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Blach/Zmuda in Dabie and Roza, Tarnow, Poland

19 Mar 2018 #1
My great-grandmother Veronika Blach was born December 15, 1889 in Dabie, Tarnow, Poland. She married John Czernek/Czerniak on May 25, 1913 in Chicago. Veronika's parents were Antoni Blach and Katarzyna Zmuda, whose family originated from nearby Roza. They had several other children, including Theresa, who married Leopold Poremba on June 30, 1903 in Chicago. They came over to the Chicagoland area also. I know there were other children, but I do not know anything about them. My grandmother's godfather was Petrus Blach. Not sure how he connects. Katarzyna's parents were Marcin Zmuda and Agata Bielawa. They had many children. Their son Adam Zmuda moved over to Chicago and married Anna Bernas. The Czerniaks, Porembas and Adam Zmudas all moved to Calumet City, known then as West Hammond. Another son Frank went by the spelling Smuda. He married twice. First wife was an Erasmus. He later married Veronica ? on August 8, 1899 in Chicago. He had children with both wives. I do not know anything of the other children but know there were several others. Would love to connect with other relatives and learn more about my family. Any help from fellow genealogists would also be appreciated.
6 Jun 2021 #2
I am suspecting some of misspelling in your data. I can help you solve some of your problems - please text me your ph # 847-312-8018,

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