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Do I have any Polish physical traits?

jon357 67 | 16,921
4 Jul 2015 #31
Not very. I know a few, including someone with jet black hair who refers to it as Ciemny Blond...

I've never been to Eastern Europe so I can't confirm that

So you've never been to Warsaw, Bialystok, Lublin, Suwałki? Have you guessed about the group of businessmen example? It was really noticeable...
Wulkan - | 3,249
4 Jul 2015 #32
So you've never been to Warsaw, Bialystok, Lublin, Suwałki?

Nope, I'm from Tricity.

I know a few, including someone with jet black hair who refers to it as Ciemny Blond...

Maybe it is dark blond and only you see it to be jet black just like you see people with the flat heads everywhere... You'd probably say the back of my head is flat too, I'm thinking about posting the picture of it.
jon357 67 | 16,921
4 Jul 2015 #33
Nope, I'm from Tricity.

That always feels more Hanseatic to me than Eastern or Central European. Worth remembering that in great chunks of Northern and Western Poland, many people are no more than a couple of generations away from places much further East.

That population movement does have an effect on the way people look and the general gene pool.
11 Jul 2015 #34
Hi Mark,

I think using this forum is not such a great idea if you want to learn about some of your heritage. Many people here obviously have some sort of connection to Poland, but are not necessarily Polish. Some of the details you shared are completely unnecessary. What exactly is a Polish trait? You seem to look at least a little Italian (no surprise since your Mom was from Italy).

I mean even if you submitted a saliva sample to get a DNA test done, some of the results would be speculative based on the ancestry (on the flip-side you could find out your haplotypes and potentially your genetic cousins).

Unrelated to your comment, Mark... I find some of the comments here kind of obnoxious, especially from you, jon357. I think you should drop your (British/South Asian I suspect) superiority complex (I don't know if you come across like that in real life).
11 Jul 2015 #35
The funny thing is that those who do research and are not Polish usually know more about Polish traits than native Poles do. Rozumiesz? :)
11 Jul 2015 #36
Let me spell it out for you. I found it offensive that by "Polish trait," from all the possible physical traits among men or women, some of the commentators here chose something that can only be perceived negatively such as Brachycephaly. I am not familiar with this term so I did a search and came up with pictures of people and Neanderthals, etc. If we were talking about non-white people, pointing out their negative traits would be considered racist (and for a good reason). There are always ways to discuss research tactfully.

For example, there is a stereotype (at least in N.America) that British people have horrible teeth. However, if people asked me about about "British traits," I would not go out of my way to point out something like that.

Do you watch "The Big Bang Theory"? I mean you don't have to act like Sheldon Cooper in real life to express yourself. Do you understand?
4 May 2016 #37
Brachycephaly is not a racist or offensive term, it is an athropological one. It simply spells out a rounder skull and a higher cephalic index. To me it is definitely not offensive to non-whites, and is not either to european poles. It depends how one uses it, and as far as I have been reading the references to brachycephaly are not meant to be offensive.

As far as what I have seen, many poles (slavs in general)are brachycephalic. Now this does not mean that every pole has a perfectly round and circular head, but rather signifies that the upper portion of the cranium is slightly more dominant and rounder. Look closely at polish men in particular, and you will see that they have rather dominant foreheads. One can be brachycephalic(round skulled) and have rather long face(meaning chin, jaw, lower face) at the same time. We should think of the skull in its upper extremity (forehead, back of the head, cephalic index). I believe alot of the confusion on this forum concerning brachycephaly comes from this misunderstanding. And I do notice the flat back of the head, it is not a rule, but is common in poles ( and other slavs as well).

Now from my experience in Poland and amongst my family I will say that many poles are broad faced, have dominant foreheads, high cheek bones, are wider at the temples and have a rather heart shaped to more rounded jaw. There are exceptions ofcourse, poland has always been a land of mixing. As far as coloring, on average poles have dark blonde/ light brown wheat colored hair ( not yellowish blond like scandinavians). There are also many poles who can be darker, with dark brown hair, darker eyes, and slightly darker skin. This includes my family, which has alot of rich black hair. There are also light blondes in Poland.

We are a mixed people ha ha. There are always exceptions.:)
3 Feb 2021 #38

Are Polish flat heads genetic or environmental?

What causes them?
NewestUser - | 3
3 Feb 2021 #39
[Moved from]: Random Chat Poland

It's not just me who noticed this. Another example of a flat head (a Polish boxer).

So is this genetic, or from laying on your back, on hard surfaces, as a baby?

jon357 67 | 16,921
3 Feb 2021 #41
flat head

Russians too,
NewestUser - | 3
3 Feb 2021 #42
And here Szpilka is about to fight some other Polish boxer. BOTH have flat heads. What are the odds?

I just want to know if this is genetic or caused by Polish maternity wards.

Przelotnyptak1 - | 585
3 Feb 2021 #43
Russians too,

Flatheads? Slightly better than English horse face, don't you think? Commenting on an idiotic post by Jon leads to enlightening exchange,
very adult behavior.
NewestUser - | 3
3 Feb 2021 #44
Slightly better than English horse face, don't you think?

I just want to know if this is genetic or caused by Polish maternity wards.

As to what's better, I think it depends. If you are bald and have a flat head, then if you live in Poland, it's probably OK. But here (in the US), I think people will stare at you, because it's very unusual.
Przelotnyptak1 - | 585
4 Feb 2021 #45
flat heads
Do they interest you?

Not really, but I see you prescribe to the old British belief that long, horse face is a sure sign of intelligence, no different than Japanese believing small feet and little pimple for a nose are the signs of beauty, or certain Asian /African tribes with necks starched to a breaking point, or earlobes touching their shoulders, or more recently in Brezhnev's Soviet Union, bushy eyebrows promoted as a sign of manliness, You the rotten propagandist, added derogatory meaning to the shape of a human head

You are proving nothing. To satisfy your appetite for flatheads, I recommend pictures of the world's champion boxer, Tyson Fury, British to the bone.

Following your logic, Riches accurate description and the content of your posts, you, like a mangled turd, have got no head at all
jon357 67 | 16,921
4 Feb 2021 #46


You are proving nothing.

Who's trying to 'prove' anything?

The poster who was posting continuously about flat heads did have a point though. There's more than one head shape and if you've ever noticed a group of Russiand next to a group of French, you'll see the difference.

Odd that this post was in random, and the reply to it still is.
LostSoul 3 | 84
8 Feb 2021 #47
I have dark hair and I am from Polska. Welcome to the club.
pawian 176 | 15,402
5 Apr 2021 #48
It's not just me who noticed this. Another example of a flat head

Yes, that`s typical of boxers. When they get hit and knocked out, they fall backward on their occiputs. Normal. Hence flat skulls, I can even see a dent.

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