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Want to find a person in Poland

21 Jun 2015  #391
I am looking for T Bak that left U.S about 15 years ago he would be about 61 to 64 yrs old moved to Warsaw area or village around there had the address lost in fire also sister Danity or bother Sylvester. Please help I will reward if someone finds them or just T Bak
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,467
21 Jun 2015  #392
T Bak

There are over 30,000 people in Poland sharing the Bąk surname (pronounced bunk or bonk), so with only that inforamtion it's a needle in a haystack situation. Do you at least know what the T stands for: Tomasz, Tadeusz, Teofil, Teodor, Tytus, Tymoteusz or what?
26 Jun 2015  #393
hello, could any one help me out about finding my friend ,her name is Idalia from (zilona Gora ) and her father name is piatyszek... we have been working together in UK but she left .. and I owe her some money i want to pay her back please please if any one can find her for me .i dont have her contact number and Email .. i just wanna get her back the money .. that is really hurting me ...thanks

kind regards
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,467
26 Jun 2015  #394
her name is Idalia from (

One thing: only 449 women in Poland are called Idalia so that'll make it easier to track down than if her name was Maria (some 890,000) or Katarzyna (570,000). And it's Zielona Góra (Green Mountain).
29 Jul 2015  #395
If anyone can help me and give me advice.. I am looking for a guy from Poznan, and all I have is his photo. Does anyone know is there any page on facebook for example where I could post the photo and ask if anyone knows him.. Please help if you know any way how I could find out his name :)
Looker - | 1,008
29 Jul 2015  #396
If such person is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some online dating sites, then you may try the NameTag ( - available for Android, iOS and in Google Glass as an application.
10 Sep 2015  #397
I'm Looking for Ryszarda Nowak from Lodz, ulica Rewolucji 1905 Roku # 6. who attended Liceum Ogólnokształcące IV between 1964-1968.
Looker - | 1,008
10 Sep 2015  #398

Shame that it is so popular surname in Poland - in fact the most popular I beleive..
Now the option is to find a phone number to that person if available - maybe somebody has an access to the phone book from this area or even lives in the neighborhood...
kurt1680 - | 1
27 Sep 2015  #399
Merged: looking for KRYGIER family contacts

my great grandfather Barthlomiej(z?) Krygier, born 1858 . I have no clue as where to find any information in Poland. I would appreciate any help if someone has the same surname they might have him in the family tree. I seem to be at a road block he came to USA around 1885.
1 Oct 2015  #400
I'm Looking for a Blond lady named Agnieska (not sure of spelling). She was a worker\exchange student in 2001 and worked at the Goodwill Store in Roswell Georgia USA at that time. She was living I think temporarily in US on a Visa and the last time I talked with her she was staying in Roswell GA. I have a lovely Easter Card that she sent me from Poland in 2001 but since it's just a post card there's no return address. She taught me some Russian and I want to thank her for her friendliness during the time I knew her before I moved away from the Roswell area. I was doing some cleaning in my home and ran across this lovely postcard and thought of her. I just want to know how she's doing. I can be reached at
4 Oct 2015  #401
Merged: Looking for Ania Murphy

I met a lady in London in thé years 1987 - 1991, she lived 79 Sibley Grove west london, her name was Ania Murphy.
Can anybody help me fin her.
26 Oct 2015  #402
Hello I am looking to trace any details of a lady named tempska yadwiga born 1915-1925? And her some gottleib bogusi yadwiga born 1939-1945 - and details or advice on how to find them please let me know or please email elaineeatkinson@gmail.

Thank you
jon357 64 | 14,382
26 Oct 2015  #403
tempska yadwiga

Jadwiga Dębska?

gotleib bogusi yadwiga

Boguś (Bogdan) Gottleib?

Jadwiga is a lady's first name. Dębski is a common surname (Dębska is the female version - in Polish the last letter changes).
26 Oct 2015  #404
Oh I don't know - I have just found a family tree and the names I have written are those on the family tree. - I've tried searching but can find nothing on or anything but as I speak no polish I'm struggling so much - gottleib would be at least 70 now and born during the war years so I imagine records are not that easy to trace.
jon357 64 | 14,382
26 Oct 2015  #405
Were they handwritten maybe, or written by someone who didn't write well in Polish? The names are fairly obvious.

Do you know where the people came from? Unfortunately Dębski is a very common name (like Oakley, Oaksey, Oakworth in English) but Gottleib is much rarer in Poland.
26 Oct 2015  #406
Hand written and nobody alive to ask/confirm details .... but the lady appears to have given birth to her son somewhere close to the malbork pow camp.
jon357 64 | 14,382
26 Oct 2015  #407
If there's a connection to the camp, there may be records connected to that. If they came to the UK, perhaps the Federation of Poles in Great Britain could point you to whatever organisation (there are many in the UK) may have a record of arrival/immigration.
26 Oct 2015  #408
I believe they stayed in Poland but will try the fed of poles as you suggest thank you so much
jon357 64 | 14,382
26 Oct 2015  #409
A pleasure. Finding people actually in Poland is very hard sometimes. The surname Gottleib (assuming it was never changed - this did happen with some German names) is rare, so a look on Facebook etc (even if he doesn't have a page, there may be a family member who does) could bear fruit.

There are people-tracing services in Poland, but I've never used one so don't know how much they cost or what information they need.
TheOther 5 | 3,749
26 Oct 2015  #410
The surname Gottleib

I believe that wasn't a surname, but the given name "Gottlieb". So her ancestor's name was Gottlieb Bogdan <family name>.
26 Oct 2015  #411
To be honest it was a bit if a shock but my grandfather had a child whilst a pow and those were the names so presuming they were not married I would imagine the "surname" was same as hers his full name was written as gottleib bogusi yadwiga (tunney if he took my gf surname) but all searches I'm drawing a blank !
TheOther 5 | 3,749
26 Oct 2015  #412
How about this one?
jon357 64 | 14,382
26 Oct 2015  #413
Bogusi seems an odd one. There's Boguś, short for Bogdan and there's Boguslaw (both first names). Also a couple of rarer variants. Gottlieb as a first name doesn't sound quite right either. If his surname's Dębski (the male surname equivalent of Dębska) then it isn't so easy, being a common name. Having your grandfather's name is far less likely (though anything's possible, just about). Jadwiga isn't a surname.

Maybe in the morning someone will see it and have another suggestion for Bogusi.
TheOther 5 | 3,749
26 Oct 2015  #414
Gottlieb as a first name doesn't sound quite right either.

Gottlieb is a common, old fashioned German given name for a male.
jon357 64 | 14,382
26 Oct 2015  #415
Exactly. Though far rarer in Poland. More common in PL as a surname, in fact.

Given that it was during the war and in that particular region, it's hard to imagine there isn't a German connection if it is his first name, though the gentleman's mother's name does not suggest that.
26 Oct 2015  #416
Oh thank you so much - I literally have nothing other than what I saw on the family tree and like I said all those who would know are dead or have dementia !! I will look at that link though 😊😊😊
27 Oct 2015  #417
Roma Rudecka, born 1909 in Warsaw died 1966 in Sopot. Looking for anyone who knew her. She worked out of Warsaw, Bydgoszcz and £ódź. She is buried in Cmentarz Powązkowski, and was married to (and later divorced from) Jerzy Rychter who served in A.K. and died in 1970 and who is buried in Cmentarz Rakowicki in Kraków.
Biba - | 3
2 Nov 2015  #418
Merged: Looking for an old friend

Looking for an old friend that was married in Poland. Lost touch. Her married name is Jennifer Carter-Zielinska.
jon357 64 | 14,382
2 Nov 2015  #419
She's on Twitter and also contactable probably through the contact page on this site:
Biba - | 3
2 Nov 2015  #420
Thanks Jon357!! Is she still in Poland??

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