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What does my Polish name mean?

26 Oct 2018 #211
Would anyone happen to know about these names?


Nickidewbear 23 | 609
26 Oct 2018 #212
My great grand father was supposedly fully Jewish but my mother and I took DNA tests recently and no companies have found any Jewish...

atDNA is different from Y- and mt-dna. Also, the Teitelbaums are a Charedi ("Chasidic") dynasty.
Spike31 3 | 1637
27 Oct 2018 #213

Wilkoszewski sounds like a minor nobility name from a Lesser Poland
1 Nov 2018 #214
Any idea about the meaning of Kasprzysiak from the Sambor area?
Ironside 50 | 12540
2 Nov 2018 #215
What would that matter at all? It is just a name.
11 Nov 2018 #216
Hi, my name is Kanemski. I think it comes from Kamenski, right?
Crow 162 | 9463
11 Nov 2018 #217
Literally, Polish name means this > ``We are Sarmats from plains.`` At least in legends, Poles remembered their true identity.
27 Nov 2018 #218
What does the name Kargol mean? There is some one from Poland with the name in my family tree? Might it actuallybe Baltic, say Lithuanian or something?
Spike31 3 | 1637
27 Nov 2018 #219

Kargul is a surname which occupies a very special place in Polish culture. He was one of two main characters in a Polish classic cult comedy "Sami Swoi"

27 Nov 2018 #220
Are you joking Spike31? Lol. I was asking what the last name means. Should've been more specific. Margaritha was their first name.
Spike31 3 | 1637
27 Nov 2018 #221
I was asking what the last name means.

Kargul loosely stands for cunning. It's a deeply Polonized surname of a German origin
27 Nov 2018 #222
Thank you, Spike31. What about the surname Pacharz?
Spike31 3 | 1637
27 Nov 2018 #223

Same as Smolarz which is: Pitch burner
28 Nov 2018 #224
Is Pacharz of German origin as well?
Lyzko 43 | 9527
28 Nov 2018 #225
Rather the opposite I'd say. Like 'Smolarz' and others, 'Pacharz' looks pretty much Slavic to me.
30 Nov 2018 #226

History of the Sinicki Family Tree

Can anyone tell me anything about the origins and lineage of this name: Sinicki
11 Dec 2018 #227
Hello I would appreciate assistance with the name "Gnieslaw", thanks in advance.
stellagacioch - | 1
25 Dec 2018 #228

Family of Stanislaw Gacioch

Hello, I am daughter of Anna Gacioch and his father was Stanislaw Gacioch, he came from Poland to Uruguay. In Poland He was married to Anna Mierjezwka and had a son. After that he came to Uruguay in 1939 approximately. If you know something let me know. Is of high interest.
WYLstlsk - | 1
26 Dec 2018 #229

Any information on the last names Stolarski or Podorski (Podgorski)

My great grandparents immigrated from Poland to America, but we lost nearly all of my family's history on that side so I know next to nothing about them. My great grandfather's last name was Stolarski and my great grandmothers maiden name was either Podorski. We're not sure if she altered the spelling when they immigrated.

Someone said that they thought Podorski was a Polska Roma surname, but I don't know how reliable that is at all.
Any information is helpful, many thanks.
Spike31 3 | 1637
5 Jan 2019 #230
Well, Stolarski is quite a popular Polish surname so it's difficult to trace it to one region of Poland. You can loosely translate Stolarski as Carpenter.

It was also a name of Masovian XIX century nobility. Some male members of this family are still alive and entitled to coat of arms.

Coat of arms of Stolarski family:

MariaBazcek - | 3
11 Jan 2019 #231

Baczek Surname

I was adopted from poland and am trying to find my birth mother, or any other family member with the name Baczek.
Is there a phone book where someone could look up her name?
Her name is Malgorzata Elzbieta Baczek
Date of Birth 19 of October 1966
Birth place Warsaw

I was born in Otwock. I think she may still be in Otwock.
Lyzko 43 | 9527
13 Jan 2019 #232
Is there a relationship with the Polish word for "barrell"?
Ziemowit 14 | 4103
13 Jan 2019 #233
The name is Bączek. It is best to find Bączek in Otwock through the Facebook.
Cszurnicki - | 2
7 Feb 2019 #234
I've been trying to figure out any information on the last name Szurnicki. Does anyone have any insight?
Spike31 3 | 1637
21 Feb 2019 #235
Most member of Szurnicki family lives in NE Poland. It seems that the whole family comes from Ostroleka
Cszurnicki - | 2
23 Feb 2019 #236
I did see that when I looked for myself.
25 Feb 2019 #237
What is the meaning of the name Obrycki?
Spike31 3 | 1637
25 Feb 2019 #238
First mention: year 1467, Marcin Obrycki from gmina "Obryte" region in Masovia. They've belonged to a Polish minor nobility
Josef p
26 Feb 2019 #239
Hello. I am after information on my father's name , Petelski. All I know is his family apparently came from the southeast of Poland, prior to emigrating to Australia post WW2.
pawian 223 | 24385
26 Feb 2019 #240
My true name is Pawian Brzęczyszczykiewicz. Foreigners have always had problems trying to utter it, especially Germans. In English Brzęczyszczykiewicz means sth like Buzzerblandville. It is not so rare in Poland, when you try to google it, you will receive a lot of info.

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