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What does my Polish name mean?

Gerald3313 to
23 Jun 2018 #181
My last name is Brefka I just saw the busts of the sarmatian Knights and every male Brefka I know looks exactly like the face of the bust so we Poles must all be decended from the sarmatian Knights I,m sure my name has to do with breaking horses the bust was made when the Romans defeated the sarmatians to find the horse breakers amongst the tribe for thier Calvary units
25 Jun 2018 #182

Stritzki - What does my last name mean?

My last name is [b]Stritzki/b]. My grandfather told me that when he came to Germany they someone changed the spelling of the name but we don't know for sure. Does somebody know what my name could mean?
kaprys 3 | 2,266
26 Jun 2018 #183
Probably Strycki - from place names like Stryki or Strych.
30 Jun 2018 #184

Help with Surname Meaning (Karalash/Karalasz)


my Grandmother's surname is Karalash and as far as I know they are from the Galicia region of Western Ukraine/SE Poland. The name seems turkic to me but I have nothing to base that on other than "Kara' being a part of the name. Originally the surname ended with a z like "Karalasz" which shows some potential Polish origin.

any help or insight is good. The family with this surname is very small so I doubt there is a ton of specific insight in to the specific name but any help is appreciated.
kaprys 3 | 2,266
30 Jun 2018 #185
According to a dictionary of Polish: karałasz - Turkish or Romanian soldier.

Potentially also from Karol (Charles) as other similar names (at least according to Stankiewicz)
4 Jul 2018 #186

for my family tree.

I'm trying to find Kresl. I know he spoke polish. And his dad spike no English at all.
Missy Z
6 Jul 2018 #187
Hello. I was hoping that someone could hopefully give the meaning of the last name Zablotny and possibly the appropriate Polish spelling.
6 Jul 2018 #188
TKrukowski, I just read your post from 2011 about the surname Small shortened from surname Smolinski. My mom, who was from NY had these names. Her original name was Smolinski but she used Small for as long as I can remember. Her father was Ceslaw but I believe it was spelled different then what I typed. His wife was Mere Parsnic, also spelled different, from Austria Hungary area who passed away when my mom was very young. My mom's name was Helen & I know she had sisters named Sofie & Mary & also a brother or 2. All of the children were put into girl's & boy's homes by their father who remarried & had another family with kids. I have never met any of my mother's family besides a cousin, who was Sofie's daughter. Sofie married a Urso & I don't know about Mary. If anyone out there know anything about these names, please notify me at
7 Jul 2018 #189
Hello everyone !

I'm looking people named Konczyk , I've seen at page 137 someone also looking for that name even someone looking for man named Karol Konczyk , exactly like me I'm Karol Konczyk too but only 28 years old . I would love to see messages from anyone who is named Konczyk . Sorry for my English .
karl koznoski
9 Jul 2018 #190

what does my family name mean, where might it have come from any information would be wonderful,thanks to all

Before I die I would like to stand on the same ground my family might have stood on, and be able to pass this on to my sons.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
9 Jul 2018 #191

Kon means horse... czyk is a typical polish ending like ski. Could be an old name for say a person who bred horses or who was in cavalry or something...
24 Jul 2018 #192
Perhaps Strzycki - a real-tongue-twister for the Teutons.

Strzycki would be a toponymic nick from places such as Stryki, Stryk, Stryka, perhaps also Stryga, Strygi which by rights should be Strydzki but confusion has often existed with such endings.
30 Jul 2018 #193
Im looking for the Meaning for the Lastname: JEWSKI.
I find no meaning to it. All I know is that the name belongs to Jastrzębiec.
My ancestors come from near Königsberg.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,361
30 Jul 2018 #194
The family Jewski does indeed belong to the Jastrzębiec coat of arms, but it is really hard to tell the meaning of the name.
31 Jul 2018 #195
Thanks for the Response.I read that "Ski" is a "from". Was "Jew" maybe a city or village? Or does it have anything to do with Jews?
gumishu 13 | 6,143
1 Aug 2018 #196
I read that "Ski" is a "from"

yes indeed

the place name (a village most probably-never heard of such a town) could have been Jew or Jewo - the name has nothing to do with Jews or Jewishness - a Jew in Polish is "żyd" - Jew or Jewo are probably old forms or derivates of 'jaw' which means sort of visible, uncovered
14 Aug 2018 #197
I'm Robert Konczyk from FL, USA. My cousin did a geneology search and found out my grandpa came from Jakac Mloda. He traveled to america in 1909 and married marjanna Olkewicz. Would love to know if i have any distant relatives still there. please e-mail me
chicster1964 - | 2
7 Sep 2018 #198

Name "Wadeslaw"

Does anyone know what the name "Wadeslaw" would be in English?
Crow 160 | 9,212
7 Sep 2018 #199
Translating from Serbian your name in English could have two meanings.

1. Vadeslav (the one who extract Slav) >>> `Vade` from verb `izvaditi` >>> Extractslav


2. Vadeslav (the one who excuse Slav) >>> `Vade` from `vaditi se` reflexive (to excuse oneself, explaining onself) >>> Excuseslav

Now, you should try this translation from Polish.
Looker - | 1,134
7 Sep 2018 #200

In Polish it could be WŁADYSŁAW
Crow 160 | 9,212
7 Sep 2018 #201
Then maybe `Wadeslaw` represent corrupted version of WŁADYSŁAW.
Nickidewbear 23 | 610
16 Sep 2018 #202
"Foszko" is a variant of "Foczko" and "Focko", correct? Just checking.

PS To Ximena:

My great great grandmother was Joanna Schiedeck..

Probably a variant of "Tshedek", probably "Tsedek". PS "Tzadok" was the kohen from whom the kohanim whom had charge over the Temple descended. Probablemente una variante de ¨Tshedek¨, probablemente una variante de ¨Tsedek¨. P.D. Tzadok fue el kohen qui fue el antepasado de los kohanim qui cuidaban por El Templo. P.P.D. Inglés es mi primero idioma. Por lo tanto, lo siento si mi español es incorrecto.

please stick to the English language
Nickidewbear 23 | 610
20 Sep 2018 #203
I still need help with the following surnames:

-Maczkovecz: variant of Moskovitz?)


PS Re the following:

please stick to the English language

I did. I put it in both languages, as she states that she speaks Spanish.
26 Sep 2018 #204
Hello to everyone :) maybe someone can say to me more about the surname ,,Orla"? it was Polish origin?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
26 Sep 2018 #206
Hello to everyone :) maybe someone can say to me more about the surname ,,Orla"? it was Polish origin?

More likely to be Irish, from Orlaith -

Orla is the English spelling.
Looker - | 1,134
26 Sep 2018 #207

Many Polish towns with this name too.
28 Sep 2018 #208
Maybe was one region in Poland, where is more popular that surname ,Orla", or it's just spreaded through the whole country?

And maybe someone knows, or was in Poland such surname as ,,Karazija" or ,,Karaziya"? have you heard it?
Looker - | 1,134
28 Sep 2018 #209
There's also a coat of arms Orla, which includes this surname.
I don't know if there's a particular region of Poland where this name is more popular. It seems it's very rare though..
28 Sep 2018 #210
Maybe you know more websites where I can read in english about ,,Orla" and ,,Zaremba" surname? because I didn't found enough, and it seems, that more info was in polish?

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