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Mackowiak surname, Maćkowiak

22 Dec 2011 #1
my surname is Maćkowiak
what does it mean? where in Poland does it come from?
22 Dec 2011 #2
Don't forget to use the search function, as information on a surname may have been requested before.
OP alxmac
22 Dec 2011 #3
yes and where in Poland does it come from?
22 Dec 2011 #4
Pol3 has said in his post that it originated as patronymic tags from first names, so I would guess it may not be from a place etc. I'm sure Pol3 will add some extra information later:)
22 Dec 2011 #5

Hey, I'm Polish and my surname is Maćkowiak. There's a first name Maciej, as some nickname can be Maciek or in old times Maćko. So probably that's the origin of Maćkowiak. Another thing is that the ending -iak is very typical of my region, which is Wielkopolska (Great Poland) probably your family is from here.
22 Dec 2011 #6
MAĆKOWIAK: That explanation was perfect. In the overwhelming majority of cases. In a few cases it could have also originated as a topo-patronymic. Someone was nicknamed Maciek not becuase he'd been christened Maciej (Matthias) but because he hailed from Maćki or Maćków. But when he sired a son, it would be Maćkowiak for the offspring nonethrless.

Wielkopolska is the unquestioned Maćkowiak stronghold.
22 Dec 2011 #7
Oh, I know... can't get rid of them, everywhere you turn is a Mackowiak!
23 Dec 2011 #8
Oh, forgive us, but I'm sure Aberdeen is full of Forbes! ;p
OP alxmac
24 Dec 2011 #9
thank you for the information :)

would mackowiak be from the polans tribe?
24 Dec 2011 #10
Yes, and then one of Maćkowiaks became a king:
18 Jul 2012 #11
Merged: is Maćkowiak a surname of Kushubian/Pomeranian origin? or common among Kushubians?
18 Jul 2012 #12
don't know about Kashubians but Maćkowiak is quite a popular surname among Poles at large
18 Jul 2012 #13
Maćkowiak is very popular in Wielkopolska (Greater Poland). Check it yourself
12 Sep 2012 #14

does anyone know any good websites so i can find information about my great grandparents ?
marriage ect
They were born in Greater Poland between 1890 and 1900.
12 Sep 2012 #15
You may want to start with Poznan Marriage Indexing Project.

Read the introduction; it is in English. Then search the database. It is very friendly, since all you need is to know just one surname (bride or groom), unless you know exact names of both parties. First names are usually written in Latinized version, but that depends on a parish. If you are lucky and find the match or few, look for the location of the the original marriage certificate and then fetch the copy (in person or by proxy) from the local parish. This could tie you to a baptism certificate of at least one surname, since in those times many married in the same parish where they were born. The database handles various denominations and you do not have to specify it during the search.
12 Sep 2012 #16
Thanks for the website. It doesn't seem to be working tho. Keeps saying error.
I am looking for Wojciech Maćkowiak born between 1885 -1900 from Gniezno area and his wife Weronika Pawlak born in 1900 born in either Konin area or Gniezno area.

Both most likely Catholic.

any websites for marriages after 1900s of greater poland area?
12 Apr 2021 #17
I know very little about my father's family (MACKOWIAK). He would never talk about them. All I know is that his father was born in the U.S. and his name was Zenon. Whether or not Zenon had any brothers or sisters, I don't know and would like to find out. I am also curious to know to know if there are other family other than the original six siblings in my father's family.

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