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Legnica - Lignitz and von Liegnitz history

jujubalee 1 | -    
10 Feb 2018  #1
Hi everyone. I'm new here and just doing a little research. I wonder if anyone might know of information on the people who immigrated to the US from Legnica, formerly Liegnitz in Prussia? My mother's maiden name is Lignitz and the only similar name I can find in Europe was a long time ago as von Liegnitz. How did that name morph over time and why do they not exist there anymore (or do they)? Is Lignitz the same lineage as the Prussian royals, von Liegnitz?

Anyway, these are the questions I've been pondering. I appreciate any information you can share.
kaprys 1 | 1,356    
10 Feb 2018  #2
I guess the only way to find out you're related to that family is tracing your ancestors' church records.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,121    
12 Feb 2018  #3
There was a Johann August Wilhelm Lignitz (* 3. März 1793 in Aschersleben; † 23. September 1881 in Görlitz) who was a Prussian Generalmajor.

And the name is without 'von'.
Lyzko 17 | 5,467    
  12 Feb 2018  #4
"Liegnitz", I believe, was the Germanized place name for a city in the former Czechoslovakia, before and during WWII.

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