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Jambrich/Yambrick surname?

25 Mar 2011 #31
Hello Yambricks!! Great info and memories. Great to hear from all of you.
My name is Bob Sanborn, my mother was Antoinette Yambrick; Toni to many of you. Contrary to a previous post, my mother is alive and very well, can't slow her down. My father died in 1987.

I am the oldest grandchild of Joesph and Leona Yambrick, (Cindy is actually a few weeks older but will never admit it). Greg and Bernadette are my siblings and they are both doing very well. I noticed many of you mentioned the cabin at Hicks Lake, Greg still visits the cabin occasionally to fish and hunt.

I have a 20 page "booklet" that has a family tree completed for this Yambrick clan going back to the 1800's. It has some pictures including the birthplace homestead in Tulgart. I'm not sure who gave this to me, I thought it may have been my Great Aunt Margaret- Grandpa Joe's sister, might it also may been from Aunt Mary Lou who has done some exhaustive research on the Yambricks. If anyone would like a copy email me; rwesborn@gmail, and I would be glad to mail a copy. It may scan well also although it looks like I received a well copied version. Maybe it's time for a cousin reunion? Thanks for the memories!!

Bob, Wendy, Erin and Shelby
30 Aug 2013 #32
My last name is Yambrick. My great-granfather came over from Croatia/Yugoslavia (He spelled it "Jugoslavia") in the early 1900's and the first spelling I found in his handwriting of our last name was "Yambriesic"....then "Yambresic"....and then finally, "Yambrick". My immediate family was always confused about the original spelling as well and my great-grandpa has been very hard to track.

By the way, does anyone have a record of a John Yambrick born in Yugoslavia in 1894 by chance? That is my great grandfather's name. He lived for most of his life in Sheboygan, WI. The city I still live and work in. His wife's name was Wilma Eisold and his children, Stanley (My dad's father), Carol, and John Jr. Family rumors were that somewhere way far down the line we had an ancestor that was some type of important political leader....but I don't know how much truth I would hold to that.
16 Feb 2021 #33
Hi Katie, do you remember me ? I lived across the street from your mom and dad , Greg and Sharon. I babysat you frequently. On eggleston st. You may have only been 4 and I was 13. You were a cute kid. Sounds like you are living a happy life. I have 3 children and 1 grandson.
20 Feb 2021 #34
John Yambrick Jr.
Hello everyone! I am the son of John and Martha (Scotchie) originally from Clarksburg, WV. I currently reside in Beckley, WV with my wife Allison and have 3 children who reside in Charlotte, NC (Christopher, Annie and Meghan).

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