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Need help finding a place in Suwalki region (from Russian times)

16 Jul 2010 #1
I am looking for a place that used to be called Jagury/Jaguri in Suwalk/i region back in the 1800s. I'm not able to find anything on the net!
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
16 Jul 2010 #2
It has probably changed name. And maybe it's not even located in Poland any more. The borders have changed several times in this area.
motylek 2 | 15
17 Jul 2010 #3
Its more than likely its changed a few times. I'd say ask the local parish.
Marek W.
25 Dec 2011 #4
Please look for Zegary, Żegary, Žagariai !
15 Aug 2017 #5
Hi, Can anyone please help with advice on how to contact/access church and local records in Suwalki? I'm trying to trace the birthplace and birth record of my Grandfather Pijusas Bujauskas. I have a copy of his Alien Registration Card for the UK (I'm in Glasgow) which states that he was born in Suwalki in December 1882 (it also lists his date of birth as November 20 1882) and gives an alias of Charles White. I'd really like to discover if he was born in the town of Suwalki, the Polish region of Suwalki or that part which now lies in Lithuania. He came to Scotland with his wife and daughter (both called Marijona) in 1905 and lived here until his death in 1966. My father and all his brothers and sisters kept the surname Bujauskas until it was anglicised in 1950 (they all had Polish/Lithuanian forenames: Alexander, Elzbieta, Bladislo, Adele, Anastasia, Juozas, Bronislawa. Isabel and Fransziskus) .

I have found out about everything I can in Scotland and must now look to Poland and maybe Lithuania for help in finally finding an answer to this question.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. My email address is


Colin White.
kaprys 3 | 2,439
15 Aug 2017 #6

The link above gives you information about how to look for data in Poland.
Bujauskas sounds Lithuanian. He may have been born in Poland, though.
If he was Roman Catholic, you may try to contact the diocese in Ełk
Suwalki1882 - | 4
15 Aug 2017 #7
Thanks for this ! I will certainly try this link. If you don't mind, I may ask for further advice later.

Thank you again,

DominicB - | 2,704
15 Aug 2017 #8
I'd really like to discover if he was born in the town of Suwalki

Possible, but not likely.

that part which now lies in Lithuania.

Much more likely.

There are two people with that surname on the Lithuanian Wikipedia, one a biologist who was born in Delnickai (still alive at 84 years old), and the other an architect born in Marijampolė (now deceased). Both places were in the Suwałki gubernia. The surname is so rare that you are closely related to them for sure, and anyone else with that surname.

Try contacting:

Karolis Bujauskas
Vilnius University , Vilnius · Department of Business Economics and Management
Business Administration
Suwalki1882 - | 4
15 Aug 2017 #9
Thank you very much indeed! I am most hopeful that I may finally be making some progress!

Best wishes,

Colin White.
DominicB - | 2,704
15 Aug 2017 #10

Move fast before that biologist dies. His memories are irreplaceable. His name is Algimantas Bujauskas. The contact above knows how to get in touch with him.
Suwalki1882 - | 4
17 Aug 2017 #11

Hi, I've tried messaging Karolis Bujauskas on Facebook and through Vilnius University, however I've had no reply. I think I've found the address for Algimantas Bujauskas in Vilnius through 118. I'll write a letter to him directly instead. Thanks again.
DominicB - | 2,704
17 Aug 2017 #12

Good luck with that! As for Facebook, be aware that not everyone who has an account checks it regularly. I check mine every six months or so.
Suwalki1882 - | 4
23 Aug 2017 #13
Just to mention that a colleague contacted a friend in Lithuania for me. They have been able to confirm that my Grandmother was born in Asmonai and that my Grandfather was born in Didziosios Zariskes. They were married in Sunskai, all these places being in what is now Marijampole County in Lithuania.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions: I am really pleased that I now have some answers.

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