I suppose it won't be difficult since you have full name and where + when she was a ballet dancer. I am sure you'll be able to get info re her whereabouts since then from places she could have danced with. Good luck! :)
31 Mar 2016  #439
HI I am in search of any relatives of the czervinski family my great grandfather was Bruno Czervinski and his mothers name was patronalis czervinski if any one has any information on how to find any info please let me know you can email me at rydersmom87@yahoo thank you
Polonius3 1,007 | 12,507    
31 Mar 2016  #440
Bruno Czervinski

CZERWIŃSKI: root-word czerw (grub, maggot); most likely a toponym from places such as Czerwińsk, Czerwińskie, Czerwin et al.
Did he go to the USA? Often people named Bronisław passed themselves off as Bruno or Barney in America.
Hyatt - | 1    
5 Apr 2016  #441
Merged: Looking for my friend

Hi I'm looking for a friend I lost contact with. He lives in Grajewo Poland .His nane is Pawel zawadzki and was born in 1982. I'm worried about him ,and need to know if he is ok.
jon357 65 | 13,636    
5 Apr 2016  #442
Google Pawel Zawadzki Grajewo and bingo. It brings up several propel with that name and in that place on Facebook. Zawadzki is a common name, Pawel even commoner, however Grajewo is a small place and it is worth your while (if you haven't done so) to see if any of those are the person you want.
dariush - | 1    
6 Apr 2016  #443
Merged: Looking for someone in poland

Hello, i recently lost the phone number of a long time friend of mine! i was wondering if anyone with access to a polish phone book could look him up for me. He lives near Włocławek, if you have the phone book for their, please reply so i can give you his name to look him up.

cutejasmine - | 1    :-(
12 Apr 2016  #444
Merged: Seeking for a Polish friend

Hi I am Jasmine from China.
Would love to make some friend in Poland.
MarikaSadkowska - | 13    
18 Apr 2016  #445
Merged: I am searching for my biological father Slawomir Jerzy Sadkowski

My mother and father were divorced when I was 4 years old. I have been searching for my father online for many years. His name is not online in the searches. My mom and I moved to Germany, she remarried to an American, and I have been in the US since I was 8 years old. It find it very strange that my father's name does not show up in google search. I hope he is alive and doing well. My father disowned me when my mother moved to Germany. He did not want to pay child support as my mother explained. I have no ill will against my father. I would like to find him. My mother says I look and act just like him, and I would love to speak with him, and meet him. Ok this is what I know about him. Full name: Slawomir Jerzy Sadkowski. Born in Brzeg Dolny. He attended technical mechanical school there. He was born January (21?), 1958. He is 191 cm tall. His brother's name is Zbigniew Sadkowski. Every search turns into a dead end. I would like to tell him that I am not angry with him, I would love to have a conversation with him, even meet him. I have been dreaming of meeting him for so many years. He is my idol. I love it when my mother tells me I act exactly like my father. My mom's maiden name is Tamara Bilska. She was born in Lodz, which is where she met Slawek. Please let me know if you have any information about my dad. I would really love to meet him.
jon357 65 | 13,636    
18 Apr 2016  #446
Marika, some people with that name do show up on search engines, however it isn't unusual for people not to - not everyone has an Internet trace.

One option is to use a people tracing service; there are several in Poland.

By the way, do you know what line of work he is in?
MarikaSadkowska - | 13    
20 Apr 2016  #447
I know he finished college as a mechanic. I also know his family owned a few businesses which were managed by his brother.
jon357 65 | 13,636    
20 Apr 2016  #448
Does he have a younger brother (or maybe nephew in his late 30s) called Zbigniew?
MarikaSadkowska - | 13    
21 Apr 2016  #449
Yes! That is his older brother!!! But he is around 60 yrs old now
jon357 65 | 13,636    
21 Apr 2016  #450
Looks like it's a different person (but could be a relative). Lots of people called Zbigniew in Poland. This guy is in the same town and is a trained mechanic. Brzeg Dolny is a tiny place so someone should be traceable.

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