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Biskupin, powiat Zninski, Poland

musicwriter 5 | 87
7 Jan 2010 #1
I'm trying to find some one that is familiar with a village in Kujawsko-Pomorskie named Biskupin. My paternal grand-mother was born there in 1869. The story goes that when she was a girl her job was taking care of geese. In 1999 I was on a two-week bus tour of Poland and was taken to this area. I'm not referring to the famous Iron-age fort that was discovered in 1933 and ultimately reconstructed. We went through it but then the tour guide checked his road map and we all were taken to a village having two rows of small dwellings. He stated that according to his map, this is Biskupin. One glance was enough to tell me that this village was only about 50 years old. Thus, it appears that Biskupin was elsewhere in the old days.

I wish to know what happened to the old Biskupin. Perhaps it was too close to the lake (Jezioro BiskupiƄskie) and was prone to severe floods. Maybe it was razed and excavated by archaeologists. My grand-mother never knew about the discovery of the prehistoric fort because she and her husband immigrated to the US in 1890 and subsequently had ten children, one of which was my dad. Her maiden name was Agnieszka Bukowska and was one of 14 siblings.

If anybody can explain this mystery I would be most grateful. Reply in Polish or English, it doesn't matter.

jonni 16 | 2,485
7 Jan 2010 #2
During the war, the Germans did a lot of excavation in and around Biskupin - maybe they destroyed the older houses in the village?
pawian 182 | 16,861
4 Apr 2020 #3
One glance was enough to tell me that this village was only about 50 years old.

50 years old is enough to change a site completely - a natural switch from thatched wooden houses to modern brick ones etc. Residents didn`t have to leave the old village and build a new one nearby - they just built new houses, that`s all.

There are still old houses in Biskupin - now historical monuments:

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