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Do I look Polish? (my picture)

16 Sep 2015 #151
how % i look polish

Not at all. You need bigger muscles, less hair and whiter skin.
9 Feb 2016 #152
My great grandparents immigrated to the US from Poland and then had my grandfather after moving to the US, making my mother half Polish. I don't really know what part of Poland they were from because of how common their last name was. I never really thought I looked much like my mother and grandfather until my friend who has just been adopted from Latvia pointed out similar features that we all shared. I have blue green eyes and ash blonde hair with high cheek bones just like my mother and grandfather. People always ask me where I am from and I never know what to say. Once I had a guy come up to me randomly on the street and ask if I was Russian, which I must admit was strange. I normally just tell people I am part Polish. My question is have my friends and family been lying to me? Do I even look polish at all?

Also, my computer was being very strange last night. I accidentally posted this under the wrong topic, and I cannot delete it. I am sorry if you have seen this post twice.

9 Feb 2016 #153
Do I even look polish at all?

yes, you look very Polish
10 Feb 2016 #154
Thank you! I have never really met anyone in the US that kind of looked like me. Growing up and looking different from most girls was hard for me, but as I got older I have become a little more comfortable with it. As weird as this sounds, it makes me feel better that there is a place where girls look more like me.
10 Feb 2016 #155
you look like any other (European) nationality. In your black-white pictures, you even look Southern European (including Romanian and Bulgarian), Jewish or even Middle-Eastern. In your color (middile) picture, you even look like a niece of mine, who has 0% Polish blood ;).

You say you are of Polish origin on one side but what re the other side?
10 Feb 2016 #156
Tenebaum never mind about your nationality. Please stop taking pix of yourself making that silly pleading sheep face, in particular like the one in the middle. give yourself a slap girl and just stop it. Men don't find desperation and neediness attractive.

I don't really see that you look any different from other (white) American citizens tbh.
10 Feb 2016 #157
Tenebaum, as another 'lady', I don't see why you had problems growing up. You look normal to me.

you look like any other (European) nationality.


silly pleading sheep face, in particular like the one in the middle

A bit of motherly advice there from Roz......don't be too hard on her Mammy, she's still very young and a bit self conscious hence the 'posing'.

@ Tenebaum, that thing you're doing where you purse up your lips is very common amongst Polish girls, in my opinion. A lot of them look a bit haughty and stand-offish. I suppose it's an attempt at a super model face but try to avoid it if you can darling - just be your natural sweet self and you'll look lovely. Pursing up your lips like that will give you tiny lines around the mouth by the way, no need to look like a shrivelled apple or a walnut before you have to! What do you say girls?
10 Feb 2016 #158
don't be too hard on her Mammy

sorry I didn't want to sound mean, but it just irritates me when perfectly nice looking young women have to make themselves look so anxious for male attention.

Tenebaum act standoffish and you will be beating them off with a s.Hitty stick.
10 Feb 2016 #159
Tenebaum is, along with countless other young women, the perfect example of someone who never truly grew up. Stop making stupid faces in front of a camera and go back to your kitchen, woman.
10 Feb 2016 #160
Someone seems to be rather jealous and bitter that he has no chance with such a woman ;)
johnny reb
10 Feb 2016 #161
Come on Tubby, sounds like you are talking about yourself.

- Tenebaum act standoffish and you will be beating them off with a s.Hitty stick.

So true Roz but you will never convince a young girl of that with all the peer pressure out there.
They think they need to put on war paint and submit to peer pressure to be vogue.
A woman that wore a Czech army parka, wooly jumper, muddy boots, wore her hair un brushed, drank her beer from a bottle would be much more fun to be with then one that worried about impressing both her male and female peers with plastic looks. (In my personal opinion anyways)

These young women need to be instilled with.... "there is ONLY one person that you have to impress in life and that is yourself".

Live up to YOUR expectations, not somebody else's.
10 Feb 2016 #162
The "stupid"(it drives me crazy) look when pictures taken is typical of teenage girls. They all do as they may have seen in teen magazines that they'll look "sexy" ;). Better to be natural and look herself than trying to look "slut####y". Anyway, she could pass for any European nationality (like most Poles do anyway).
10 Feb 2016 #163
Duck face is over. The new selfie face is fish gape... :)
10 Feb 2016 #164
I try not bother myself with what guys think of me. I care about how I look for myself. I wear makeup and do my hair for myself. I have a great boyfriend, and I don't really care how I look for him. I don't try to purse my lips like that, it is just my normal resting face.They maybe a little pursed, but honestly I don't even know. I took those picture months ago. If I really actually purse my lips, I look weird. I am sorry if somehow I gave you the impression that I look the way I look for men's pleasure and attention. I don't walk around with my butt and boobs hanging out, because I don't find that sexy nor does it make me feel good about myself. I only posted the black and white ones to show my nose, because I don't take many pictures of myself showing my nose. They are all old photos of me that you can see my features better in, because I wanted to know if I looked polish.

I don't know what you mean by a "pleading sheep face"? If you rather me post a family or group photo of me I can, but I thought it made more sense to just post one of only me. I didn't come on here to be attacked for the way I take pictures, and I know that some of you are trying to help. Everyone has their own views, and that is fine with me.

I also do not like being standoffish. It is just not who I am, and if people don't like that then who cares. Johnny, I get what you are saying, and that is how I try to live my life. I am who I am for me. I just wanted to know if somewhere people kind of looked like me.

Yes, I am young, but I am not that young, I am in my early 20s. I feel as if everyone is talking to me like I am 16. I understand that I do look very young at times, but I wanted to let everyone know that I am not a teenager.
10 Feb 2016 #165
Who cares if you look Polish, Japanese or Namibian? You seem to be a nice, young woman - that's all that counts.
10 Feb 2016 #166

I will give 30%


You look very Polish 100%
11 Feb 2016 #167
Yes, you look Polish and any other European nationality!
11 Feb 2016 #168
I try not bother myself with what guys think of me

That's why you wrote such a lengthy response to guys who think you look dumb and slutty, eh...#womanlogic.
11 Feb 2016 #169
The girl was showing the courtesy to answer all the posters, including the three women, of which I am one, who responded to her. It was actually largely the women who commented on her 'posing' and gave her a bit of sisterly advice to avoid it. None of the men here called her dumb except you who implied it and none of them called her slutty. You seem to be making a clumsy attempt at pulling her pigtails because you lack the finesse and social skills to have an ordinary conversation with a young woman and this is your way of engaging her attention. But I'm afraid it just comes across as nasty and highly inappropriate.

I just wanted to know if somewhere people kind of looked like me.

Yes of course they do darling. Where do you live in America? I bet if you went to New York you'd fit in just fine!
25 Mar 2016 #170
Merged: I look more of which? Polish and Irish? Fitting into Poland.

So I'm Polish and Irish. My grandad was from Krakow, Poland. My mother is from Chicago. My dad is also Irish and Polish. My grandad was blonde hair, blue eyes, and had really high cheek bones with squinty and sort of slanted eyes. He was 6'4. My mom tells me I look both. Also, since I have family who returned to poland I plan on moving one day. Would I fit in? I'm 5'6 btw
25 Mar 2016 #171
The general stereotype of Polish look: high cheekbones, square faces and big eyes.
25 Mar 2016 #174
Based off pictures I believe Polish.

But get yourself a new cap.
25 Mar 2016 #175
Yes, you look quite Polish, you'd fit in the Polish crowd perfectly.
25 Mar 2016 #176
Would I have trouble fitting in height wise being 5'6
25 Mar 2016 #177
You live in Chicago? You would have an easier time in Poland. Height isn't as important because Poles aren't in love with sports. More about your knowledge/behavior.
25 Mar 2016 #178
I'm pretty low-key to be honest. I mind my own business and my grandfather left Poland because of warnings of Hitler's attack on Krakow. We used to have royalty but I doubt that means much now as there's no king. I speak a bit of Polish but not fluently. I love learning and learning about heritage. I know the USD is worth more in Poland. I'm just ready to learn more honestly. Polish natives also dress more formal in American's eyes? How well would I do speaking English? And advice?

I'm pretty nice unless you choose not to be as well, really open minded and I'm really into music.

If you want I can be more specific. Just ask away.
25 Mar 2016 #179
You would be perfectly fine in the major cities, if that is what you are asking. Just learn a few of the major phrases and people will admire your effort. It's good you enjoy history because Polish can be a quite confusing one :D

Some Poles your age (under 25?) wear Zoo York especially in big cities. Hipster is how i would describe the fashion in Poland your age. But Men don't really wear hats in Poland, definitely less often than USA. When they do it's some hipster style. Good thing you aren't wearing an American sports hat hahah
25 Mar 2016 #180
I'm 18 years old so I'm young, yes. And laugh out loud about your comments about my hat. What else is there to know? And how's the health care there?

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